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File Area List Manager for OmegaBBS

COPYRIGHT (C) 1991 by William B. Friday

Written using Turbo Pascal v6.0

Friday's Files is a Manager for file area lists (FILES.BBS) designed for
use with OmegaBBS. There are many programs that have been written to
perform this function for most of the other BBS software which is now
available so it would have been redundant to have Friday's Files support
other BBS's. This program helps to quickly and efficiently organize the
listings a sysop needs to have in his FILES.BBS files. In this release
some stand alone modules have been included which can be called from
Omega's maintenance schedule feature. Friday's Files is not just a tool
for a starting Sysop to create his file areas but it has many features
which make it a useful maintenance tool for experienced Sysops to keep
their file areas in good shape and save time so the Sysop is free to
handle more important tasks.

Version 2.00 is the first version to use the data structures of OmegaBBS
to find the information it needs to manage the file area listings. It is
no longer necessary to tell Friday's Files where your download directories
are or what they are named. The program can also find your sub-boards and
will manage the sub-board file areas as well as the main board. Whether
you are installing Friday's Files for the first time or upgrading from an
earlier version read the installation section before trying to use the
program. It is easy to install but will not work if not installed correctly.
You cannot "fire up" Friday's Files at the DOS prompt just to see what it
does because it will halt if it doesn't find Omega's FILECTRL.DAT file.
Much error checking is built into Friday's Files and it has been tested
extensively. If you type in a bad command the program will prompt you for
a different one. You can get away with lots of mistakes but don't press
your luck. If you try to tell the program to do something and it can't
find the information to do it, then in most cases it will tell you what
the problem is. We have tried to anticipate all the problems that might
arise but only time will tell.


Installing Friday's Files is very simple and takes little time. If you
are upgrading from an earlier version it will require a couple of extra

First - Unzip at least the main program file from FFBBS200.ZIP into your
OmegaBBS main startup directory. This File is FFBBS2.EXE. Or if
you have a 286 machine or higher then you can use FFBBS286.EXE.
The other files in the Archived file FFBBS200.ZIP are either text
files or are optional program modules which will be explained
later but will need to be in the Main OmegaBBS startup directory
to operate. (except FFCONFIG.EXE which needs no other files)
The complete list of files included in this release are:

FFBBS2.EXE ------ The Main Friday's Files Program file.
FFBBS286.EXE ---- Friday's Files For 286 machines.
FFCONFIG.EXE ---- The Master List customizing Module.
FFSORT.EXE ------ Module to Sort all FILES.BBS entries.
FFMASTER.EXE ---- Module to create Master File Lists.
FFBBS200.DOC ---- Program Manual (This File).
HISTORY.DOC ----- Revision History.
INTERST8.LST ---- An example of a Master list created by FFBBS2.
READ.ME --------- Contains any last minute information.
REGISTER.DOC ---- A registration form for Friday's Files.

Second - If you intend to create master files lists for the main board
or any sub-boards then you will want to run FFCONFIG.EXE in the
BBS main startup directory and each sub-board main in which you
want to create a master list. It is not essential but it will
give you a customized master list and it doesn't take long. The
file FFMAST.DAT is created during this operation and must remain
in the main BBS directory in order to be useful. If you are
upgrading from earlier versions FFMAST.DAT replaces OMAST.DAT
and you can remove OMAST.DAT because it is no longer needed.

Third - That's it unless you are upgrading Friday's Files. In that case
you will want to delete the files FFBBS.EXE, OHEAD.DAT, OFILES.DAT,
and OMAST.DAT if you haven't already.

Now you are ready to run Friday's Files v2.00.


