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Al Lawrence

Sunrise-80 BBS
(404) 256-9525


Match Maker allows for the matching of callers with like interests
based upon answers given to questions developed by the Sysop.

You may create up to 50 questions to be asked of each caller. You may
create a different set of questions, based upon the callers sex. All
that is required is to assign the proper filename to each set.

You may create a trashcan file containing names you do not want used as an
alias (registered version only).

You may limit the number of times a caller may access the door.

You may send and receive PRIVATE messages (does not affect the normal
BBS message base).

Message database can accomodate unlimited number of messages. (Reg Version)

Caller database can accomodate unlimited number of users. (Reg version)

All Caller database records contain the logon name of the caller.

A maintainance program is supplied to be used to purge the databases and
recreate Index files. Command line parameters define the purge criteria
for Event maintenance (Registered version only). When run locally you define
the purge criteria at run time (Registered version only). Unregistered
version allows for the search and viewing of Callers records (search may be
Alias or logon name) as well as the recreation of Indexes.

Maintenance program can clear all answers to questions. The Door pgm will
then detect this and force the caller to answer the new set of questions.

NOTE: Most errors will be logged to a file called DFRAME.ERR which is
created in the directory you run the door from.



>>>>>>>> ++++ BE SURE THAT YOU HAVE SHARE.EXE LOADED!!!! ++++ <<<<<<<<

Installation is fairly easy and straight-forward. The following steps and
examples should have you up and running in a very short period of time.
It is assumed that you are familiar with setting up DOORS on your system.
To this end, only examples of the configuration file and Door batch file
are described.

1) Create a directory to hold all MATCH MAKER files

2) Unzip MMAKERxx.ZIP into the the above directory

NOTE: BRUN45.EXE is not included but is required !!!

3) Create a configuration file, with a name of your choice, or
modify the supplied MMAKER.CFG file. A description follows:

** Location of system file (See Below)
Al Sysop's First Name

Lawrence Sysop's Last Name

00000000 Registration Number

# 2 Keyboard timeout value in Minutes

! # 1 Maximum # of Games per day
(Sysop gets 99, Registered version ONLY)

! # 0 Time allowed in Door
(Sysop = Time Remaining - REG. VERSION)

1 Message Center Functions
1 = allow msg to be left/read
0 = disable message function

! # 000=00/00 Security Level/Games Allowed Per Day
! # 000=00/00 Security Level/Games Allowed Per Day
! # 000=00/00 Security Level/Games Allowed Per Day
! # 000=00/00 Security Level/Games Allowed Per Day
! # 000=00/00 Security Level/Games Allowed Per Day
! # 000=00/00 Security Level/Games Allowed Per Day
! # 000=00/00 Security Level/Games Allowed Per Day
! # 000=00/00 Security Level/Games Allowed Per Day
! # 000=00/00 Security Level/Games Allowed Per Day
! # 000=00/00 Security Level/Games Allowed Per Day

@ # XXXX/YYYY Blackout Range From/To
@ # XXXX/YYYY Blackout Range From/To
@ # XXXX/YYYY Blackout Range From/To
@ # XXXX/YYYY Blackout Range From/To
@ # XXXX/YYYY Blackout Range From/To

** = Replace with ONE of the following:

C:\PCB\PCBOARD.SYS <- For PCBoard systems using PCBOARD.SYS only
C:\BBS\CALLINFO.BBS <- For Wildcat! systems (prior to v3.0)
C:\BBS\USERINFO.DAT <- For Wildcat! systems using v3.x
(Note:DOOR.SYS must be in SAME directory)
C:\BBS\DOOR.SYS <- For systems that support DOOR.SYS
C:\BBS\DORINFOx.DEF <- For QBBS/RBBS/RA. Replace x with Node #.
C:\BBS\SFDOORS.DAT <- For Spitfire systems.
C:\BBS\CHAIN.TXT <- For WWIV systems

# = Requires registration to change to a different value.
! = See "Plays Per Day" Below
@ = See "Blackout Periods" Below

NOTE: There are NO Blank Lines in the Config File!!

4) Create a batch file or modify the MMAKER file supplied. A
description of this file follows:

ECHO off
cd\PCB\DOORS\MMAKER Location of MatchMaker files
MMAKER MMAKER.CFG EXE filename and CFG filename (Name
used in creating file in #3 above)

* This is for PCboard. Replace with whatever your software
requires to return to the BBS

5) When running in more than one node, be sure to supply a
different configuration name for each node (your choice of name).

6) The maximum number of messages that can exist in the Message
Database is 10 in the UNREGISTERED version and unlimited in

7) The maximum number of users that can exist in the User Database
is 20, in the UNREGISTERED version and unlimited when REGISTERED!


To allow you complete flexibility in the way in which you can welcome
your callers to the MatchMaker Door, you would use a Text editor to
create a freeform file called MMWELCOM. The MMWELCOM file included in the
ZIP file MUST be used if MatchMaker is NOT registered. In the registered
version use of the file is optional.

