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If you are a previous user of EZ-DIZ, please read the following
carefully before proceeding. If you are a first time user, you may
follow the quick start directions here, and read the documentation
file later.

* Warning - you should back up your upload files directory list
before continuing, just in case of problems.

Version 2.0 of EZ-DIZ can be brought up in just 3 easy steps:

1. Unzip EZ-DIZ.EXE and B-DIZ.BAT into a directory on your hard disk
(ie... C:\PCB\). Make sure that either in the same directory, or,
available on the path are, PKUNZIP.EXE, PKUNPAK.EXE, ARJ.EXE,
LHA.EXE, and PAK.EXE if you want to process all the supported

2. Edit B-DIZ.BAT to reflect the full drive\path\filename.ext of the
PCBoard file directory list you want to update, and the full
drive\path\filegroup (*.*, *.ZIP, *.ARJ, etc) that you want to

3. Execute B-DIZ.BAT.

PREVIOUS USERS NOTE: *Important Change in Operation*

The prior version of EZ-DIZ had to be run from the directory that it and
the registration keyfile were in... beginning with v2.0, it now can be
run from any directory, providing that EZ-DIZ.EXE is in the path.
Registered versions of EZ-DIZ no longer require a key file for operation.


The unregistered version is fully functional, but places 1 extra line
in the file description stating it was done by an unregistered copy of
EZ-DIZ. Registration will disable this line.

EZ-DIZ v1.2 registration is $10.00 US (Texas residents must add 8-1/4%
sales tax - $10.83 total)

After giving the mail time, you must then call Technoid's Toybox at
(214) 226-6017 (HST) to download your registered copy. Or, you may include
$5.00 US additional to cover postage and handling for the latest copy of
EZ-DIZ returned on disk via U.S. Mail. Currently, only 5.25" 360k IBM
Format disks are available.