FRIDAY'S FILES v2.00 requires 130k RAM to run. The program runs under
MS-DOS 3.0 and later versions (hasn't been tested on earlier versions),
on IBM PC XT/AT and PS/2 and compatibles. It was designed to operate in
conjunction with Omega BBS v1.03 and still works with v1.04. The
program will be rewritten if need be in order to keep up with any
changes from DATAEAST. It should work on any 8086 CPU or higher.
The FFBBS286.EXE file should work on any PC with a 80286 CPU or higher.
IBM is a trademark of International Business Machines Corp., MS-DOS
refers to Microsoft Disk Operating System Copyright by Microsoft Corp.,
OmegaBBS is Copyright 1991 by Rick Harris & DATAEAST Software.


FRIDAY'S FILES must be run from a directory containing OmegaBBS's file
FILECTRL.DAT which is usually the main BBS directory. If, for some reason,
you would like to run Friday's Files from another directory it is possible
if you put a copy of your FILECTRL.DAT (and SUBS.DAT if needed) in the
directory with FFBBS2.EXE. The program gets all file area information from
the FILECTRL.DAT file. If you want to exclude a directory from any of
the work performed by Friday's Files, you can use Omega's OCONFIG.EXE to
create a slightly different FILECTRL.DAT. This will be explained in more
detail later in this document.
Although the file FFBBS2.EXE is mentioned throughout this document, the
descriptions apply to FFBBS286.EXE as well.
Friday's Files creates (when selected) FILES.BBS files and a master list
file which can be user named. The only files needed to operate FRIDAY'S
FILES are the file FFBBS2.EXE & Omega's FILECTRL.DAT which you create
with Omega. If you want to work in sub-boards the file SUBS.DAT must
also be in the Directory. Omega writes this file too with your input.

Friday's Files creates temporary files during it's operation that are
deleted on termination. They are named FFDIR.CFG, FFHDR.CFG, FFSUB.CFG,
TEMP.DAT, FILES.OLD, and FILES.TMP. An early abort of the program may
leave them undeleted. This will not cause any problem with Friday's Files
operating later. You may delete them safely.

The following is a depiction of the Main Menu Screen of Friday's Files
Utility. Each item on the menu will be explained in detail in this section.
The current working directory is displayed in the lower left hand corner
of the main menu screen.

º °°°°Ü°°°°Ü°Ü°°°°Ü°°°°Ü°Ü °Ü°Ü°°°°Ü °°°°Ü°Ü°Ü °°°°Ü°°°°Ü º
º °Ûßßß°Ûß°Û°Û°Ûß°Û°Ûß°Û°°Ü°°Û ß°Ûßßß °Ûßßß°Û°Û °Ûßßß°Ûßßß º
º °°°°Ü°°°°Û°Û°Û °Û°°°°Û °°°Ûß °°°°Ü °°°°Ü°Û°Û °°°°Ü°°°°Ü º
º °Ûßßß°Û°Ûß°Û°Û °Û°Ûß°Û °Ûß ßß°Û °Ûßßß°Û°Û °Ûßßß ßß°Û º
º °Û °Û°°Ü°Û°°°°Û°Û °Û °Û °°°°Û °Û °Û°°°°Ü°°°°Ü°°°°Ûv2.00º
º ß ß ßß ß ßßßß ß ß ß ßßßß ß ß ßßßß ßßßß ßßßß º
Copyright (C) 1991 by William Friday All Rights Reserved
³ ³ Update all FILES.BBS (add new files) ³ ³
³ ³ Sort all FILES.BBS listings ³ ³
³ ³ O Remove INvalid Listings ³ ³
³ ³ M P Fix FILES.BBS Format ³ ³
³ ³ E T Correct Duplicate Listings ³ ³
³ ³ N I Work on Sub-Board Files Areas ³ ³
³ ³ U O Back to the Main BBS Directory ³ ³
³ ³ N Make a Master Files List ³ ³
³ ³ S Drop to DOS (forget something?) ³ ³
³ ³ X Exit Friday's Files Utility ³ ³
³ ³ Type the Letter of your Choice; X = Exit: ³ ³
³ Current Directory

All functions of the main program are accomplished through the main menu.
Choose a function, type the initial letter of your choice and the program
will carry out it's assigned task.
The Function Choices are as follows:

³ (U)pdate Listings ³
Omega will automatically add any uploaded files to the listings but if you
as the sysop plan to put files on the board yourself you will have to add
a listing in your FILES.BBS. This option will create a listing in the
FILES.BBS for every file in the directory which isn't already listed. All
you need to do is put any files you wish to list in the directory where you
want them to appear, then start Friday's Files and type the letter "U".
You will be prompted for a description of each file as it is found. The
program searches for unlisted files in all of your file areas. Files named
protocol system files will be ignored and will not be included in the listing.
This option will list EVERY other file so make sure that you want all of
the files in your files areas to be listed. This option will sort the
listings alphabetically after Updating. When you choose this option you
will want to make sure that any files listed in your uploads section in
PRIVATE.BBS are OK to list. If not you will need to remove it or delete it
as the current version of Friday's Files cannot exclude files. Some of the
transfer Protocols have been known to write transfer lists to the BBS file
area directories. If the files are there they will be listed except for
SZXFER$$.LST which had been reported as being a problem for some Sysops.
Just be sure that your protocols and other programs do not write files
to your file areas and there should be no problem.

³ (S)ort all FILES.BBS ³
This option simply puts all of the file listings in each FILES.BBS on the
current board in alphabetical order. When files are uploaded to your BBS
or when they are moved by you from one area to the next using the file
moving option in OmegaBBS the file listings are appended to the end of the
list in the FILES.BBS. After this occurs your files will no longer be in
alphabetical order. You can use this option to put them back in order.
It is much easier for your users to find files that they are looking for
if they are sorted like this. It also gives your file areas a neater, more
professional appearance. You can sort your files by selecting this option
from the main menu or by running the Sort Module FFSORT.EXE which can be
called from the OmegaBBS maintenance scheduler in OCONFIG.

³ (R)emove invalid Listings ³
Once in a while the Sysop decides to weed out the garbage in the file areas
(or he should) or he may change the file area configuration of the BBS and
he will have to make changes in the file listings. Whatever the reason, there
will be times when it is necessary to remove listings form a FILES.BBS. Once
you have removed any files from an area you should start Friday's Files and
and type the letter "R". All listings which do not correspond to an existing
file in the directory will be stripped from the FILES.BBS. In this process
the files will get out of order so the program re-sorts them. If you are
reconfiguring your BBS file areas you can use this option and the first one
"U" in conjunction to make the new file areas reflect the actual files
available. If your BBS maintains lists of Files that are held OFF-LINE then
you should not use this option on those lists.

³ (F)ix FILES.BBS Format ³
This option is particularly useful if you are convertin from another type of
BBS software. Omega requires that the listings be in a specific format (see
example below) so the display color selections on your BBS will work correctly.
Some Sysops are converting from another type of BBS software and some made all
of their listings by hand when they started. Others have taken to using some
of the other FILES.BBS managers which were written for different BBS software.
This selection will take care of the problem to a great extent and will put
listings in the right format. Most types of BBS files lists should convert
properly when this option is used on them. If a listing is already in the
correct format it will be left as it is. If the File description is on two
lines, the part which wraps to a second line will be lost. Files which are not
in the directory with the FILES.BBS will be unlisted because this selection
gets the size and date directly from the file. If you have a listing format
that doesn't include the file size and date then running the Omega utility
FCONVERT will take care of that. FCONVERT is provided with OmegaBBS.


An example of the format of the FILES.BBS files created
with FRIDAY'S FILES (Identical to OmegaBBS).

