Category : BBS Programs+Doors
Archive   : FREEDM15.ZIP
Filename : FREEDM12.HLP

Output of file : FREEDM12.HLP contained in archive : FREEDM15.ZIP

In the two list boxes below, you will find some pertinent information about how your system is currently set up. The left box contains a list of all of your dialing directory entries, and the right box contains a list of those systems which you have already configured for use with PCB Freedom.
There are two ways to add a system to PCB Freedom....
1) If the system is already set up in your dialing directory, selecting it in the left list box and then clicking on Add will add it to your list of Freedom systems. If it was once set up but deleted, you will be asked if you want to edit the old settings for it. If it has never been a Freedom system, you will be asked to enter the settings that Freedom needs.
2) If the system is not in your dialing directory, click on the NEW button. Freedom will ask for the name to use, and the phone number, add it to your dialing directory, and then proceed as in 1).
When you are done adding systems to your PCB Freedom configuration, click on the DONE button.