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Output of file : DRLINK.CTL contained in archive : MATCHMKR.ZIP
% Doorlink Control File. Very Similiar in Format to OPUS.CTL file You must
% Use Key Words (IE, Modem, Sysop) in the same fashion You Do your
% OPUS.CTL file. This DRLINK will run a lot faster if you take all the
% unecessary lines out.

% These Lines are REQUIRED:

Modem COM1
Sysop Donald Straub
System °±² THE OPEN DOOR ²±°

% Amount of time you want to allow users on in DOORS for asingle session
% and total time per day. This *Must* be in the format PER SESSION and
% MAXIMUM TIME Per Day in minutes..Similiar Principle to OPUS.

% Time per session Max time per Day
TWIT 30 30
NORMAL 50 60
PRIVEL 50 90
EXTRA 60 90
TSYSOP 180 300
^ NOTE the T in front of SYSOP to designate the time allowed the
% Sysop!!

% The Rest of this stuff is OPTIONAL.

% Set up the Event's you have scheduled that you Want to Force
% user off line with. You don't need any other event's. Use 24
% hour time.(HH:MM), 10 events Maximum. Order is not important.

EVENT 02:25
%EVENT 01:00
%Event 05:00
%event 06:00
%event 11:10
%event 00:10

% Building a SpawnDor.bat file.... You need this ONLY if you want to run
% QuickBBS Doors (IE Trade Wars 1000)

% A file will be written called spawndor.bat. The batch file will contain
% the commands needed to change to the proper drive and directory and
% fire up QuickBBS DOORS with the necessary command line switches. You are
% allowed 6 lines after the command to execute what ever else you need to
% before exiting Back to OPUS. The SpawnDor.bat file will always be ended
% with an EXIT command. That is done in addition to what ever lines you
% want to include in the SpawnDor.bat below. I really doubt that you will
% ever need more than 6 batch file lines after running a Door from OPUS.
% I just included them incase you come up with something I hadn't
% anticipated. If you don't need these extra lines, then delete them.

6:to complete the SpawnDor.bat file. (Including changing back to the OPUS
% Directory
% Set up DRLINK to adjust time based on good uploaders. This is a ratio
% that will the time left on OPUS will be multiplied by to adjust a users
% time according to his Upload Quantity. To use these ratios you must also
% use /U command line switch. It is in the form UL [Amount less than] [Ratio]

UL 0 .5
UL 100 .7
UL 200 .8
UL 300 .9
UL 400 1.0
UL 1000 1.5

% In this example a user that has uploaded 0 to 100k would have his DOOR
% Door time Dropped to 50% of the time left on the system. A user that has
% uploaded 100 to 200 k would be allowed 70% of the remaining time he has
% left on OPUS etc.

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Archive   : MATCHMKR.ZIP
Filename : DRLINK.CTL

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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