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MULTI PLAYER BACKGAMMON for PCBoard 14.x, pits your users against each
other, or lets them Page the Sysop for a game, but it's really the
Computer playing for you! And this one doesn't cheat like Checkers
does!? Creates a Bulletin. Works with PCBoard 14.
Watch for BGAME??.ZIP only $10.00 to register!

MULTI PLAYER CHECKERS for PCBoard 14.x, pits you against other users
in this simple game. A nifty option to page the Sysop and play him -
but it's actually the computer. Creates a Bulletin. Works with
PCBoard 14.
Watch for CHECK??.ZIP only $10.00 to register!

BATTLESHIP DOOR for PCBoard 14.x, a Multi User Door where users take turns
guessing against fellow users (up to 50 games going at once!), supports
full colour modes, Sysop Chat mode, screen on/off toggle, auto log-off
from Door by Order of Sysop, Carrier loss detect and it creates a great
looking Bulletin! Works with PCBoard 14.
Watch for BATDOR??.ZIP only $10.00 to register!

COLD BOOT REPORTER for PCBoard 10+, puts a comment in your Callers Log
with Time and Date stamp when your Board suddenly reboots. Just add to
your Autoexec.bat file! Works with any version of PCBoard.
Watch for PCBOOT??.ZIP This is a free file.

DOOR PATCH FOR TURBO BASIC and PCBoard. Handy routines designed to
help you write Door programs in Turbo Basic, gets you in and out without
losing carrier. Figures out remaining time, checks for loss of carrier,
supports color and non-colour, gets input from remote with ease, checks
for keyboard timeout, and now works with PCBoard 12 or 14!
WARNING! Doors written in Turbo Basic do NOT always work on every
system. I switched to Door Patch by Clint Labarthe and Quick Basic.
Watch for PCBTB??.ZIP

PCBOARD TOP UPLOADERS. Lists the Top Uploaders on your system (up to
500!) and appends it to the bottom of an existing screen or creates
a Bulletin, select users within a certain security level range, add a
comment of your own up to ten lines long at the bottom. Now works with
PCBoard 12 or 14! Also has the option of placing a tag line at the
bottom indicating when the last Qnet Mail transfer took place.
Watch for PCBUP??.ZIP This is a free file.

PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN. Run for President, campaign all
over the USA, stand for issues, stay straight! It's a different game
each time. Works with PCBoard 14.x!
Watch for ELECT??.ZIP only $10.00 to register!

DIGEST DOOR. Just like the brain teasers found in the popular Reader's
Digest Magazine, with over 10 categories and different questions each
time it'll take a while before you tire of this one. Now works with
PCBoard 14.x!
Watch for DIGEST??.ZIP only $10.00 to register!

AUTO REGISTRATION DOOR - Allow your user to have his security level and
conference registrations updated immediately, while on-line. We use it
to allow Sysop's access on their first call. You specify a minimum
security level and if the user is above that they will be kicked out of
the door, if they match the low security level then they will be asked
a series of questions. If they are a Sysop then another series of
questions follow. Only if they answer YES to being a Sysop will their
security and conf. info be updated. Works with PCBoard 12 or 14.x!
This remains written in Turbo Basic and will not be converted into
Quickbasic, as there are enough programs out there that do the same thing.
Watch for REGDOR??.ZIP only $10.00 to register!

UNARC DOOR - Something like ProDoor but it allows users to extract files
from an ARChive and download them in their un-arced form. If you have
other computer types that can't run PKARC but still wish to download
files (like .MAC pictures) this will let them. Logs user actions in
your Caller's file and automatically deletes the files that were
extracted the next time somebody enters the door. This is written in
Quickbasic and uses DoorPatch.
Watch for UNARC??.ZIP only $10.00 to register!

UNZIP DOOR - Modelled after UnArc Door but supports Phil Katz's PKZIP
program. Mutli Node compatible too!
Watch for UNZIP??.ZIP only $10.00 to register!

MODEM BATTLESHIP - two friends can play Battleship using their modems.
One runs the program and the other runs a Terminal Program. Complete
with Chat Mode, toggle colour on/off, resign, and more!
Watch for BATTLE??.ZIP only $10.00 to register!

