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written by Jim Faucette
Released to PD June 1988
372/9 - Charleston, SC

This program (EXE and Turbo C source) is my way of thanking the people at
Scandinavian PC Systems & InterZone Software for the great work they have
done on their excellent program-in-the-making FrontDoor.

FileTRX will help you maintain your FrontDoor system log. It will break out
any FILES that are sent or received by FD into separate SENT & RECV trx files.
Then it will either delete the FD log or move later entries to the top of the
file and truncate.

Two optional parameters are permitted.
D FD's log path & filename - defaults to FD.LOG in active path
K number of days to keep in FD.LOG - defaults to 7

FileTRX [D drive:directory\filename] [K number of days to keep]
FileTRX Dd:\fd\front.log K2

Do not put spaces between the parameter identifier and the data.

This is not meant to be a polished, professional program. It is rather a
functional (down & dirty) tool that can be amended to suit your indiviual

Thanks again, jim

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Archive   : FILETRX.ZIP
Filename : FILETRX.DOC

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: