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Fax-Door Release 1.01

Fax ASCII Text file on the spot!

Door Registration is only $10.00!

Written by: Gerry Freymann
Baltimore, Ontario Canada
K0K 1C0

The Phantom BBS (416) 342-3734 USR HST Dual Standard
(416) 342-3766 19200 USR HST
(416) 342-5573 19200 Hayes Ultra

Brief Update History
1.00 - March 1991
* Initial release

1.01 - April 04, 1991

* Complaints of No Comment Logging at all mean the door is unable to
read your PCBoard.Dat file and therefore sets NO LOGGING On as it
is unable to determine the full path and name of your Caller Log.
I moved the Faxdor##.Log logging up to the top of the routine so at
least the Door's log file will be written to. Thanks Bev!

* A short Covering letter was added that simply states who the fax is
for, who the fax is from, and has today's date. If a fax number
was picked out of the Dialing Directory, the FAX TO: name will be
automatically pulled out of the Directory. In the case of a manual
fax, the door will ask the user who the fax should be directed to.
Thanks Bev!

* There was no chance to abort a manually entered number so code was
added to give the user a chance to ensure they entered the correct

* Changed the error checking when reading the bitfax transmit log.
If the bitfaxtx.log reports OK under the Status Field, the user will
be told his fax was sent successfully and his record will be
updated. If anything else BUT "OK" is returned in the Status Field,
the user will be told the fax was Unsuccessful, try again.

Overview of Fax-Door
Fax-Door was written to provide users of my BBS the chance to Fax
ASCII Text files to other fax machines in the area. I originally bought
the Fax Card for my personal benefit, and once I saw how simple it was to
use the BitFax software, I figured it would be a fairly simple job to
create a door to take advantage of the Fax card and BitFax software.

A simple door? Well, that's a matter of opinion I'm sure, but this is
far from being "just a simple door" as you will soon see.

My Fax-Door will display information to NewUsers, create a personal ten
number dialing directory, offer a variety of transfer protocols, place
comments in your caller log, as well as a separate door log file, allow
long distance faxing for pre-approved users (you define the number
of credits or available pages), fax on-the-spot, report the fax status,
update user accounts, delete all temporary files....

I have the door set up to allow FREE local faxing. What the hay? It's
a great service that is fairly cheap to add to your system so why bother
the users and have them pay per fax?

All in all, I think you'll be quite pleased.

Fax-Door Requirements
First of all, Fax-Door may not be for everybody. There are a few
requirements you should be aware of, that may make this door unsuitable for
some Bulletin Board Systems:

- You'll need room in your computer for an internal Fax-Card. That not only
means phsyical space, but also free interupts and com ports.

- You need an extra phone line, in ADDITION to the BBS Line, as the door
faxes with the caller online.

- You need a Fax board that uses the BitFax software (C) 1989 BIT Software,
Inc. All Rights Reserved. I have used BitFax v.2.061 and 2.062

- This only works on the node where the Fax card is inserted. On a multi
node system, this means the fax service will only be available on one of
your nodes.

- You must have a copy of DSZ in your Path

- You'll need lots of free RAM! The door exits to DOS and runs a BATCH
file to run BitFax but shells out to DSZ to accept the uploaded file to fax. Bulletin
Boards operating under DoubleDos or Desqview must be sure they have
enough RAM leftover for proper door operation.

- The door assumes a local call is 7 digits in length (minus brackets and
dashes). If you are in a location where a local call is more, than you'll
need a customized version. Please contact me and provide details and we
can get you set up. Example local call: 3425544

- The door also assumes that a long distance call is 11 digits in length
(minus brackets and dashes). Again, if this a problem in your location
please contact me and we can get you set up with a customized version.
Example long distance call: 14163425544

- The door will ignore any phone number 8 digits or more and 10 digits or
less, and report these as invalid numbers. If this is a problem for you
please contact me.

- Only 1000 users may use the door!

With all that said, if you still feel this door is for you, then by all
means read on!

Files needed for Fax-Door Operation
If you have any doubt about the integrity of the files contained in this
ARCHive, feel free to call my BBS in Baltimore, Ontario Canada and download
the latest version.

DOOR BAT * | Used when returning from a Fax, explained later
FAXDOOR CFG * | Your Configuration file, explained later
FAXDOOR EXE | The main Fax-Door executible
FAXDOOR REG | Provided when you Register your copy, explained later
FAXDOOR PRE * | OPTIONAL list of local prefixes, explained later
FAXING TXT * | Displayed just as the door exits and goes to send the fax
HELLO2 TXT * | Displayed when a user returns from sending a fax
MENU TXT * | The Main Menu
MINUS TXT * | Displayed when attempting to fax LD with a deficit balance
NEWUSER TXT * | Displayed once, to every new user of the Door
PLUS TXT * | Displayed before a Long Distance fax if credits remain
XM1KG BAT * | Xmodem-G transfer batch file (set to use Com1)
XMD1K BAT * | Xmodem-1K transfer batch file (set to use Com1)
XMDCRC BAT * | Xmodem-CRC transfer batch file (set to use Com1)
YMD BAT * | Ymodem transfer batch file (set to use Com1)
YMD1KG BAT * | Ymodem-1KG transfer batch file (set to use Com1)
ZERO TXT * | Displayed when attempting to fax LD with no credits left
ZMD BAT * | Zmodem transfer batch file (set to use Com1)
FAX * | Sample Batch file to activate the Door, explained later
FAXDOR11 DOC | This documentation
FLYER DOC | List of other programs available from me
LICENSE DOC | Please read, understand and agree with
SYSOP DOC | DoorPatch 3.5 setup instructions
REGISTER FRM | Print out, complete and mail with register fee
QUICKGO DOC | Quick, no muss, no fuss installation & set up
SENDFAX DOC | Information on a message base fax utility now available!

Files created by the door

FAX BAT | Temporary batch file, explained later
DOFAX YES | Temporary batch file, explained later
FAXDOR## LOG | Log file in the door subdirectory of user actions
FAXDOOR ### | User Data files, 001-999, explained later
FAXDOOR DTA | Master list of User names and their Data File Name

Files marked with an asterisk (*) mean you should go over and edit these
files as you see fit. Be sure to check the transfer batch files so they
are set for the correct com port that the door will be using.

All of the above files should be in the same subdirectory as your BitFax
program. Explainations of their purposes follow.

DOOR.BAT --> Keep in your Door/BitFax Subdirectory

You will need to edit this file, if your PCB subdirectory is not located
on Drive C: subdirectory \PCB. This file is called by the door after
sending a fax and is used to allow the Fax-Door to recycle.

FAXDOOR.CFG --> Keep in your Door/BitFax Subdirectory
C:\PCB\PCBOARD.SYS | Location of your PCBoard.Sys file
The Phantom BBS | Your BBS Name
Gerry | Sysop First Name
Freymann | Sysop Last Name

It's the standard DoorPatch configuration file, so if you have a "generic"
configuration file for DoorPatch doors, you can use that one.

FAXDOOR.REG --> Place in your Door/BitFax Subdirectory
Our new registration process will create this file for you. When you
register, you are given a small utility program that you run from within
the door subdirectory. Once you have a valid REG file, the door which
you are already running will magically say Registered to you.

FAXDOOR.PRE --> Place in your Door/BitFax Subdirectory

This file gives you the chance to ensure that when a user enters a "local"
number, it is indeed a valid local number. Simply place all valid local
dialing prefixes, one per line in this file. THIS FILE IS OPTIONAL! If
you do not create a FaxDoor.Pre file, no validity checks will take place.
As you can see, I don't have a whole heck of a lot of local exchanges, so
it was a piece of cake for me, but in Metropolitan areas, you might spend
a day typing in all the exchanges and might be better off to leave it out!

*.TXT --> Place in your Door/BitFax Subdirectory
These text files are displayed to the user at various points throughout
the door. You will need to edit some of them, depending on how you wish
to run the door. I grant free local faxing and the text files provided
display that to the users. I charge for Long Distance faxing, on a prepaid,
preapproved basis and the text files display that. You may change and/or
edit any or all of these files as you see fit.

*.BAT --> Place in your Door/BitFax Subdirectory
These are all of your Upload Protocol transfer batch files. You should
edit these if you aren't using Com1 to run the Fax-Door.

FAX --> Place in your \PCB Subdirectory
FAX.BAT --> Created and maintained by the Door
DOFAX.YES --> Created and maintained by the Door
ECHO OFF | Turn Echo OFF
T: | Log to Drive T:
CD\BITFAX | Change Directory to the BitFax/Door area
FAXDOOR FAXDOOR.CFG | Load the door and using the .cfg file
IF EXIST DOFAX.YES FAX | Key file maintained by the door
C: | Log back to starting drive
CD\PCB | Change back to main \PCB area
BOARD | Reload the BBS

This is my door batch file that calls up the FaxDoor. Using the name "FAX"
a user can simply type FAX at the PCBoard 14.5 prompt and be taken into
the Fax door. The If Exist line is the key to calling up the BitFax
software. The door will automatically create a FAX.BAT file which will
instruct BitFax on what file to send and what number to dial. The end of
FAX.BAT calls DOOR.BAT (Door.Bat is provided and was discussed earlier)
and allows the Fax-Door to reload and gather stats etc. The file DOFAX.YES
is also created by the door and holds some data which the door reads after
sending the fax to complete the statistic gathering. Both of these files
are deleted automatically by the door.