FFBBS200.ZIP 67534 07-09-91 Friday's FILES.BBS mgr v2.00 For OmegaBBS
| | | |
| | | File description begins at column 34.
| | |
| | Date begins at column 24.
| |
| Size is right justified, ending at column 21.
Name begins at column 1


FFBBS200.ZIP:P 67k+:Friday's FILES.BBS Manager v2.00 for OmeagaBBS [1/5]
FFBBS200.ZIP 67534 07-06-91 [00] FRIDAY'S FILES.BBS MANAGER v2.00
FFBBS200.ZIP 67534 7-06-91 Friday's FILES.BBS mgr v2.00 For OmegaBBS
FFBBS200.EXE 67534 07-06-91 Friday's FILES.BBS mgr v2.00 For Omega

-----With the Fix FILES.BBS Format Selection We convert this:

INTERST8.ZIP 10330 03-24-91 Master list for Interstate Express BBS.
MMOUSE .ZIP:N 13k+:Modem Mouse for use with OmegaBBS [1/3]
PASTUT .ZIP 57983 5-30-91 A good Pascal programming turorial (standard)

----To this!

INTERST8.ZIP 10330 03-24-91 Master list for Interstate Express BBS.
MMOUSE.ZIP 13245 06-01-91 Modem Mouse for use with OmegaBBS [1/3]
PASTUT.ZIP 57983 05-30-91 A good Pascal programming tutorial (standard)

If you are converting from file listings with one of these formats you can
run this procedure on your file lists if they are named FILES.BBS and you
have all of the files in the directory with the listings.

³ (C)orrect Duplicate Listings ³
In researching for this project I called several Omega boards and I noticed
that some methods used by Omega sysops to create their FILES.BBS files
are not extremely reliable. Occaisionally the listings get duplicated and
this option is created specifically to take care of that problem. If you
have files that are listed more than once (It does happen) then use this
option to erase the extras. The first occurrence of the file is the one that
will be kept. If you have very large lists and don't want to read through
them to find out if there are any dupes you can just select this option and
then you will know you don't have any duplicates.

³ (W)ork on Sub-Board File areas ³
You can only work on the file lists of one board at a time. The options
"U, R, A, C, F, and D" will affect only the directories defined in the current
boards FILECTRL.DAT file. Selecting the "W" option will cause a list of your
Sub-Boards (if any) to be displayed. This list will be numbered and typing a
number will take you to the sub-board by that number. When there you will see
the path of the current directory displayed in the lower left hand corner of
the menu screen. After moving to the new directory you may work on the file
areas belonging to that sub-board. All of the menu options will be available
for use. You can jump from the main board to a sub-board, or from a sub-board
to a sub-board using this option. Friday's Files supports up to 30 sub-boards.

³ (B)ack to the Main BBS Directory ³
This option has only one function. It will return you to the main board from
a sub-board. You do not have to return to the main board to Exit Friday's
Files Utility. You will be taken back automatically if you do not abort the

³ (M)ake a Master Files List ³
Before you chose this option you should first run the customizing module
FFCONFIG.EXE. Friday's Files will create a Master list without it but it
will use the internally defined default settings. These default settings
will create a Master list called ALLFILES.LST in the current directory.
The Header will be a generic heading that will not contain any specific
information about your BBS. It also makes a plug for Friday's Files. If
you run FFCONFIG.EXE you will create a configuration file called FFMAST.DAT
which contains your own personalized Master list name and Headings. You
can also chose the directory where the Master list will be placed when
completed. You only need to do this before the first time you make a master
list. If you plan to create master file lists for your Sub-Boards you will
want to run FFCONFIG.EXE in the sub-boards's main directory or you will
again get the generic default settings for your sub-boards's master list.
After running FFCONFIG.EXE customizing module you will be able to create
a personalized master list of all files available on your BBS (or Sub) in
a file named and placed as you specified. The files will be listed by
directory and headed by the File Area Name. Any earlier Master List of
the same name will be overwritten. The configuration file FFMAST.DAT will
be a plain ascii text file which you can create or modify with an ascii
text editor. However, be careful to keep in in the proper format as shown

The format of the Master List configuration file FFMAST.DAT.

