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FreeTime v2. ³ LimeLight Technologies ³ Fidonet 1:141/234.0
³ (203) 834-0367 ³ Wilton, Connecticut USA

I wrote this optimized revision of FreeTime in hopes of making a faster
more efficient method. Because the original concept and programming was
written by Christopher Hall, I give all credit to him. Although I do
not know him, I believe it is wise to include source in such small programs
as this.

If you feel you must contribute, I ask only that you contribute to my
bulletin board, by calling it. If you feel you MUST send money, send it
to the original author, Christopher Hall. He had the right idea, just
missed a little concept in optimization (ie there is absolutely no need to
use a "TimeRecord" nor anything within FREETIME.DAT. Its own date stamp
is enough.

I have changed the command line in FreeTime to LOAD|SAVE or simpler L|S

The original program is included in this archive.

FreeTime v1.0 3/4/89

Christopher Hall
PC Network
6067 McKinney, NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109

(505) 821-5341 (1:301/2)

This is a simple little program that will allow a Sysop to run a program
as a QuickBBS Door without penalizing a user for the time spent in the
Door. I put this together from some of my code used in QkBilog after I
started participating in the FreeAccess On-line Shopping Service.

*** Any Contributions will be Greatly appreciated ***

List of Contributors for QkBilog: "NULL"

There are only two parameters that can be passed to FreeTime:

FreeTime ON|OFF

It is used in the following way:

After exiting the BBS run FreeTime ON,this will write a tempory file
called FreeTime.Dat that simply holds the current DOS time.
Then, run whatever program you wish. Before restarting QuickBBS,
run FreeTime OFF. This will read the current DOS Time, determine the
amount of time spent in the Door and Add that time to the ExitInfo.BBS
file's LogInSec record. QuickBBS will then get the revised LogInSec
when it reloads....thus, giving the user Free (Door) Time.


if Errorlevel 100 goto AnyDoor
FreeTime ON
{ AnyDoor Program is run here..... }
FreeTime OFF
GoTo Restart_Quick

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