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GlobalNet Common Question

1) Why should I join GlobalNet?

Answer: Everyone wants to know why they should do something. They all want
to know, "What's in it for me?". Well, I can only tell you that (GN) is for
you and everyone else! The major difference between (GN) and other networks
is that (GN) cares about what every single node likes and dislikes. Everyone
has a voice in (GN) and this voice will be heard all the way to the top of
(GN)! (GN) is a network that everyone can consider their own. Steps have been
added into (GN) to make sure that problems do not occur like in other big
networks. Everytime someone makes a suggestion and wants to implement it, their
suggestion will be discussed and voted on by every member in (GN). Also, in (GN)
you will not find pages and pages of policies! (GN) policy is one-two pages and
all it does is describe the workings of (GN). It does not tell you that you
can't do this and can't do that. Message echos are the main part of (GN) and
in these areas, you won't find moderators who will bust your chops. (GN) is
for the hobbiest and most people seem to forget that.
Since Globalnet is brand new, membership is low, however once new nodes
link in, they realize that this is the network to be in and it works for them.
You don't have to listen to me, give (GN) a try. It's 100% free and it runs on
the Fido technology. We have established a (CC) in the USA and in Europe. If you
are interested in giving (GN) a try today contact the following people:

2) How do I get started? I don't know how to install GlobalNet.
Answer: This is the second most asked question. Unlike other networks, who don't
take the time to help you setup and understand how things work, Globalnet takes
the time to teach you how to setup and run everything correctly. It is very
simple to install (GN) in your BBS system. All you need is a front end mailer
and a (GN) nodelist. It is that simple. Then you contact your (CC), who will
give you a node number. Anytime you need help with something, all you need to
do is contact a member in (GN) and he/she will be happy to help you.

GlobalNet Coordinator (GC)
Howard Sucher 52:5200/83 or Compuserve: 76074,2101

Contiental Coordinator (CC)
Bruce Chester (USA) 51:5110/3 or Fidonet 1:204/12
Stefan Schaffner (Europe) 52:5200/1 or Fidonet 2:247/1

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