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Fax-Door Release 1.0


Door Registration is only $10.00!

Written by: Gerry Freymann
Baltimore, Ontario Canada
K0K 1C0

The Phantom BBS (416) 342-3734 USR HST Dual Standard
(416) 342-3766 19200 USR HST
(416) 342-5573 19200 Hayes Ultra

PLEASE NOTE: You should still read over the file FAXDOR10.DOC to ensure
you are familiar with all aspects of this door. This QuickGo.Doc is only
meant to provide you with a quick and easy method of installation. In
order to ensure correct program operation please take the time to read
over the complete documentation; it may save you some time!

Step 1)
Your fax card should already be installed and configured for use.
Your BitFax software should already be installed and configured for use.
I recommend setting your redials to 2 only.

Step 2)
Unzip the contents of this ZIP file into your BitFax directory. The
Fax-Door must run from inside the same directory as BitFax.

Step 3)
Edit DOOR.BAT and FAX so the correct drive letters and paths are in place
for your system. Leave DOOR.BAT in the door subdirectory, and copy FAX
into your \PCB directory.

Step 4)
As with any Doorpatch door, you should ensure you previously installed
and set up Doorpatch for correct use. The file SYSOP.DOC contains
information that new "doorpatch sysops" will find helpful.

Step 5)
Edit your DOORS.LST file and include the FAX door.
Edit any Menus or Door screens.

Step 6)
Make sure a copy of DSZ is available in your PATH= statement, or in the
door subdirectory.

Step 7)
Edit the *.TXT files to suit your individual taste. You MUST do this
as they currently contain my name and address.

Step 8)
Print out the REGISTER.FRM and think about registering this product
someday soon 😉 !

Step 9)
Once operational, please read the full documentation!

That's it!

I can provide you with a Fax Card if you so desire one. I have been
using the Zoltrix ZOFAX 96/24:

Send/Receive Fax Modem
* Send and receive Fax from any CCITT Group III fax machine
Automatic receive and print incoming Fax messages
*Broadcast and distribution list
*Time Scheduled Transmission
*Background Receiving
*Integrated data modem and Fax capability on a single board
*Configurable from Com1-4
*Packaged with BitFax/BitCom communication software

For pricing information please contact my BBS and leave a C)omment.

*SendFax is a trademark of Serra Semiconductor Corporation.

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Archive   : FAXDOR11.ZIP
Filename : QUICKGO.DOC

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