------- line #1 names the master list
| --- line #2 shows where the master list will be put
| |
| |
EXAMPLE first line of the Master List Header -----------------------------
Header Line two. Put any BBS information you want on these three lines. --- |
Header Line three. Advertise or explain anything you want here. --------- | |
| | |
| | |
Lines #3, #4, and #5 will be at the top of the Master Files List

³ (D)rop To DOS ³
This should be self-explanatory. Selecting this option will return you to
the DOS prompt until you type the word "EXIT". You may run other programs
while dropped to dos within the constraints of available memory. If you
forget to change back to the directory in which you started the program is
aware of where it is at all times and will take you back where you should be.
You should not attempt to modify or delete any of the following files while
will not work if it doesn't find the DOS file in the root
directory of the current drive or the sub-directory \DOS.

³ (X) Exit Friday's Files ³
Just as you would guess this option will quit the program and return you to
DOS. All temporary files are deleted and all screen attributes are reset to
what they were when the program started.


The Standalone modules provided in this release of Friday's Files are
useful for running operations automatically with Omega's maintenance
scheduler. The modules provided are FFSORT.EXE and FFMASTER.EXE.
FFSORT needs to be run from the main BBS startup directory and the line
to call it should be something like C:\OMEGA\BBS\FFSORT.EXE but you will
need to change the path name to whatever your main BBS startup directory
is. When called, this module will sort all of the file lists on your main
board and if you have sub-boards it will sort them as well.
FFMASTER will create a master files list for one board at a time. You will
need to call it more than once if you want sub-board master lists. You
will have to have a copy of FFMASTER in each board startup directory if
you want to create a master list there. The line to call this module is
about the same as the sort module, like this: C:\OMEGA\BBS\FFMASTER.EXE
or whatever the path is for your main BBS directory or you sub-board
directory. The module will use the information in FFMAST.DAT so you can
name the master files lists and direct it where to place the completed
master list.


If you are a new OmegaBBS sysop or are contemplating being one you might
be helped by reading this section. Friday's Files will help create all of
the file area lists for a new Omega BBS whether you are starting fresh or
are converting from some other BBS software.

To create all of the file area lists for a new BBS you must create the
directories and place any files you want your BBS to offer into those
newly created directories. You need to configure Omega to know where they
are and then you can start Friday's Files from the Main Startup Directory
of your BBS. You do NOT need to create FILES.BBS files in the areas because
they will be made for you. Select the Update option (U) from the main menu.
You will be prompted for descriptions of all files listed as they are found.
When you are through you will have a complete listing of all files in your
on your BBS in Omega format and sorted alphabetically. From then on you may
use the Friday's File Utility to maintain the file listings in that same

If you are converting from another type of BBS you might get more use
initially from the Fix FILES.BBS Format (F) option. Look at the formats
in the Menu section of this document to decide if your file lists can be
converted with Friday's Files. If you have two line descriptions in your
file lists the second line will be lost. Two line descriptions are not
supported by OmegaBBS.
To convert your file lists you must make sure you have configured yourfile
areas in Omega and that all of the files lists are namedFILES.BBS (one
for each directory). Start Friday's Files from your main BBS startup
directory and select option (F). You may need to repeat the procedure in
your sub-board areas if you have any.


If you want to use this version of Friday's Files to make lists of all
of your other files on a PC you can still do it. All you have to do is
make the program think it is working on Omega file areas. First you must
move or rename your Omega FILECTRL.DAT file. Then you run OCONFIG.EXE and
list all of the directories you want to have file lists for. Omega will
create a new FILECTRL.DAT file. Then you move this new file to another
working directory and put FFBBS2.EXE in with it. If you start up the
program and select option (U) then you can create lists for all of your
files and add descriptions so you will never have to worry about forgetting
what a file is for. Many of us know that feeling and this idea came from
an Omega Sysop who feels as I do that it is useful to keep lists like this.
Don't forget to rename your original FILECTRL.DAT file back so it will still
work with your OmegaBBS.


