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Freshwater Fishing Simulator
version 1.0

Fishing Guide


Kevin Hamilton

There are now 16 types of fish that inhabit the lakes in this game.

Fish Name Trophy Size Maximum Weight
----------- ------------- ----------------

Largemouth Bass 9 lbs 22 lbs
Walleye 11 lbs 25 lbs
Smallmouth Bass 5 lbs 11 lbs
Northern Pike 17 lbs 46 lbs
Channel Catfish 25 lbs 58 lbs
Striped Bass 20 lbs 59 lbs
Muskellunge "Musky" 28 lbs 69 lbs
King Salmon 15 lbs 31 lbs
Coho Salmon 15 lbs 31 lbs
Brown Trout 15 lbs 33 lbs
Lake Trout 20 lbs 65 lbs
Rainbow Trout 8 lbs 19 lbs


White Bass 3 lbs 5 lbs
Bluegill 2 lbs 4 lbs
Crappie 3 lbs 6 lbs
Yellow Perch 2 lbs 4 lbs


The weekly tournament is based on a point system. The number of points
you receive for a given fish is a percentage of its maximum weight. An
example would be an 11 lbs Largmouth Bass would be 50 points since its max
weight is 22 lbs and if you caught a 22 lbs Largmouth Bass it would be 100
This way fish with max weights in the tens and twenties can compete with
the fish in the forties and fifties. Especially since 25 lbs Catfish are
more common than a 22 lbs Bass.
Depending on when your sysop runs the fishing maintenance the results for
the week should be decided Saturday morning, meaning a tournament starts
Saturday and ends Friday.

] Brief Menu Descriptions [

Freshwater Fishing Simulator requires ANSI or VT100 terminal emulation
to run.

To start a day of fishing, you must first select a lake that you would
like to fish. You have two options in choosing a lake. You can select a
lake to fish and go straight to the Main Menu, or you can choose to review
a lake. When you review a lake, an overhead view of the lake as well as a
list of the types of fish that inhabit the lake.

] Main Menu [

(G)o Fishing : This takes you to the Boat Menu (see below) to go fishing.
You can return to this menu from the lake menu at any time. Scores and
boat position will remain the same.

(C)hange Lakes : Change from the lake you're in to another lake. Your limit
and number of fish caught will be reset and any records made on the lake
will be saved before changing lakes.

(S)ee Top 15 fish caught : List of Players, size of fish, and lake the fish
was caught on, in descending order by weight.

(D)isplay Map : Gives you an overhead view of the lake you're in, the
position of your boat on the lake, and the types of fish that inhabit
the lake.

(I)nstructions : View this user documentation.

(T)oggle Color On/Off : Toggle ANSI color on and off.

(Q)uit : Return to BBS.

] Boat Menu [

-=- Movement -=-

keyboard keypad Num Lock on

(W) n (8)
(A) (S) w e (4) (6)
(Z) s (2)

-=- Commands -=-

(C)ast Lure : This will bring up the casting menu. Your boat will appear on
the left-top of the screen and you'll cast across the screen to the
right. You have two speeds of retrieval to choose from, Fast and Slow.
You can also stop the retrieve by hitting the space bar. The speed of
the lure can be altered anytime during a retrieve.

When retrieving a lure you can tell when a fish strikes when the word
'Strike' appears over the lure. When this happens you have a few
seconds to hit 'H' to hook the fish.

After you have hooked the fish, (R)eel'em in will appear at the bottom.
Be careful when reeling in fish. Big fish will sometimes start pulling
the drag (pull line out from the reel). You'll know this happens when
'Be careful he is pulling the drag' appears under the fishing line.
When this happens, stop reeling by releasing the 'R' key, because he
could break the line. If it looks like he is going to go off the screen
or just get too much line, you can tap the 'R' key and try to hold him a

When you successfully bring a fish in, the weight of the fish will be
displayed, and you are asked if you would like to cast again or return
to the Boat Menu.

(P)ick Lure : Takes you to your tackle box to select a lure. To choose a
lure select the corresponding number. A brief description is given for
each lure below.


Shallow Crankbait : Good in shallow, open water. Dives to 4' when
retrieved slow, 8' when retrieved fast. Erratic
action attracts fish. Prone to getting snagged when
used in heavy cover areas.

Deep Crankbait : Deep open water lure. Dives to 11' when retrieved
slow, 17' when retrieved fast. Erratic action makes
this a goods fish attractor, but lure is prone to
getting snagged when used in heavy cover.

Slim Minnow lure : Good in shallow water. Dives to 2' when retrieved
slow, 4' when retrieved fast. Good on Cloudy and
Partly cloudy days when fish are shallow.

Top Water Lure : A lure that floats on top of the water and when
retrieved makes wakes and noise that attracts fish.
Good on Cloudy and Partly cloudy days when fish are

Spinner Bait : A lure made of wire shaped in a 'V' with a spinner
on the top and a leaded hook covered with feathers.
This is a very versatile lure. The flashing spinner
is a very good fish attractor. The lures design
makes it virtually weedless. This lure sinks when
not moving, stays at the same depth when retrieved
slow, and rises in the water when retrieved fast.

Silver Spoon : The spoon is flashy lure with an erratic action.
Being weedless this lure is great for heavy cover.

Curly Tailed Jig : The Jig is good when you let it sink to the bottom
and 'jigged' across the bottom. When let set on the
bottom of a lake fish can mistake it for a number
of different types of aquatic life. Also very good
in heavy cover especially around brush and timber.

Plastic Worm : The plastic worm is basically a bottom lure being
mistaken for an eel, leech, or just tasty looking.
It also does well worked through weeds and other
heavy cover.


(L)ook at Todays Limit : Displays largest 10 fish caught and total number
and weight of fish caught on this lake today.

(R)eturn to Main Menu : Returns to main menu. Limit, number of fish caught,
and lake position will stay the same if you return.

] Special Thanks [

FISH.ANS & FISH.ASC by James Fair.

Special thanks go to the following -

Danial Wilson - Dead Zone (513) 879-6258
James Fair - The Fishing Hole (615) 646-5550
Larry Easly - The Ranch House (508) 582-6679

That should be it. If you have any questions or comments, you
can send me a message electronically to:

Dead Zone
Sysop Daniel Wilson

Good Luck & Good Fish'n!


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