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;* -=( Febbs.Txt )=- *)
;* *)
;* Febbs help file source code *)
;* *)
;* For Febbs version 1.92 and later *)
;* *)
;* (c) 1991 Patrik Sj”berg *)
;* *)
;* Last Modified : 1992 - 02 - 23 *)
;* *)
;* Highest topic 47 *)
;* You are allowed to make changes to this file to make it more suitable *)
;* for Your own need but You are not allowed to remove the above copyright *)
;* notice. See the manual for programming instructions. *)
;Set width of help screen
;* The actual help starts here

!TOPIC 1 Help on Help
When help is invoked by pressing 001 in the Files.Bbs edit
screen you are initially transfered to a help index On possible
editing commands for the Editor.  pressed a second time
will allow you to select from the index again.

The text for a given topic may also contain links to other topics,
which can be selected by moving the cursor to the appropriate word
or phrase and pressing .

You can page backward through a list of previously selected topics
by pressing . Pressing  while viewing a help topic
will take you back to the main topic index.

To Leave the help system simply press  and youre back
where you came from
;* The first helpscreen with all commands.
!TOPIC 2 Commands available
Below you will find a list of the available commands inside the
editor. Use the  to move between the topics and
 to move between the pages.

Press  for Index.

055 - Invoke menu in editor.
041 - 4Adopt Missing Files to Files.Bbs
028 - 17Tag All Missing Files
040 - 27Tag Duplicate entries in Files.Bbs

023 - 11Tag Line.
024 - 11Global Unmark of tagged Lines.
044 - 45Tagged files status
027 - 12Hurl tagged Lines/Files
026 - 12Copy tagged Lines/Files
056 - 35Hurl tagged files Anywhere/Without area change
057 - 35Copy tagged files Anywhere/Without area change
025 - 13Move tagged Lines inside editor
042 - 9Switch Area. Fast Switch to New Area.

033 - 38Add Character literal.

032 - 39Copy Description to File below.
053 - 41Add Avatar Colourcodes at cursor position
050 - 42{+} Look at the Files.Bbs the way the user sees it
002 - 3Save Current FILES.BBS
003 - Abandon Changes. FILES.BBS NOT saved

016 - 5External/Internal Binary Viewer
006 - 5External GIF Viewer
015 - 5External/Internal Text Viewer
007 - 5External Archive Viewer
005 - 33DOS Shell
013 - 43Display the Xternal support programs
008 - 44The external utilities #1
009 - 44The external utilities #2
010 - 44The external utilities #3
011 - 44The external utilities #4
012 - 44The external utilities #5

014 - 8Look Inside Archive / GIF Info. Currentline
047 - 7Copy Line, Current Area
047 - 34Move Line, Current Area

043 - 6Add GIF Info to Description
046 - 14Add DownLoad Counter Specified in setup
058 - 46Strip DownLoad Counter

037 - 15Sort Block. KeyUpd/KeyDown Block. Enter Sort

038 - 20Search for FileName
039 - 21Continue Search

029 - 10Remove Both line and File
031 - 36Remove File but leave description in Files.Bbs
030 - 16Remove missing files from Files.Bbs
028 - 17Tag All Missing Files
045 - 18Kill All tagged Lines / Files

  - 19Indent comment

048 - 22Touch File on Current line
035 - 40Touch all tagged Files

017 - 23Text "Macros" as defined in Setup #1
018 - 23Text "Macros" as defined in Setup #2
019 - 23Text "Macros" as defined in Setup #3
020 - 23Text "Macros" as defined in Setup #4
021 - 23Text "Macros" as defined in Setup #5
022 - 24Show "Macros"

054 - 25Toggle Display File-size / -Date on statusline
051 - 26Rename File on Current line
052 - 31Memory Status
059 - 47Mark files older then date
004 - Xpress Way out of The Editor.
 - Toggle Insert mode ON/OFF

 - Delete Word to the left
 - Delete to the end of the line

 - End of File
 - Beginning of File
 - Word Right
 - Word Left

 - Beginning / End of line
 - One Page down/Up

036 - Insert Line
034 - Delete Line
;* All help topics one after another.
!TOPIC 3 Save

002 - Save

A press on the 002 key saves the current Files.Bbs.

