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Archive   : MAKENL.ZIP
Filename : REGION.CTL

Output of file : REGION.CTL contained in archive : MAKENL.ZIP

; This is a sample control for a the coordinator of a Region.
; Edit fields within angle brackets as necessary (removing the brackets)

make region ; No "master data file" input data is below.

outfile ; use generic name for output file

process Thursday ; Set this day to meet deadline ZC gives you

master ; where master files reside (default - current)
update ; where to save received files 'till processing
mailfiles ; where mail server places received files
uploads ; where BBS places uploaded files (if needed)
badfiles ; optional "waste can" for files with fatal errors

notify errors CRASH ; notify of errors (CRASH optional) and/or
notify receipt ; use either of these or both with different
; attributes.

submit ; where you send updates, CRASH and/or HOLD optional
netaddress ; your network address here
messages ; path name to mail server's network mail area


; Your region source data goes here.


Node ; node files must precede any network files
Node ; (unless it is your intent to move an
; independant node into someone's net on
; on the sly)

Net ; either generic or explicit file name, but must
Net ; match convention used by Net.
Net ; if not "net/0"
; etc.