If you have any suggestions, questions or trouble (or find bugs) with
FRIDAY'S FILES please let us know. FRIDAY'S FILES is shareware and must be
registered after the 2 week evaluation period. If you use the program
please send $5 to register (more if you wish). Thanks for your support.


FRIDAY'S FILES BBS utility is distributed under the shareware concept.
It is not free and is not in the Public Domain. FRIDAY'S FILES is
Copyright (C) 1991 by William B. Friday.

Non-registered users of this program are hereby granted a limited two week
license to use FRIDAY'S FILES to evaluate the program's suitability for
their purposes. Usage of FRIDAY'S FILES beyond the evaluation period
requires the registeration of each copy used. Non-registered use of
FRIDAY'S FILES beyond the evaluation period is a copyright violation.

FRIDAY'S FILES may not be modified in any way, for any reason, which
includes but is not limited to decompiling, disassembling, or reverse
engineering of the program.

You are free to distribute FRIDAY'S FILES as shareware to others subject to
the restrictions above and the following:

1. No fee is charged for its use, copying or distribution.
(This is not meant to limit the ability of BBS System Operators
to charge computer access or on-line time fees)
2. FRIDAY'S FILES must be distributed in unaltered form, with all
original files containing programs, license information, and the
full documentaion.
3. All Shareware houses/distribution firms must make it absolutely
clear that the purchase of a diskette containing any shareware
program does not constitute registration of that program.

System Operators may make FRIDAY'S FILES available for download only if
the above conditions are met.


FRIDAY'S FILES is provided AS IS without warranty, expressed or implied.
This includes without limitation any implied warranties of merchantability
or fitness for a particular purpose. William B. Friday will not be liable
for any special, incidental, consequential, indirect or similar damages to
property or data arising from a failure of this program or accompanying
files to operate in a manner desired by the user. Nor shall they be liable
for damage to data or property which may be caused directly or indirectly
by use of this program. In no event shall William B. Friday's liability
exceed the price paid for the license to use the software, regardless of
the form of the claim. The person using the software bears all risk as
to the quality and performance of the software.


If you have any trouble with this program please write and describe the
situation. Registered users please include your registration number.
You may also call the Interstate Express BBS's and leave a message
describing the problem to Will Friday.

Problems, comments, and questions should be forwarded to:

Mail: William B. Friday
3542-C Thorson Ct
Fort Meade, MD 20755

BBS: Interstate Express BBS (East)
(301) 674-6835 Sysop Will Friday
Interstate Express BBS (West)
(714) 686-6463 Sysop Joe Friday


If you find that this program meets your needs then you can continue to
use it for a fee of $5.00. This product is distributed as shareware because
the author feels that it is better for users to get an opportunity to see
if a program will meet their needs before paying for it and because the
cost of advertising, packaging and marketing make commercial software more
expensive than it should be. However, the authors expect users to register
programs that they use in order to support the producers of shareware and
ensure its continued existance. Now I'll get off my soapbox.


Registered users of FRIDAY'S FILES are free to use the program as much
as they want with a clear conscience. They will also recieve notices
of upgrades and discounts for those upgrades. To Register your copy of
FRIDAY'S FILES just print the Order Form below, fill it out and mail
it in. You can just write down the requested information on a separate
sheet of paper and mail that if you prefer. Make sure that your order
is accompanied by a check or money order for the amount of $5.00
(drawn on U.S. funds) Send cash at your own risk. If you wish to
order FRIDAY'S FILES to be sent to you on Diskette please add $5.00
to your order and specify the format that you desire (5.25 or 3.5).



Please Remit to: William B. Friday
3542-C Thorson Ct.
Fort Meade, MD 20755

Qty. Description Price Total

_______ Register a copy of FRIDAY'S FILES v2.00 $5.00 ______

_______ Order FRIDAY'S FILES on diskette $10.00 ______

Subtotal ______

(Maryland Residents add 5% Sales Tax) Tax ______

Total ______

Name: ________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________




Will Friday 7 July 1991
3542-C Thorson Ct
Ft Meade, MD 20755

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