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Dave's Match Maker


Dave Lee Barron

Copyright 09/01/1988

All Rights are Reserved

Revision date 10/24/88

Data Line 214-613-0129

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Table of Contents

Introduction........................................... Page 1

Setting up the Door Program and DEF file............... Page 2

Setting up the Other files (Questions,answers,etc)..... Page 3

Setting up the batch file.............................. Page 4

License agreement...................................... Page 5

Ordering information................................... Page 6

Warranty information................................... Page 8

Closing notes.......................................... Page 9

Page 1


Dave's Match Maker program is designed to match bbs user with other
bbs users. It was designed to be as flexibile as possible giving the
sysop control over the questions, answers, and the ability of matching
users up by assigning a percentage to each question. By the program having
the capability to evaluate each user's answers against other users, the
program can match up other users by a calculated percentage level. The
program makes it possible to get people with similar interest together,
therefore increasing participation of users in E-mail and usage in your

The program is divided into four parts. They are:

1. Finding all the matches within a specified percentage range. In other
words it computes the user's answers against all the other users
answers, then gives a percentage to the compatibility of each user.
(The user must have already have his answers recorded in order for
it to work)

2. Search for a particular user. The user would either enter part or
all of the user's name that he/she is looking for. Then, the program
searches for all the users that have the search argument in their
name. Once the search argument is found, it will display to the user
searching, all the matches of the user(s) it finds.

3. Add or update the user's record in the data base. This must be done
in order to have option one work.

4. Selective search: Search for user(s) with a specific answer(s). The
user would answer the questions with the specific match he is
looking for, and leave blank the question(s) he is not. Then, the
program will search for those specific answer(s) and display the
users name(s) that matches the answers.

5. Information on how to get a registered version of this bbs. The
registered version will have many more capabilities than this
version. The Shareware demo version is limited to 100 users

6. Return the user back to the bbs.

Sysop Commands:

F8 key - allows you to boot the user off
F9 key - toggles "snoop" on or off
F10 Key - begin CHAT mode (ESC quits)

Notes of interest about the Shareware demo version program:

It is compatible with RBBS, PCBoard, Wildcat, QBBS (and others
using Bob Wescott's DORINFOx.DEF scheme).

It can handle up to 100 users.

It has a fixed time limited (setup in MATCHMKR.DEF)

It works with COM1 or COM2 ports

It can only be use with only one node at a time.

Page 2

Setting up the Match maker program:

1. It is best that you set up the Match maker program in a seperate
sub directory. By typing the following:

C>MD MATCHMKR ;this will make a sub-dir called MATCHMKR
C>CD MATCHMKR ; " change current dir to MATCHMKR

All of the files in MCHMKR10.ARC should be copied into
MATCHMKR sub-dir. (which you should be in) Example:

C>COPY drive:\path\DLB*.* C:\MATCHMKR

2. Set up a MATCHMKR.DEF file

Single node user: (1 phone line)

Create a MATCHMKR.DEF with a text editor or EDLIN. In other words
a plain ASCII text file with 8 lines:

line 1 sysop's 1st name
2 sysop's last name
3 the path\filename of the file holding information
about the caller -- e.g.
C:\RBBS\MESSAGES <= for RBBS 15.1 and lower
[other file types supported]
CALLINFO.BBS -- Wildcat bbs
DORINFOx.DEF -- QBBS, RBBS 15.1C and up, and others
PCBOARD.SYS -- PCBoard 12 & 14
4 COM1 or COM2
5 the BBS name running the door
6 FILLER do not omit this line
7 idle minutes allowed before "sleep disconnect" recmd 3
8 max # minutes user allowed in door. recmd 20

There is a sample of the file in MCHMKR10.ARC for you already.
It is recommend that you just edit it with your necessary info.