Creating a Files.Bak file of the old one.
( If chosen in the setup ).

!TOPIC 4 Adopting Files.

041 - Adopt Missing Files to Files.Bbs.

A simple press of 041 will get FEBBS working real hard 
FEBBS will then compare the files in Files.Bbs with the files
found in the directory of the Area. Any missing files will be
added to the bottom of the Files.Bbs inside the editor.

!TOPIC 5 External Viewers

016 - External/Internal Binary Viewer.
006 - External GIF Viewer.
015 - External/Internal Text Viewer.
007 - External Archive Viewer.
005 - DOSShell

If No External Text- or Binary-Viewer is installed in the
setup then Febbs internal will be used.
When you press 016 the current Files.Bbs will be saved to disk
to free up some memory and the Binary viewer specified by you
in the setup will be loaded with the commandline the name and
full path to the file you where standing on inside the editor.

Ex. of CommandLine : C:\DIV\DP.EXE C:\FILE\FENRIS.ZIP
Your Setup Part added by FEBBS.

!TOPIC 33 Drop to Dos

005 - DOS Shell

When chosen this one will load an extra copy of Command.Com
( or whatever command processor you use ) into memory. And thereby
allowing you to execute programs while still inside Febbs.

!TOPIC 6 Add GIF Info to Description

043 - Add GIF Info to Description

If you are editing an area that has GIF files in it
and you are standing at a line with a GIF file at it like
this ...


... and you press 043 you will get this...

NICENICE.GIF [0] (640*480*256)

That is, the Resoloution and how many colours will be added
to the description of that particular file. Nice if you have
GIFs in your Files.Bbs that where there before FEBBS Adopt
function came along to add the resoloution for you.
Febbs Supports both the GIF87a Standard and the new GIF89a.
!TOPIC 7 Copy Line

047 - Copy Line

Pressing 047 will Copy the line you are standing on to a buffer.
And pressing 047 again will transfer the buffer to line you area
standing on. A status indicator in the lower right of the screen will
indicate if something is in the buffer. You can't use this one to copy
text between areas.

!TOPIC 34 Move Line

049 - Move Line

Pressing 049 will Move the line you are standing on to a buffer.
And pressing 049 again will transfer the buffer to line you area
standing on. A status indicator in the lower right of the screen will
indicate if something is in the buffer. You can't use this one to move
text between areas.
Please See the 13025 option also for moving files inside the
current Files.Bbs.
!TOPIC 8 Look Inside Archive/GIF Info

014 - Look Inside Archive/GIF Info

This option lets you look inside Archives. That's your packed
files. You will see a window with the contents of the archive
you where standing on with the cursor.

If the file is a GIF file instead of an archive you'll see a
info-window containing relevant info about that paticular
GIF picture.

After Febbs has scanned the entire file you will be able to
scroll around inside the window just like when choosing area.
And if you wish to look at a file inside the archive just
press enter and that particular file is unpacked and loaded
into the internal text viewer. If the files extension is
.EXE, .COM or .OVR the the internal Binary viewer will be used.
But first you must set up the Unpackers in the setup.
!TOPIC 9 Switch Area.

042 - Switch Area.

This one is handy. It lets you switch area from inside the
editor. You will no longer have to go to the main menu to
swap area. This function works just like the choose area
item. Just cruise between your areas and select a new one
with enter. ( or use the HotKeys ! That is if you wish to
go to area 19 simply press 1, look in the lower left corner
press 9 and press Enter. As fast as it can be )
You will upon selection be transfered directly to the new
area. The Files.Bbs you leave will automaticaly be saved.
All editing of the file will be saved and if you
wish to discard your changes you will have to choose 003
to abandon your changes. And take of from the
main menu for new adventures in Files Land.
!TOPIC 10 Removing Files / Lines

029 - Remove Both line and File

Pressing 029 will Delete the file and and description
not only from the list but from the disk as well.

