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Livewire Store!
Copyrighted by Richard Paquette
Version 3.3


This door is like a Mail Order Cataloge. It will allow the sysop to
establish departments that contain products for sale. The first screen that
the user see's is a Department menu. From this screen the user make select
a department to vist. The limit of departments is set at 25, 3 for
unregistered version of the door. Once a user selects the department a
department screen will be displayed. This screen can be designed by the
sysop using any ANSI draw program like TheDraw. The next screen to be
displayed will be the department menu screen. On this screen the user has
the following options available.

1) Review the product descriptions
2) Review the product price list
3) Download the product files and an order form.
4) How to order
5) Order using a credit card (Configureable)
C) Comment to sysop
H) Display help screen
Q) Quit return to main Department screen.

Each of the above options will now be explained.

1) Review the Product Descriptions - This option will display to the
user a file called DESCRIB.LST. This file is created by the sysop
and contains the product name followed by a desription of the
product. The user will be prompted to continue, continue non-stop
or stop the display.
2) Review the product price list - This is similar to option 1 but
contains the product name and the cost of the product. The file
displayed to the user is called PRICES.LST and is also created by
the sysop.
3) Download Price list and order form - This option will create a
ORDER1.ZIP file in the door directory which contains the price list
and a order form. In the unregistered versions of this door the
mailing address will default to The Livewire BBS in Mt. Laurel.
Once registered it will read the mailing address from the
configuration file. The ORDER1.ZIP file will be removed from the
directory after it has been sent to the user. This door uses
DSZ.COM for all protocals.
4) How to order -This is a file that is created by the sysop explaning
the ordering procedures that he establishes.(One in each department
5) If the sysop has a merchant account with a credit card company this
option will allow the user to enter a order online using his credit
card. The door will create a file CCORDER.DAT in the department
diretory showing the user name, address, credit card number and a
list of products that the user wanst to order. It will laos add an
entry into the callers log showing that the user enetered a credit
card order.
C) Comment to sysop, the door will create a text file called COMMENT.DAT
which stores all comments from all departments in log form. This file
can also be directed to add itself to the callers log!
H) This option will display a file called LIVESTR.HLP which contains
help instructions for the user.(One in main Store directory).
Q) Quit return to the main department screen.

The configuration file contains the following line of data. All lines
must be present in the file.

Type of display Interupt
Name of BBS The Livewire BBS
Sysops First Name Richard
Sysop Last Name Paquette
Registration NUmber 64942
1st line of heading The Livewire Store! (anything you desire)
2st line of heading The Livewire BBS, Mt.Laurel, NJ 08054
3nd line of heading 609-235-5297 / 609-866-2551 / 609-727-3246
The drive/path of DSZ.COM and PKZIP.EXE - c:\dos
1st Line of mailing address - Richard Paquette
2nd Line of mailing address - P.O Box 416
3rd Line of mailing address - Mt.Laurel, NJ 08054
Credit cards orders - VMADS or N for none (see 33.txt)
Number of departments - 3 (For example)
Name of first department - VHS Movies
Location of files - C:\LIVESTR\VHS
Name of 2nd department - BOOK Store
Location of files - C:\LIVESTR\BOOKS
Name of 3rd department - For Rent
Location of files - C:\LIVESTR\RENT
This continues for the total number of departments.

Thats about it for the configuration file.


The door can reside in any directory you wish. Each department must have
its own directory to hold the files. Each department must contain the
following files DESCRIB.LST & PRICES.LST and must reside in their own
directory. All files created will also be in this directory.

Example: If you had a department called VHS Movies you would first create
a diretory for the door programs to reside in. This directory must contain
the configuration file and program LIVESTR.EXE.

Create a directory to hold the files related to the product VHS, like
C:\Livestr. This directory MUST contain the files DESCRIB.LST and PRICES.LST.
In this directory the door will create the CCORDER.DAT file and the
ORDER1.ZIP file.

Each department must have its own directory since all the files are named
the same.

Enclosed in this file there is a example of DESCRIB.LST and PRICES.LST.
This can be created with any editor you wish and the format can be of your
own design.


echo off
c: This is for boards running on comm 2 with
cd\livestr |-> convert programs, example: RBBS, QBBS etc.
| | |-> location of the PCBoard files
| |-> name of configuration file
|-> program name
copy comment.dat c:\pcb\gen\blt99 <--not needed; use to direct comment file

For Multi-Node systems, please make an additional cnf file for each node

Livestr livestr1.cnf C:\pcb etc...
Livestr livestr2.cnf C:\pcb

Also; please be sure to direct each batch file on each node to the proper
cnf file within the store directory.


Livestr.exe ;Main program
Livestr.cfg ;Example configuration file
Livestr.hlp ;Help file to be left in main store directory
Livestr.doc ;Your reading it now
Livestr.scr ;Opening screen to be left in store directory
Livestr ;Example batch file for pcboard
HowTo.lst ;Example How to Order Help file for each sub-directory
Describ.lst ;Example description file
Prices.lst ;Example price list file
Register.frm ;To register your copy of the Livewire Store ;For info on product lines
Whatsnew.doc ;Update stuff about new versions
33.txt ;Credit card explanation file

Note: Please do not alter the Livestr.scr, this may affect the opening screen
dramatically enough so that it will not continue correctly running the program.
If you must, please save in block style with 17 lines only!

HowTo.lst ;Is configurable with any text editor
Describ.lst ;Is configurable with any text editor
Prices.lst ;Is configurable with any text editor

Well, that's about it and please do not remove any files from this archive.

The file should be downloadable from your sysop download area as:

For further information, please feel free to contact:

The Livewire BBS! Sysop: Richard Paquette
Node One: 609-235-5297 MNP5 - 3/12/24
Node Two: 609-866-2551 Dual Standard - 12/24/96/19,2/38,4
Node Three: 609-727-3246 MNP/5 - 3/12/24

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Archive   : LIVSTR33.ZIP
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