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SendFax Event Utility

FAX Service for PCBoard 14.x Message Bases

$20.00 to purchase SendFax
$10.00 to Register Fax-Door


$25.00 to purchase both Products

Written by: Gerry Freymann
Baltimore, Ontario Canada
K0K 1C0

The Phantom BBS (416) 342-3734 USR HST Dual Standard
(416) 342-3766 19200 USR HST
(416) 342-5573 19200 Hayes Ultra

Overview of SendFax
SendFax was written to provide a simple method of scanning a PCBoard
14.x message base for outgoing Fax messages. All you require is a
Fax card and BitFax software. How often you decide to scan for outgoing
fax messages is up to you.

SendFax operates in the following manner.

Any message with a subject of FAX will be exported for faxing. The To and
From fields will be used in the covering letter. The destination phone
number should be placed on the first line of the message. At present
SendFax supports 7 digit local numbers only. To aid in determining what
your local dialing prefixes are, you can create a file called SENDFAX.PRE
containing all local prefixes, one per line, but this is totally optional.

If a message is faxed out successfully, it will be (K)illed. If there was
a problem with the phone number, the original message will be flagged as
Read. If the line was busy, nothing will appear to be done to the message.

A batch file is provided, outlining how the SendFax program should be
executed. You need a version of DOS that supports the CALL feature within
batch files.

We are in our initial Beta Testing, and are open to suggestions on our
program. Future plans include adding Long Distance accounts for users,
and placing messages to users advising them of any problems encountered
with their phone number, etc.

All in all, I think you'll be quite pleased.

How to Purchase SendFax
SendFax is available at a cost of $20.00. If you would like to register
the door and use both programs, the total cost will be $25.00. Print out
the REGISTER.FRM in this archive and indicate you wish to purchase
SENDFAX. I'll mail out your package in the mail for an additional $5.00
to cover shipping, or you may call my BBS and download the complete

SendFax Requirements
First of all, SendFax may not be for everybody. There are a few
requirements you should be aware of, that may make this utility unsuitable
for some Bulletin Board Systems:

- You'll need room in your computer for an internal Fax-Card. That not only
means phsyical space, but also free interupts and com ports.

- You need an extra phone line that can be dedicated or properly time shared
with the fax card.

- You need a Fax board that uses the BitFax software (C) 1989 BIT Software,
Inc. All Rights Reserved. I have used BitFax v.2.061 and 2.062

- SendFax assumes a local call is 7 digits in length (minus brackets and
dashes). If you are in a location where a local call is more, than you'll
need a customized version. Please contact me and provide details and we
can get you set up. Example local call: 3425544

- SendFax will ignore any phone number 8 digits or more and report these
as invalid numbers. If this is a problem for you please contact me.

- Since this program is written in Turbo Basic file sharing is not
supported. This will create problems if somebody else is accessing
the message base at the same time SendFax wishes to scan for outgoing
fax messages. SendFax will retry, once per second, for up to 30
consecutive seconds, but I cannot guarantee success if your system is
up and running.

Files used for SendFax Operation

SENDFAX.EXE --> The heart of our system. This program and supporting data
files should be placed in your \BITFAX subdirectory.

DOFAX.BAT --> Calls up and executes SendFax and BitFax as needed. This
should be placed in your \BITFAX subdirectory. If you want
to run SendFax from your EVENT.SYS file, you should change to
your \BITFAX subdirectory and CALL this batch file, passing
on the full drive, path and filename of the message base you
need scanned. If you are going to scan more than one message
base, just add another line to your EVENT.SYS. The contents

of DOFAX.BAT are as follows:


DOFAXE.YES and FAXE.BAT are created by SendFax, and are used
as key files to cycle into BitFax and eventually end. Be
sure to pass on the full drive, path and name of the message
base in your batch file. A typical example would be:


SENDFAX.PRE --> OPTIONAL ASCII Text file, containing a list of all valid
dialing prefixes in your area, one prefix per line. If
SendFax finds this file, it will compare the prefix from
the number in the fax message against all entries in the
PRE file and look for match. If there is no match, the
message will NOT be faxed out and the message will be
toggled as read.

FAX.END --> Created by SendFax when the program has completed its work.
This is the key file that signals the end. SendFax will
delete FAX.END when it first loads so you don't have to
worry about it. FAX.END will contain the date and time
of when SendFax completed its work.

SENDFAX.LOG --> This is a LOG file appended to by SendFax. This log file
will contain a list of everything SendFax did during its
run. Message numbers fax, killed or toggled as Read will
appear in the Log. Any Errors will also show up here.
It would be a good idea to read this file on a regular
basis. Since SendFax appends to it, you may want to delete
it or archive it on a regular basis as well.

MSGBASE.PTR --> Created by SendFax in the Message Base directory. This is
a simple ASCII Text file containing the last message number
worked with. When the program reloads at a latter time it
will attempt to open this file, and if it exists will
extract the message number and proceed from that number
forward. This number will be compared against your High
and Low Message numbers of the Message base. If you've
packed or renumbered your message base and the saved number
is found to be invalid, SendFax will ignore it and start over
at the lowest message number. The actual prefix of the
pointer file is the name of your message base.

Setting up BitFax
I followed the instructions for BitFax when installing the software and
suggest you do the same. Make a subdirectory called BITFAX on your drive,
change to the subdirectory, and copy the contents of the BitFax/SR Program
disk into the subdirectory. You should place the SendFax files in this
same directory, as SendFax will read the Log file created by BitFax.
You should set the BITFAX=\BITFAX environment variable in your autoexec.bat
file, and include the BITFAX subdirectory in your PATH= statement.

Be sure to set your com port correctly on the fax card. I run a Hayes
Ultra on Com1 and have the fax card set to use Com3/IRQ 4.

Once your card is installed and your software is loaded onto the hard
drive you should type BITFAX and set up the BitFax parameters. Please
follow the BitFax manual. Their manual contains step by step instructions.
I'd suggest you set the speaker OFF as it is quite noisy!

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