FEBBS will ask you if you're sure when deleting files. No
harm done if you choose the wrong file.

Reason: Why would you want to delete a file ?
Imagine... You have just recived the latest version of a program and now
you have put it in its apropriate directory. But there resides the
old version as well. Now you can choose the add missing files function
to make your Files.Bbs up to date and then while your at it delete
the old version from inside FEBBS. Now there's no risk that you will
forget to delete the old files and therefore you save diskspace.

See Also 36031 - Remove File but leave description in Files.Bbs

!TOPIC 36 Remove File but leave description in Files.Bbs

031 - Remove File but leave description in Files.Bbs

Pressing 031 will Delete the file but leave the description.

FEBBS will ask you if you're sure when deleting files. No
harm done if you choose the wrong file.

This one is to be used when you are short of diskspace but wish
to leave the description in the list and thereby make it 
when your users view your Files.Bbs.

See Also 10029 - Remove Both line and File 
!TOPIC 11 Tagging Files / Lines

023 - Tag Line for later action.

Tag line will simply tag the line you are standing on. It will
change colour to the colour chosen by you in the setup to
indicate that it is tagged. If the line is already tagged then
the line will be non-tagged. Simply a Tag-Toggler.

024 - Global Unmark of tagged Lines.

This option clears all tags in the current Files.Bbs
!TOPIC 12 Hurl/Copy tagged Lines/Files.

027 - Hurl tagged Lines/Files to different Area .
026 - Copy tagged Lines/Files to different Area .

This option will let you hurl (move) or Copy the already
tagged lines to a different area. The select area window
comes up again. Then when you have chosen a area to hurl to
the files will be copied there and then the old files.bbs
will be saved and the new one loaded.
When the chosen area has been loaded just move to the position
you would like to give the hurled files descriptions and press
027 (or 026) again. The descriptions will now be placed
where you where standing when you pressed 027 (or 026).

If the file areas you are hurling between is on the
same drive no physical moving is done. Only at directory level
are the files moved. This makes the Hurl process extremly fast.

Febbs is all the time trying to determine that enough diskspace is
left on the drive that you are hurling to.

If a file that you are hurling (copying) already exists in the
area you are hurling (copying) to FEBBS will ask you if you wish
to overwrite the file. If you answer Yes the file will be overwritten
but the description won't transfered to the new area. This is to
prevent dupe descriptions in the area. FEBBS simply assumes that
the description already in the area is the correct and simply Zonks
the new one. This behavior only applies when hurling files. If Copying
Febbs will move the description anyway.

See Also 35056 - Hurl Anywhere/without changing Area

!Topic 35 Hurl files Anywhere/without changing area.

056 - Hurl files Anywhere/without changing area
057 - Copy files Anywhere/without changing area

This version of the hurl/copy will NOT let you place the descriptions in
the area that you area hurling/copying to. That is when hurling/copying
you will NOT be transfered to the new area. The descriptions of the
files will be placed last in the area you are hurling/copying too. This
behavior is nice if You for instance is cleaning up your UpLoad area and
all files goes to different areas or if You wish to copy some files to
a floppy disk.

Also this version of the hurl/copy will let you hurl/copy files and
descriptions to any directory you wish. Tag as usual the files you
wish to hurl and then while browsing the areas of your areafile
press . A new box will appear that let you type in
the full path to where you wish to hurl the files. If the directory
doesn't exist Febbs will ask you if you wish to create it first.
Allthough the same restrictions as the MD command in DOS must be
observed, that is Febbs can't create a whole path Ex: C:\FILES\PASCAL\
cant be created but if C:\FILES\ existed already then the subdir PASCAL
would be added. Febbs will also try to create a new Files.Bbs if one
doesn't exist in the directory your hurling to. All the descriptions
will be placed in this Files.Bbs.
!TOPIC 13 Move tagged Lines inside editor

025 - Move tagged Lines inside editor

Moves the tagged lines inside the editor. When you press 025
all the tagged lines in the editor will be moved the line you are
standing on. Nice if you wish to move a number of files. A bit
too much job to do that with 34049
!TOPIC 14 Add DownLoad Counter

046 - Add DownLoad Counter as specified in setup

If you press 046 a Download Counter will be addded first
to the description. You may specify the style of the counter
in the setup. If no counter specified the description will
be justified at position 14.
!TOPIC 15 Sort Block.

