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********************IMPORTANT NOTES*********************

I believe this program to be safe and compatible with IBM PC AT/XT class and
PS/2. However, I make no guarantees and you must use this software at your
own risk. I will not be held responsible nor will I incurr any liability for
damages believed to be caused as a direct or indirect result of use of this
program "FRIDAY'S FILES v2.00".

I had planned a lot of other features for version 2.00 but they were not
as easy to write as I had anticipated. I decided not to wait to release
version 2.00 because of a few sysops who were anxious to get the new
program and use the convert and and remove files features. Besides, most
of the other features are of the module type which could be written as
separate programs and I might do that instead. But anyway, look for another
version in probably six months to a year. Thanks to those who registered
Friday's Files. Your support is appreciated.

-Will Friday