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26 April, 1990

This is part of a four file set which together comprise the FX-BBS
bulletin board package. Of the four files, three are the minimum required to
use the program successfully. One file is optional.

Should you be unable to find all files, or if the file sizes might be
incorrect, they are available for download on BerthaBoard, at

(209) 239-9853, 1200/2400, 8,N,1
(209) 823-0093, 1200/2400/9600/14400 HST, 8,N,1

Kenneth Roach


Important note: Many of these programs provide for optimized usage
under the DesqView and/or DoubleDOS multitasking programs. Generally,
running with or without this optimization causes no problems, regardless
of whether or not DesqView or DoubleDOS is in use. Should you have difficulty
using the program, it is perhaps possible that this is causing you a problem
and you may wish to disable this optimization. A similar field is provided
to optimize communications. This optimization has proven to be not
compatable with all modems. It's default vaule is off. If enabling it
causes difficulties, do not run with it enabled.

For the FX-BBS executable, FXMAIL and FXREPACK programs, multi-tasking
optimization is under the control of a parameter in the configuration file
generated by the FXBSETUP program. For the EDITUSER program, a seperate
parameter can be specified on the command line to disable optimization of
multitasking should you think this might be causing you a problem. To run
the EDITUSER program without the check for optimization, specify as the
last parameter, "NM" intended to stand for "No Multitasking").


The four archive files available are:

FXB31C88.ZIP - The primary set of executable programs. This is the
shareware distribution package, and contains the
executables for the primary program (FX-BBS.EXE)
and the FXBSETUP program. This file contains a complete
directory structure with files placed appropriately, and
a default configuration file. A batch file is provided
to install the software appropriately. You need only
answer the questions asked and follow directions. The
file FXB31C88.ADS (contained inside FXB31C88.ZIP) is
actually a ZIP file. If you wish to decompress it
manually, enter


Minor changes *must* be made to the configuration file
in order to run the program... These include baud rate,
com port number, the drive to use and the name to use for
the caller account file. To make these changes, run the
FXBSETUP program. Change to the FX-BBS directory and


The configuration file is set up assuming drive C:. If
you de-compress the program on a different drive, please
make the necessary changes on setup screen B. The comm
port selected by default is COM2: If necessary, you can
change this by modifying parameters on screen A. Finally,
you must enter a filename to be used for the user account
information (caller names, passwords, etc). This name is
entirely arbitrary, but is not provided by default. You
should be creative in naming the file.

These steps should be sufficient to bring the program
up for a 'test drive'. For additional setup information,
refer to the FX-BBS documentation.

Other versions of the program are available to registered
users at the time of registration, or for download by
registered users via BerthaBoard. These include a version
compiled for use on 80186, 80286, 80386 and NEC processors,
and another version, also compiled for these processors,
which uses overlays. The overlayed version requires as
little as 105Kb of memory for execution.

All utility programs are compiled for the 8088 processor.
That is, there are no versions of the support programs
compiled for the 186, 286, 386 or NEC processors.

FXB31CUT.ZIP - A collection of miscellaneous support programs, REQUIRED
by FX-BBS for certain things, and compressed into a
seperate file only so that the size of the distributed
compressed files might be reduced. Files contained
in FXB31CUT.ZIP must be decompressed into the same
subdirectory as the FX-BBS.EXE file.

FXB31DDC.ZIP - The documentation for FX-BBS. Compressed and offered
seperately to reduce the size of files which must be
downloaded. Last updated for Version 3.0D. Update
for the current version is in the works.

FX-SHELL.ZIP - Optional. One of those hard disk menuing programs.
This one was written by myself however, and can be very
useful in the operation of a bulletin board. It can be
spawned from within the BBS, whether a caller is online
or not. This program differs from some other shell
programs in that it requires intelligence on the part of
the user. It does not offer 2,582 help windows (but there
are a few), and also does things of a generally useful
nature. IT was not built for hand holding, but rather
for speedy manipulation of files and programs. Not
required. Your choice.


This list is only partial, and includes the sizes of important files in
case you are concerned about trojans or viruses. Not all file sizes are
listed here, since not all are relavent to the issue. If you are so
concerned, test all the text files in the GRAPH sub-directory. It is
possible for such files to redefine your keyboard and issue undesirable


The file FXB31C88.ZIP contains this file, an installation batch file,
and the file FXB31C88.ADS, which is actually a ZIP file and contains
the following:

FX-BBS.EXE 246566 8088 versions of main program. (Sizes for FX-BBS18.EXE
and FX-BBSOV.EXE will differ. These versions of the
program are not distributed as shareware and their
sizes are not important here).
FXBSETUP.EXE 93382 Setup and configuration program.
FX-BBS.CFG 4435 Default configuration file for use with FX-BBS.
Size of this file will vary as you make changes to
STATS.BBS N/A Created by FX-BBS, may or may not be found.
DIRMAP.BBS 764 Sample file.
GRAPH N/A This sub-directory contains ANSI graphics text
files (menus and such) for use (required) by the
TEXT N/A Standard (non-ANSI) example text files (menus
and such) for use (required) by the program.
HELP N/A Help files for output to callers online.


EDITUSER.EXE 70432 Allows for editing of selected user information.
FXREPACK.EXE 51094 Mail file overlay/edit tool.
FXMAIL.EXE 89350 Echo and Net Mail pack/unpack program.
FXCOMM.EXE 2592 TSR for use with multiline EGA/VGA systems.
FXCOMML.EXE 6736 Same as FXCOMM, but includes LAN support too.
FXCNFCFG.EXE 24214 FX-BBS support program for use with local area
networks and FXCOMML.
CHMOD.EXE 9296 Used to change file attributes on the system.
FX-BBS makes use of file attributes primarily to
govern the privacy of files.
FILEDATE.EXE 9744 Allows sysop to 'touch' a file, or to set a
file's date and time to something specific. FX-BBS
determines whether a file is 'new' by examining
the file's date and time.
ASK.EXE 13414 Batch file query program.
FINDFILE.EXE 10588 Searches a drive or sub-directory for a given
file or set of files.
FX.EXE 19872 Sorted directory display program.
D.EXE 9264 A second sorted directory program.
FXBFETCH.EXE 16902 A program for finding archive or other files
within the system and feeding them to doors.
MOVE.EXE 11344 Program supporting the 'moving' of files on a single
or across several drives. This program is used
by the main FX-BBS program almost as an overlay
during sysop maintenance.
NUMOFF.EXE 1328 Program for turning off num lock on those neat
101 key keyboards.
SETERROR.EXE 1312 For use in batch files at your discretion. Forces
errorlevel to a non-zero value. Nothing more.
FXDCHECK.EXE 37094 Directory validation program. A crude first effort.
FXFILCVT.EXE 29062 Batch utility program for converting ZIP/LZH/PAK
and ZOO files to different formats.
KEYCODES.EXE 11942 Displays codes generated by keys you depress to
help with generating assignments to function keys.
FXUSRINF.EXE 15814 Converts info in FXINFOxx.INF door files to the
format required for some Milton Gameworks doors.


FX-BBS.ASC 608896 Revised in mid-March. This is a list file output
by the Sprint word processor. It is in a format
suitable for Epson printer output, and should be
simply copied to the printer. It is a raw ASCII
file, without even page ejects, with page images
assuming a paper size of 11 x 8.5 inches, and a
printer configured to print 66 lines per page.
215 pages or so.

VERS*.DOC N/A Various update files describing changes made to
versions of FX-BBS. Changes listed in these files
are not included in the FX-BBS documentation file.


Contents not described herein.

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