037 - Sort Block. Directions Keys mark Block. Enter Sort

This one lets you sort a block that you first mark with the
direction keys.

Febbs is not aware of multiline descriptions ( Yet ).
!TOPIC 16 Remove missing files

030 - Remove missing files from Files.Bbs

When you press 030 FEBBS will check that all the files in
Files.Bbs realy exists. If not the description in Files.Bbs is

See also 17028 - Tag All missing Files
!TOPIC 17 Tag All Missing Files

028 - Tag All Missing Files

Maybe 16030 ( Remove missing files from Files.Bbs )
is too strong for you. You wish to have files "Off-Line"
due to lack of disk space. But you do not wish to keep all that
junk lying around as Off-Line. Easy ! Simply press 028 and all
missing files will be tagged and then untag those you wish to
keep and the others use 18045 ( Kill taged lines )

!TOPIC 18 Kill All tagged Lines / Files

045 - Kill All tagged Lines / Files

Just as the headline says Alt-K Kills all tagged lines ( and the
associated files ) in the Current Files.Bbs. If a file is missing
it simply works as 034 ( Remove line ).
!TOPIC 19 Indent comment

 - Indent comment to position choosen in setup

Sometimes, when descriptions of files that take more than one line,
it is nice to be able to indent the following lines at a position
that will look nice when your BBS displays them. Pressing tab will
do that for you with the line you are standing on. If the line
doesnt fit it well be wrapped to the next line.
!TOPIC 20 Search for Filename

038 - Search for Filename

See Also 21Continue Search

038 will pop up an entry field where you enter a search string
to look for. >>> Note no wildcards or anything like that. If
You wish to find "NICEGIRL.GIF" just enter "GIRL".
Then Press Enter to start search. Febbs will first search in the
current area for the name. Starting at row below the cursor position
and to the end. If Febbs find "GIRLS.GIF" and stops at that but you
know that one is not the right one use 039 to continue Search.
But if not Found then a Question will pop up on the screen asking
if you wish to search Global. If you answer yes you will see Febbs
strawl down all your Areas looking for the file. Only Files listed
in Files.Bbs is taken into the search. After completed search
or after you have pressed a key to stop search You will se the found
( if any ) Files in a Scrollable window just like the Choose area window.
And if you position yourself upon a File and press enter you will
automaticly be transfered to that file. If in another area a new
Files.Bbs will be loaded. And the cursor will be placed on the
File you wanted to go to.

!TOPIC 21 Continue Search

039 - Continue Search

See Also 20Search of FileName

As said a 039 continues the search after the first "hit" with 038.

Ex. A nice way to use search is like this.

You have just recieved the latest DSZ protocol by Chuck Forsberg and
wants to hurl it from the UL area to its appropriate area. But you
do not remember where the old versions area. Simply press 038
enter the Search argument DSZ press enter and Febbs will start looking
for any DSZ files for you. When you see the old ones popping up in the
search window press any key to stop search. You Now see where the old
file is, what it is called and what area and area number.
You remember the number and presses Escape to abandon the Search
completely. You tag the New DSZ. Press 027 for Hurl. Enter the
area number where the old ones where. For Ex 15 and press Enter.
You will find yourself inside the Files.Bbs of area 15 at the top.
Now to get to the old DSZ files simply press 039 to Continue
search and viola! there you are. Press 027 to "put down" the new
DSZ and use 029 to get rid of the old one.

