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The FXCOMM and FXCOMML programs are TSRs used to create inter-program
communications buffers when running a multiline system. This program
may not need to be used. FX-BBS will by default, use screen memory
just after the viewable screen when using a CGA, EGA, VGA or Hercules
compatible monitor. "True Blue" IBM monochrome monitors may not have
memory in this area however, and in this case, you'll want to run FXCOMM.
If your CGA display flickers badly when an internode chat is attempted,
you'll also want to use FXCOMM. Finally, if you are using an EGA or
VGA in other than 25 line mode, you'll want to run FXCOMM.

The FXCOMML program includes the above capabilities, but also establishes
buffers for use by all copies of the BBS program interfacing with a
Local Area Network (LAN) which support internode chatting. To allow
inter-node chatting, you must also run the FXCNFCFG program before
running FX-BBS. Refer to the main program documentation for additional

To use either program, start it BEFORE you run DesqView or DoubleDOS.
The FXCOMM program requires about 2Kb of memory, so is not terribly
expensive to use. FXCOMML requires on the order of 23Kb of memory for
the buffers it establishes. While this may seem a great deal, it is
far less than would be required if the buffers were allocated in each
copy of FX-BBS running.

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Archive   : FXB31.ZIP
Filename : FXCOMM.DOC

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