Category : BBS Programs+Doors
Archive   : FREEDM15.ZIP
Filename : FREEDM3.HLP

Output of file : FREEDM3.HLP contained in archive : FREEDM15.ZIP

PCB Freedom has searched it's private INI file, and read the values for the parameters set there. you may use the fields in this dialog box to edit or change any of these settings.

The "Mail System ?" check box is important. If PCB Freedom is going to make mail runs on this system, this check box must be checked (the default). If however, you wish to use the other features of PCB Freedom, but not the mail feature, then uncheck this box.

In either case, the "Conference to Join ?" dialog box is optional. If you leave it blank, PCB Freedom will always remain in the MAIN conference when staying online. If you fill in the box, PCB Freedom will offer the choice of remaining in MAIN or joining this alternate conference.