Simple and Fast. What more could you want.
!TOPIC 22 Touch File on Current line

048 - Touch File on Current line

If you press 048 the file on the current line will be stamped
with the current date. Nice if you have manualy copied in some new
files from floppy and wish to let your users now that these are
new files.

See Also 40035 Touch all Tagged Files.

017 - Text "Macro" #1 as defined in Setup
018 - Text "Macro" #2 as defined in Setup
019 - Text "Macro" #3 as defined in Setup
020 - Text "Macro" #4 as defined in Setup
021 - Text "Macro" #5 as defined in Setup

These texts, that you have specified in the setup, will be
inserted at cursor position when you press the appropriate


022 - Show "Macros"

This will pop up a little box on the screen showing what
macros you have defined in the setup. Good to have when
your memory isn't what it ought to be 🙂


054 - Toggle Display File-size / -Date on statusline

This toogles the option to display size and date of file
on current line on the statusline. The default state of
this toggle is allready choosen in the setup.


054 - Rename File on Current line

When pressing 054 you will be able to Rename the file on the
current line. If the name change was successful the the name will
be updated inside Files.Bbs as well.


040 - Tag all Duplicate enties.

When you press 040 Febbs will compare all file
names in the Current files.bbs to see if any Duplicate
entries exist. If any they will be Taged and you are
able to see wich are dupes and afterwards take apropriate

!TOPIC 28 About ...
 ±±±±±±Ü ±±±±±±Ü ±±±±±Ü ±±±±±Ü ±±±±Ü 
 ±±Ûßßßß ±±Ûßßßß ±±Ûß±±Ü ±±Ûß±±Ü ±±Ûßßß 
 ±±±±±Ü ±±±±±Ü ±±±±±Ûß ±±±±±Ûß ±±±±Ü 
 ±±Ûßßß ±±Ûßßß ±±Ûß±±Ü ±±Ûß±±Ü ßß±±Ü 
 ±±Û ±±±±±±Ü ±±±±±Ûß ±±±±±Ûß ±±±±Ûß 
 ßß ßßßßßß ßßßßß ßßßßß ßßßß 
A Filearea manager for RemoteAccess 0.0x/1.xx
Maximus 1.02/2.00
Tubbs 1.00á
Opus 1.1x
QuickBbs 2.6x/2.75
SuperBbs 1.12

Copyright (c) 1990,91
FenrisUlven Data & Patrik Sj”berg

!TOPIC 29 Dedication.

Û  To my Grandmother Birgit Lindstr”m. Û °°
Û Û °°
Û  I will always remember you !!  Û °°
Û Û °°
ßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßß °°

!TOPIC 30 FEBBS Versus Viruses and LZEXE

FEBBS Versus Viruses and LZEXE

The versions before 0.06 of FEBBS was packed with LZEXE.EXE
(c) 1989 Fabrice BELLARD. This to prevent the program from
being attacked by viruses. But with the release of the unpacker
for LZEXE this is not a reliable method any longer. Therefore
FEBBS scans itself upon execution and checks if any changes were
made to the EXE code. If there were FEBBS will halt with an error

Due to the CRC check of the EXE file, and the fact that Febbs is
overlayed to save memory, you can *NOT* pack this program with
LZEXE or PkLite. And you can't alter the code in any way.
(Wich the license forbids you to any way).

!TOPIC 31 Memory Status.

052 - Memory Status.

When you're beginning to suspect that you're running short of
memory, disk as well as internal memory, a press on 052 will
either confirm youre worst suspecions or calm you 🙂

Please Keep in mind that every line in a Files.Bbs occupies
aproximately 162 Bytes of Memory inside Febbs Editor.

So a 300 Lines Files.Bbs occupies aprox 48,600 Bytes in

Try be not to stingy when you assign memory to Febbs.
Give the program Elbow room to work. Remember that
hurling files also increases the memory needs ...