Mult-node users: 2 or more phone lines

Make a file with the same format in single node user for each node
suggest naming each file: MATCHMKx.DEF x=# of node
Example of the MATCHMKR.DEF file :
(single node)

Dave's & Gary's RBBS

Page 3

3. The rest of the files

A. DLBDB.DA1 is the file that holds the questions

There is a sample file already created. Please note one
question per line and vice-verse.

B. DLBDB.DA2 is the file that holds information on how to
interpret each question, and to compute percentage

There is a sample file already created. Please note the
interpret #, % amount for that question

Interpret codes:

1 - if exact match then add full % amount.

2 - if not a exact match then add full % amount.(for sex quest.)

3 - if exact match then add full % amount
ELSE if 1 off (adjacent) then add half(.5) % amount

4 - if exact match then add full % amount
ELSE if 1 off (adjacent) then add half(.5) % amount
ELSE if 2 off then add 1/4 (.25) % amount

C. DLBDB.DA3 is the file that holds the description of the answer.

There is a sample file already created. Please Note the
# of Question, # of answer,"the answer"
1,9,"all of the above"

D. DLBDB.DA4 is the file that holds the users name and answers.

This file will be created by the first user adding to it.

Please note that uesrs might receive an error, if they search
the file with out there being one. So therefore, it is a good
idea for the sysop to be the first one to add to the data

Page 4

4. Batch start up file:

Single node user: (example of RBBS)



Mult-node user:

MATCHMKR.BAT %1 %1 - node #

REN MATCHMKR.DEF MATCHMK%1.DEF if node # = com #
ECHO sorry being use by the other node>COM%1

Page 5


Dave's Match Maker is not a Public Domain program and is not free.
Dave's Match Maker is copyright (C) 1988 by Dave Barron.

Non-registered users of this program are hereby granted a limited
license to use Dave's Match Maker and see if it suitable for their

Any usage of Dave's Match Maker other than this limited purpose
requires registration of each copy used.

The opening title screen must never be altered, removed, or modified
by any means.

You are free to distribute the PUBLICLY AVAILABLE shareware demo version of
Dave's Match Maker to others subject to the above restrictions and
also the following:

Dave's Match Maker must be copied in unaltered form, complete
with the file containing this license information.
The FULL documentation must be included.

No fee may be charged for its use and remuneration may
not be accepted for Dave's Match Maker. This does not apply to
computer access charges the system operators (Sysops)
of or organizations owning bulletin board systems,
online services, etc... may charge subscribers.

System Operators may make Dave's Match Maker available for download.

Distributors of "Public Domain", "Shareware", and/or User Supported
software may distributed Dave's Match Maker subject to the above
conditions only after obtaining WRITTEN permission from Dave Barron.
This condition statement supersedes all previous agreements.
Please refer to the section entitled registration/ordering section for
additional information on registration, and related topics.

This license does not apply to the REGISTERED version of Dave's Match
Maker. Different conditions and agreements pertain to the REGISTERED
version of Dave's Match Maker, and are included with all registration

Page 6


Once a registered user of Dave's Match Maker, you are free to utilize the
program as often as you wish. Other than having a clear conscience,
there are many advantages to being registered. You can opt to receive in
the mail a registered version of Dave's Match Maker with enhanced
facilities. You will also be notified through the mail when a
significant enhancement has been made to the program. Once registered,
all upgrades are available for a $5 upgrade fee plus the original Dave's
Match Maker diskette (see below).

There are two ways to register. The first is by sending $10
along with a registration form. You will receive the registered
version of Dave's Match Maker with documentation, and will be notified of
all available upgrades. For an additional $5 ($15), we send you the
latest shareware version along with the registered versions of
Dave's Match Maker on disk.

If you are unsure that you have the latest shareware version,
you can send $5 to receive the latest shareware version of
Dave's Match Maker for evaluation or you can download it from the
bbs at 214-613-0129 .

Please use the following form when placing an order.

NON U.S. residents, please send checks drawn on U.S. funds.

