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********* What's NEW with FRIDAY'S FILES Version 2.00 ** 8 July 1991 **********

The following is a list of the changes since version 1.20.

1. The Most important New Feature is that Friday's Files now uses OmegaBBS's
FILECTRL.DAT file instead of asking the user to type all the file area
information again. The configuration was option was removed. The program
also uses Omega's SUB.DAT file if you have sub-boards.
2. A menu option was added for deleting duplicate file listings.
3. A menu option was added to convert other file list formats to OmegaBBS
4. A menu option was added to remove invalid file listings so you don't have
to hand edit the files lists if you remove files from the BBS or an
area of the BBS.
5. A menu option was added to move to a Sub-board area to work. This made
it necessary to add another to take you back to the main board directory.
The working directory is now displayed at the bottom left on the menu.
6. Error checking was added in several procedures to let you know if a
procedure doesn't work and why.
7. More "Working, please be patient..." messages were added, particularly
in the master list making options which now gives a play by play so
you know what's going on.
8. Added FFSORT.EXE stand alone FILES.BBS Sorter to be run as an event in
9. Added FFMASTER.EXE stand alone Master Files list generator to be run as
an event in Omega.
10. Added FFCONFIG.EXE to allow Sysops to customize the master list
name and headings. Can also specify where to put the master list.

*************** What's NEW with FRIDAY'S FILES Version 1.20 *****************

The following is a list of the changes since version 1.10.

1. The Most Prominent New Feature is the FILES.BBS sort option #6. Chosing
this option will sort all the files listed in FILES.BBS files in
alphabetical order. Uses QuickSort Algorithm. Run this after append to
to get you files back in proper order. This makes your lists easier to
search. Also run it after you use Omega's file moving procedure.
2. The program will not include your FILES.BBS or FILES.HDR files in the
files listed during any of the operations.
3. Rearranged the menu choices just a little so the configuration options
come first #1 and #2 followed by choices in a somewhat logical order.
4. Corrected typos in the documentation. (and probably made some more)
5. Took the example configuration files out of the package and just put
their formats in the documentation.

*********** What's NEW History from FRIDAY'S FILES Version 1.10 *************

The following is a list of the changes since version 1.00.

1. Will add new files to an existing FILES.BBS. Selection #5 is to UPDATE
your current lists.
2. Quick execution- No need to press return after you press your selection.
3. Gives you messages to let you know it is still working if a procedure is
taking a while.
4. Tells you if a Directory has no files or no FILES.BBS.
5. Will create a FILES.BBS in a directory where none is found during
an Update.
6. Improved error checking keeps the program from stalling if you make a
wrong choice.
7. Resets the video settings that were in use when the program started.
8. Renames rather than deletes the old FILES.BBS if you select Make (from
scratch) when a current FILES.BBS exists.
9. Sets length markers for file comments so you don't have to count
10. Will not crash if you type your number of directories out of range (1-100).

Original release of Friday's Files v1.00 in early 1991.