When shelling Febbs has the ability to swap itself out of memory to
make room for other programs to run. When swapping, Febbs can swap to
Disk, EMS and XMS. FEBBS will check for the presence of EMS and use
that for the swap file. If there is no EMS or not enough free EMS,
FEBBS will try to allocate XMS memory, and if there is no XMS or not
enough Febbs will try to swap to disk.

You have the abilty to toggle swapping on or of in the setup. If
you're using a system with slow disks and no extra memory then it can
be good to turn of swapping to speed things up. Please keep in mind
that PAK for instance needs aproximately 185 Kb of memory to operate
and ARJ even more, so therefore check how much memory you have when
shelling from Febbs before you decide to turn swapping off.

FEBBS leaves only aprox. 9k resident when swapping. This will give
you maximum ram to do whatever you wish from within FEBBS. Please note
that you mustn't load any TSRs or other programs that doesn't give
back all memory when you are finished with them.

!TOPIC 37 {+}

The {+} mark tells you that this function is only available in
the registered version. I have chosen to make some of the functions
only available to registered users. This is so that those people
that supports me and my development of Febbs will get something
extra. It is only those extra functions that has this mark, all
normal functions are available to all users so that they may
evaluate the software fully before deciding on registering and
continued usage of Febbs.
!TOPIC 38 Add Character literal.

033 - Add Character literal.

Press 033 and then Any key (or use Alt-Keypad) to add any
character to the Files.Bbs. Even if it is occupied by a function
usaly. Good to have when you adding Avatar codes or some other
Control codes that your BBS supports. Some control codes can be
added without you using this functions but as more and more
control codes are occupied by functions inside the editor it is
often easiest to use this one all the time.

!TOPIC 39 Copy Description to File below.

032 - Copy Description to File below.

This one Copies the description from line your standing on to file
below. Nice when youre adding the same description to multiple files.

!TOPIC 40 Touch all tagged Files.

035 Touch all tagged files.

Works just like 22048 that touches the file on the current line,
allthough this one touches all tagged files. By touching i mean
setting current date and time on the file.

!TOPIC 41 Add Avatar Colourcodes at cursor position

053 - Add Avatar Colourcodes at cursor position

Added an easy way to add some nice Avatar colours to your Files.Bbs.
Simply press 053 and choose colour from the colour chart. Press
Enter and the Proper Avatar code is inserted at the cursor position.

!TOPIC 42 Look at the Files.Bbs the way the user sees it

050 - Look at the Files.Bbs the way the user sees it

When you execute this command Febbs will let you look at the Files.Bbs
just like the user would see. It displays the page your standing at in
the editor and it is aware of some Avatar codes. The Avatar codes that
it is aware of is discussed in the Avatar section of the Febbs Manual

Please note that this function is only available to registered users.

!TOPIC 43 Display the Xternal support programs

013 - Display the Xternal support programs

A display of the Xternal programs that you have assigned in the setup.
013 displays a list of all the external supportprograms in
the setup. Including the five DOS programs that you have a possibillity
to install.

!TOPIC 44 The free of choice external utils

008 - The free of choice external utils #1
009 #2
010 #3
011 #4
012 #5

There are Five slots for external support programs. These programs can
be anything you like. Just like all the other external programs these
can be accessed via the DOS path. And if not in the path please supply
full path name. The following meta strings are available on the
command lines:

~C = Current directory
~P = Path and Name of Current files.bbs
~N = Name and full path to file on current line
[email protected] = Text list containing full names of all tagged files
~D = The description of the file on the current line.
~A = Areaname of current Area as found in areafile.

The first character in the meta strings is a so called tilde (#126).
The meta strings can occur more than once on the same line.


!TOPIC 45 Tagged files status

044 - Tagged files status.

Shows a resume of how many files and their total
size. Good to use when preparing to move large
quantities of files. Or moving to floppydisks.
!TOPIC 46 Strip Download counter

058 - Strip Download counter.

Strips the Download counter from the current line.
!TOPIC 47 Mark files older then date

059 - Mark files older then date

With this function You will be prompted for a date. And then
Febbs will tag all files older then that date.

;* End of Febbs help source code.