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Version History - PCB Freedom

Version 1.00

- first release

Version 1.00a

- ERROR 4 "bug - on some systems, installation of Freedom results in
ERROR 4. The reason for this is that, on those systems, the
FREEDIAL.CFG "blank" file is not created during the set up, and when
Freedom attempts to access it later, it is not there. This version
verifies the creation of the file, and if it fails, keeps trying until

Version 1.50

- file downloading - up to 10 files per mail run per system

- moved all "critical" support files to ASPECT directory (including

- optional storage of support files in user defined directory

- optional setting of default mail directory for QW? storage (saves
typing it in each time) and REP storage directory (no need to save
your REP in the default PCP/Win upload directory any more... simply
specify the directory where the REPs are stored)

- for delayed dialing, Freedom now will detect the time at start up, and
skip right to delayed dial mode. This allows it to be put into a
StartUp group for automated delayed dials

- PCB Freedom and GHOST BBS now can be set to work in tandem. Freedom
will accept a passed integer from GHOST, and act upon that integer
(see the documentation for GHOST BBS 2.00 for more details)