New Questions Bulletin (MMNEWQUE.TXT)

This file is displayed when the Sysop has chosen to clear the current set
of questions and force the callers to re-answer the new set. You can use
the default file supplied or create your own. The file name must be


Use the Blackout ranges option to define up to 5 time periods during
which you DO NOT want the Door to be played. If a caller tries to access
the Door during the Blackout period, they will be shown a message that
contains ALL the Blackout periods you have defined, and to try the Door
at a later time.

Each of the 5 Blackout ranges takes the form of XXXX/YYYY, where
XXXX=beginning time and YYYY=the ending time. For example, 0930/1230
means to NOT allow the Door to be played between 9:30am and 12:30pm.

IMPORTANT: - All times must be 4 digits & must follow the XXXX/YYYY format
- DO NOT change the XXXX/YYYY entry UNLESS you want to assign
a Blackout range.
- You MUST use the MILITARY time format. Example: 2030=8:30pm
0900=9am, 0030=12:30am, 1700=5pm, etc.


This is a text file you must create (if you wish to use one), with
a file name of MMTCAN.DAT and it must reside in the Door directory.

This file is used if you want to block the use of "offensive" alias'
callers may choose to use. Each name (up to a maximum of 10 characters
must appear on a separate line within the text file.

NOTE: The name must match EXACTLY !!!

This file is valid only with registered versions of the Door


Plays Per Day and Door Time can be controlled several ways:

(1) You can use the Games Per Day, singular option, in the config
file above. This option, will affect ALL callers whose Security
Level is NOT defined in any of the 10 optional Security Level/
Plays Per Day entries in the config file.

(2) You can use the Door Time, singular option, in the config file
above. This option, will affect ALL callers whose Security
Level is NOT defined in any of the 10 optional Security Level/
Plays Per Day/Door Time entries in the config file.

(3) You can restrict the number of games a specific Security Level
will be allowed to play per day or REWARD specific Levels with
more Plays Per Day.

Likewise, you can restrict the Play time for a specific Security
Level or REWARD specific Levels with more Door Time.

These options are handled by the use of the 10 config
entries (000=00/00).

The format of each entry is as follows:

XXX=YY/ZZ where XXX is the Security Level (must be 3 digits)
where = is a constant and MUST be included
where YY is the # of games per day (must be 2 digits)
where / is a constant and MUST be included
where ZZ is num. minutes per Door entry (must be 2 digits)

If the callers Security Level is NOT defined, his/her Plays Per
Day and Door Time will be controlled by the values in items
(1) and (2), above, respectively..

You may define up to 10 Security Levels. All unused entries must
be defined as 000=00/00
Example: Suppose you had 3 Security Levels defined on your BBS as
(20=Subscriber, 30=Visiting Sysop, 40=CoSysop, 90=Friend) and you
wanted to set Plays Per Day as : Subscriber=5
Visiting Sysop=2

and Door Time as follows: Subscriber=30 minutes
Visiting Sysop=20 minutes
CoSysop=10 minutes
Friend=remaining call time

You would set the Individual "Games per Day" config entry to 1 and
the individual "Door Time" to 5 minutes (these would be the
default number of games and default Time for all Security Levels
other than 20,30 or 40... make them any number you want). Next you
would replace 4 of the Security Level entries as : 020=05/30


MatchMaker has the ability to use 2 question files, one for Male
and one for Female. The Male question file must be named MMQUESTM.QUE
and the Female question file must be named MMQUESTF.QUE. The Male
file is REQUIRED to be present and the Female file is OPTIONAL. If you
do NOT want separate question files, DO NOT create the MMQUESTF.QUE
file. If you do use both, bear in mind that the questions should be
essentially the same, but may be "slanted" to either sex. You will
not get many matches if you use entirely different questions and
answers. A sample MMQUESTM.QUE file is included to get you started.

**You can force existing users to re-answer the questions by using the
option on the MMAINT menu.

You may have up to 50 questions.

Each question can be up to 2 lines

Each question can have up to 14 answers.

The following is an explanation of how to set up this file:

38 1 10 How old are you? Less than 18 years old 18 - 20 years old 21 - 25 years old 26 - 28 years old 29 - 32 years old 33 - 38 years old 39 - 43 years old 44 - 49 years old 50 - 60 years old Over 60 years old 2 3 "Now honestly, did you tell the whole truth on the"
"questionnaire, and nothing but the truth so help you God?"
"Yes, I told the whole truth"
A few lies never hurt anyone
I told mostly the truth

In the above example the first line is the total number of
questions contained in the file.

Line 2 is the number of lines in the first question.

Line 3 is the number of answers listed for the question.

Line 4 is the first question in the file.

Lines 5 to 13 are the answers for the first question

The last 7 lines break down as follows:

Line 1 states that this question has two lines.

Line 2 states that there are 3 answers listed

Line 3 is the first line of the question.

Line 4 is the second line of the question.

Line 5 is the first answer.

Line 6 is the second answer.

Line 7 the third and last answer.

