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Archive   : MAILMGR.ZIP
Filename : MAILMGR.ARL

Output of file : MAILMGR.ARL contained in archive : MAILMGR.ZIP

; List of available archivers for MailMan users.
; Format of each line:
; Name, Extension, Compress, Extract
; Special variables that MailMan will convert to true values at run-time:
; [FILE] - Compressed file to create, or extract from.
; [INC] - All files that MailMan normally includes in the archives.
; [REPLY] - Reply file that MailMan expects to be contained in the upload.
; [NODE] - Current RBBS-PC node number.
; This example file expects the following archivers to be in a DOS path.
ARC (old-style CRUNCH), ARC, PKARC -oc a [FILE] [INC], PKXARC -r [FILE] [REPLY]
ARJ (Jung's latest), ARJ, ARJ a [FILE] [INC], ARJ e -y [FILE] [REPLY]
LZH (Yoshi's LHARC), LZH, LHARC a -m [FILE] [INC], LHARC e -c -m [FILE] [REPLY]
ZIP (Katz's implode), ZIP, PKZIP -m [FILE] [INC], PKUNZIP -o [FILE] [REPLY]