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Output of file : FXINSTAL.BAT contained in archive : FXB31.ZIP
echo off

echo FX-BBS Installation:
echo -----
echo This batch file will decompress the FX-BBS distribution file on the
echo specified drive. Please make sure that the PKUNZIP program is available,
echo and that the FX-BBS distrbution file is available in the currently
echo logged drive.
echo -----
echo You must have both the FXB31C88.ZIP and FXB31CUT.ZIP files in the current
echo subdirectory in order for this batch file to properly complete.
echo -----
echo Please specify the drive FX-BBS is to be installed on when running
echo FXINSTAL.BAT (for example, "FXINSTAL C:"). The drive must have
echo approximately 1Mb disk space available. Depress CTRL-C to Abort.
echo -----

if %1~==~ goto errorexit
goto step2
echo You didn't specify a drive! Try again as described above.
goto exit2

if exist FXB31CUT.ZIP goto step3
echo The file FXB31CUT.ZIP cannot be found. Please copy the file to this
echo drive/directory and try again.
goto exit2


echo Depress any key to begin installation of FX-BBS, or CTRL-C to abort.


echo Making directory %1\FX-BBS...
echo Decompressing FX-BBS distribution files...

mkdir %1\FX-BBS
pkunzip -D FXB31C88.ADS %1\FX-BBS
pkunzip FXB31CUT.ZIP %1\FX-BBS
echo files are now in place...

echo You need to run FXBSETUP to set your Communication port number (Screen A),
echo and the caller password filename to use (Screen L). Be certain as well
echo that the drive specified in each parameter on Screen C is correct! Lastly
echo be sure the baud rate on Screen A is correct. It should be 2400 right
echo now... If you have a 1200 or slower, you'll need to change it. You'll
echo also want to be sure that your modem either supports the ampersand (&)
echo commands, or that your dip switches are set properly (DTR and CTS should
echo NOT be forced on). If your port is not COM2, use the little chart in the
echo lower right corner of Screen A to help make any changes required to other
echo parameters.

echo ---------------------
ask Y Would you like to do run the FXBSETUP program at this time (Y/N)?

if errorlevel 1 goto config
goto exit
fxbsetup update fx-bbs.cfg

ask Y Installation complete... Would you like to try running the program?

if errorlevel 1 goto tryit
goto exit

echo OK... We'll give it a shot. Since this is the first time you've
echo run the program though, it is entirely possible that it will not run.
echo That is, that it will require a bit more effort to tailor the program
echo to your particular system. Should the program not function as expected,
echo you will have to refer to the documentation and modify the configuration
echo file appropriately.



echo Thanks for trying FX-BBS.
echo If you experience any touble or have any questions
echo please call the home system:
echo -----------
echo BerthaBoard
echo 1200/2400 8,N,1
echo (209)239-9853


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Archive   : FXB31.ZIP

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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