A line, whether a question or an answer, must be enclosed in
quotation marks (") if the line contains any punctuation other
then a '?'. (see example files)

The shorter the question the better. One liners are the
best, two liners ok, but three or more becomes tedious.

There are two questions you need not worry about including in the
file. These are:

What is your Sex
What is your current age

Since the program must have these to work correctly, they are
asked when you first log on.


The Caller Database and Message Database, that MatchMaker utilizes,
must be purged periodically. The Caller database can hold an unlimited
number of callers, and the Message database can hold an unlimited
number of messages.

After a message is read, it is marked for deletion, but not physically
deleted from the database. The maintenance program (MMAINT), when run,
will remove all messages marked for deletion, as well as those messages
that have been on the system longer than the number of days specified on
the command line, for Events, or requested when run manually.

There are 2 ways to remove a caller form the Callers database. You can
delete it manually, after searching for & viewing the record or
automatically if the door has not been accessed in the number of days
specified on the command line, for Events or requested when run manually.

The command line required to run MMAINT as an EVENT is as follows:

MMAINT /vvvvvvv.CFG /MDAYS:yy /CDAYS:zzz

The command line required to run MMAINT MANUALLY is as follows:

MMAINT /vvvvvvv.CFG

vvvvvvv.CFG = MatchMaker Configuration FIle
yyy = Delete message if message is older than yyy days.
zzz = Delete User if MMAKER not accessed in zzz days.

As you can see, you can run MMAINT in your nightly event and/or manually.
Just adjust the command line, accordingly.

Special Note: The only option available to Non=Registered users is the
option to search/view a caller's record. All other require
you to run a registered copy of MatchMaker.


Support for COM 1-4 on the standard IRQ's - COM1/COM3 = IRQ4 and
COM2/COM4 = IRQ3. If you wish to use a non-standard IRQ, add the IRQ
number after the configuration filename. Let's assume your Door is
called FOOBAR and you want to use COM1 and IRQ5. The command line
passed to your Door would be:


The /5 tells FOOBAR to use IRQ5 rather than the standard IRQ4 that is
normally used with COM1. No /x parameter is needed for the standard

As an alternative, you may use an environmental variable on the command
line. To use the variable (following the example above), place a
SET IRQ=5 in the batch file used to bring up your BBS (you would need a
different IRQ number for each node). The command line would now look
like this:


This, in combination with the use of the environmental variables
described in the MULTI-NODE SETUP section will allow you to use one
batch file and one config file to run this door on all nodes.


All Sunrise Doors are Multi-Node capable. Each node must have the
ability to access a configuration file which will have its own system
file (DORINFOx.DEF, PCBOARD.SYS, DOOR.SYS, etc) defined on the first
line. There are 2 ways to accomplish this:

(1) Create a separate configuration file for each node. The only
difference between each file would be the location of the system
file for that particular node. For example, on my system there are 2
nodes and the first line of the config files would look like this:


Thus, if you have a 4 node BBS, you will need 4 configuration files.

(2) Use ONE configuration file for ALL nodes. This Door will recognize
the following PCBoard environmental variables:

PCBDIR (Directory containing the System file)
PCBDRIVE (Drive containing the System file)

Thus, the first line of the SINGLE configuration file, for this Door
would look like this:


NOTE: This option, as described, assumes that you are running PCBoard
14.5a software. The environmental variables are automatically
created by the software for each node.

HOWEVER, if you are running other BBS software you should be able
to set the variables EXACTLY as described below, for EACH node
(more than likely in each batch file you use to bring up EACH node):


Info with a carat (^) under it, MUST be typed as is. The rest
depends on your naming conventions.

This, in combination with the use of the optional environmental
variable described in the NON-STANDARD COM SUPPORT section, will
allow you to use one batch file and one config file to run this
door on all nodes.




You may make this file available for downloading from your BBS or you may
upload it to any BBS of your choice, provided that you do not make any
changes to the contents of the archive (ZIP file). The archive and its
individual contents may not be used by any service that charges any money
whatsoever, without the written permission of the author.


Registration and the subsequent insertion of the registration number into
your configuation file, allows for the display of your BBS name on the
opening and closing screen as well as the reduction of a delay built into
the opening screen display along with the ability to change certain
values in the configuration file. In addition it will activate certain
options in the maintenance program.

To register your copy of MatchMaker, please fill out the registration
form (REGISTER.FRM) and mail it along with a small donation of $25 to
the name and address on the form.

Be sure to use the proper upper/lower case when filling in your name and
BBS name, as they MUST match the way you entered them in the configuration
file. ^^^^

Based upon information supplied on the registration form, I will pre-
register you on my BBS. You will then be able to call SUNRISE-80 and pick
up your registration number.


The latest version of MATCH MAKER and other fine SUNRISE DOOR programs
are always available for download from SUNRISE-80 BBS.

Remember, should you have any problems, questions or suggestions, be sure
to drop me a message on Sunrise-80 or in the RIME network (BBS_Doors,
PCBHints, SYSops) or on SMARTNET (SN_Sysops).

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