Users who have registered (and received a diskette) may upgrade to the
latest version of Dave's Match Maker by sending in their Dave's Match
Maker ORIGINAL DISK, along with $5 (service and handling). Please use
the following order form when upgrading. If there has been an address
change, please indicate so on the order form.

The original disk must be returned and contain the registered version
of Dave's Match Maker on it. The disk will be reformatted and the
Master copied onto it. Any disk in poor condition will be replaced.
If the serial number label is missing or the diskette does not contain
the registered version of Dave's Match Maker, the update will be
refused and the diskette returned unchanged.

Page 7
Remit To: Dave Barron
P.O. Box 1054
Caddo Mills,TX 75005

Shipping & Handling

Qty. Description Each Total

____ Dave's Match makers Upgrade to newest ver. $5.00 ________
(You must return the original diskette that
contains your copy of the registered version
of Dave's Match Maker.)

____ Dave's Match Maker Shareware/Evaluation Copy $5.00 ________
(no registration, includes disk)

____ Dave's Match Maker registration with 5¬ disk $10.00 ________
(Registration including diskette with the
latest shareware and registered program
versions along with manual on diskette).

Subtotal ________

(Bulk Orders see below for discount) Discount [-________]

(All non-U.S. orders add $5 Shipping) Shipping ________

TOTAL $________

* - must be filled or, it will not be process.

* Sysop Name: ________________________________________________________

* BBS Name: _____________________________ * BBS # __________________

Company: ________________________________________________________

* Address: ________________________________________________________



Money orders and Personal checks will be accepted. (NO CASH PLEASE)
Two week delay for Personal checks to clear the bank
All funds must be drawn with U.S. Dollars. Sorry, no
C.O.D. orders will be accepted. If check is returned for
non-sufficient funds, There will be a $20 service charge plus
additional court cost, if any.

Bulk Orders: # of copies discount (on sub-total)
6 - 10 10% off
11 - ... 15% off
Page 8


Dave's Match Maker is provided AS IS without any warranty, expressed or

This includes without limitation the fitfulness to a particular
purpose or application and any warranties of merchantability.

While we tried to be as through as possible while debugging Dave's
Match Maker, Dave Barron shall not be liable for any damages,
whether direct, indirect, special, or consequential arising from a
failure of this program to operate in a manner desired by the user.
Dave Barron shall not be liable for any damage to data or property
which may by caused directly or indirectly by use of this program.

In no event will Dave Barron be liable to you for any damages, including
any lost profits, lost savings or other incidental or consequential
damages arising out of your use or inability to use the program, or for
any claim by any other party.


If you have a problem with Dave's Match Maker please feel free to
write and describe the situation. Registered users, please include the
serial number found on your diskette.
To those people who have registered (with diskette), the physical
diskette is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for
a period of 60 days from date of shipment by me. Any returned
disks found bad will be replaced at no charge.
Page 9

Closing Notes:

There is an maintence program called "MM-EDIT.EXE". This program will
allow the sysop to delete users out of its database to make room for new
users. It is a good idea to run this program ever once in awhile, even if no
deletions are necessary, because it will improve overall performace after the
database is reorganized.

Also, I am not 100% sure about the mult-node batch file. My bbs is a single
node. Since I do not run a mult-bbs, I am not sure on how to program a
mult-user door porgrams and batch files.

The assigned percentage value in DLBDB.DA2 can be a neg. value. Therefore,
if you wanted to run a stricly dating services, you might assign -100 to the
percentage value for sex code and with an interpreter code of 1 (for exact
match). The result would be if a male = male then 100 would be subtract from
the percentage value, which would result a compatablity of less than 1%, and
would not print out as a match.

The files DLBDB.DA1, DLBDB.DA2, DLBDB.DA3 are examples of a way of setting up
the files, and will work without modification. But, it would be a good idea
to modify them to your bbs needs.

Any constructive ideas or comments are welcome. Please send them to:
Dave Barron
P.O. Box 1054
Caddo Mills,TX

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