TRADE WARS CONVERT PROGRAM - to run Trade Wars V9.03 using PCBoard 12
or 14. A speedy program to convert PCBoard.Sys into DOORINFO.DEF that
Trade Wars uses. Fully Network compatible. This program is free.
Watch for TWCNVT3.ZIP

SCREEN WATCH - automatically copies your special screens for Christmas,
New Years, St. Patty's Day..etc to your welcome or news screens, and
replaces your everyday standard screens when you'd like to get rid of the
"special" screen. This program is free.

for doors that require that format. GAP BBS I understand uses this
format. I created this program to run Road Warriors on my BBS and
figured a few others may find it useful too! This program is free.
Fully Network compatible.

LOG STATS - Scans your caller log(s) looking for names of users you
specify, and keeps track of the conferences they participate in, and
how many messages the user leaves in each conference. LogStats then
creates stats on a global basis, allowing the sysop to determine who
is actively leaving messages, and which conferences are seeing the
most activity. Ideal for mail HUBS or any SysOp intestested in
monitoring message acitivity.
Watch for LOGST10.ZIP only $10.00 to register!

FAX-DOOR - Currently in use on my system, using a Zoltrix
ZOFAX 96/24 Send/Receive Fax Modem using BitFax software. The door
will work with any Fax Board using BitFax software. Fax-Door grants
free local faxing to all users, a 10 number personal dialing directory
as well as manually entered numbers, full control over what dialing
prefixes are local to you, and long distance Faxing available on a
pre-paid basis (you edit their user file and give them credits).
$10.00 to register.
Watch for FAXDOR??.ZIP

SENDFAX - A message base event Fax program. This program scans a message
base looking for messages with a Subject of FAX and a phone number on the
first line of the message. SendFax currently supports local faxing only
with long distance faxing coming soon! $20.00 to purchase this program.
Print out any REGISTER.FRM from the above packages, indicate you wish to
purchase SendFax and send in your $20.00 with the register.frm to me. For
an additional $5.00 I can send you the package through the mail, or you
may elect to download the package from my BBS.

UPDATE DOOR - COMING SOON! Suitable for distribution points wishing
to make available programs or program updates to registered users.
Currently under testing, this door is configurable enough to allow you
to enter the names of the programs you wish included, and which program
each registered user has access to.

Closing comments:
I have other programs available that you might be interested in looking at.
Watch for them on a Board near you, or call me at my BBS in Baltimore, Ont
Canada, 7 days a week 24 hours a day:

300-->9600 Baud USR HST (416) 342-3734/3766
300-->9600 Baud Hayes Ultra (416) 342-5573

This is the HOME BASE of all programs created by G. Freymann. Updates and
new programs will be made available on this BBS FIRST! I also create custom
doors and utilities upon request. Some are free, some cost money, depending
on the job. Feel free to ask.

I believe in supporting all programs that I write. If you have any
problems or suggestions please call and leave a message. All
callers will be contacted by me. If you want to
make sure you have the latest version - call and do a verbose
listing of the files. In most cases you will just need to grab a new
.EXE file and you're updated. Join the Sysop conference for access
to these and other programs.

I actively support PCBoard systems and will not alter the code for
Sysops using other BBS Programs UNLESS it is a fault in the code
that prevents it from operating properly.

I also assume no liability for any program of mine that you use.
I assume no liability for its use and/or misuse. Make sure you read
over the file LICENSE.DOC elsewhere in this ARChive.

* If you are a door author and have written a door for PCBoard, I'd be
interested in trading a registered copy of one of my doors for one of
your doors. Please contact me for further information.

Why register your copy?
-The message at the end that says "unregistered version" will be changed to
-I know you're out there and enjoying the programs.
-You will receive free access to any and all future versions.
-You are required to after a 3 week trial period. If you and your users
find the programs to be useful then you should register your copy.
-Updates are made available free for downloading on the BBS or can be mailed
to you for a $5.00 shipping fee.

Upgrading your Registered copy to a newer Version!
With our new system, once you've registered and received your Register
program, all new versions will automatically recognize you are a registered
door user (by reading the *.REG file).
This auto register program can be downloaded via the Update door on
The Phantom BBS, or for $5.00 I'll send you a disk by mail with the complete,
most recent version.

To order, print out and mail the REGISTER.FRM in this zip package.

Support the Shareware concept...

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Archive   : FAXDOR11.ZIP
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