FAXDOOR.### --> Created and maintained by the Door
"PHANTOM BBS","342-5544"
" 0","N"

These files are the User Files created by the door. They are numbered
001 to 999. The format is very simple. It's an ASCII file with two
fields per line, separated by a comma with each field surrounded by
quotation marks. The first field is a description of the number and
the second field is the actual fax number. There are ten lines providing
each user with their very own personal ten number dialing directory. A
user may enter a number manually or dial a number contained in their

The last line is rather unique. The first field of the eleventh line
will start at zero. If you wish to grant Long Distance faxing to a user
you need to read FAXDOOR.DTA to get their filename, then edit this line
in their file and insert the number of "credits" or pages you wish them
to have. Try to remember to leave a leading space before the number?
The door will only allow a person to fax to a long distance number if they
have a postive value. If they have 0 or a negative number, no long distance
faxing will be allowed (local faxes remain available). The door will
maintain the number of credits for you and displays certain TXT files
after a successful fax based on the value in this field.

The second field is not in use at this time and has been left in for
future uses. Both fields, as with the rest of the datafile, should be
surrounded by quotes and separated by a comma.

FAXDOOR.DTA --> Created and maintained by the Door

This is only a sample of the Data file created by the door. It is a simple
ASCII file with two fields per line, surrounded by quotation marks and
separated by a comma. The first field is the User Name and the second
field is the name of their personal data file (explained above). You are
limited to 1000 users!

FAXDOR## LOG --> Created and maintained by the Door
GERRY FREYMANN entered FAX-DOOR 02-13-1991 22:58:28
Uploaded TEST.FAX using Zmodem
Dial (A)borted!
GERRY FREYMANN entered FAX-DOOR 02-13-1991 23:50:38
Uploaded TEST.FAX using Zmodem
Faxing TEST.FAX to 3425544
CFMX.FAX 1 00:25 OK
Uploaded TEST.DOC using Zmodem
File transfer was UNSUCCESSFUL.

This is a log file that the door appends to, giving you a history of
activity in the door. If you are running on a multinode system you will
see the node number appended to the end of the prefix. Since this file
appends, you may wish to delete or archive it periodically.

Setting up BitFax
I followed the instructions for BitFax when installing the software and
suggest you do the same. Make a subdirectory called BITFAX on your drive,
change to the subdirectory, and copy the contents of the BitFax/SR Program
disk into the subdirectory. You should place the Fax-Door files in this
same directory, as the Fax-Door will read the Log file created by BitFax.
You should set the BITFAX=\BITFAX environment variable in your autoexec.bat
file, and include the BITFAX subdirectory in your PATH= statement.

Be sure to set your com port correctly on the fax card. I run a Hayes
Ultra on Com1 and have the fax card set to use Com3/IRQ 4. I elected
to have the Modem Speaker OFF at all times... it is rather loud!

Once your card is installed and your software is loaded onto the hard
drive you should type BITFAX and set up the BitFax parameters. Please
follow the BitFax manual. Their manual contains step by step instructions.

Future Plans
I'm currently working on an event utility that will scan a message base
for outgoing faxes. Some SysOps have already expressed a desire for an
event based/message based fax system rather than the door. When I get
this program released, I will make it available to all registered Fax-Door
users for another $15.00. The event utility will be based around the
BitFax software, but does not need the door to work. If you only want
the event utility, it will cost $20.00. The door, all by itself is only
$10.00. Both programs together will cost $25.00.

Registration Cost
The DOOR only costs $10.00!! It is a full working version and is not
crippled in anyway.

Support the Shareware concept...
To Register, please print out and return the REGISTER.FRM in the Zip file.
Now, when you register, you will be given a small program which you run in
your door subdirectory. This program will create a *.REG which will
instantly register your existing copy of the door program, and any and all
future versions as well. This means that any future releases you find will
automatically continue to say registered to you, without the need to come
back to me. I hope you'll appreciate this new system. You should be able
to call The Phantom BBS and make your initial call, wait until I receive
your payment, and download this small utility without spending alot of time
on the phone. Or, for an additional $5.00 per order, I can send you the
whole package on disk using the postal service. The choice is yours.
There is an Update Door which grants access to all Registered Users, and
allows you to download your register utilities for the programs you have

Thanks for your support!

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