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³ What is new in ExZTest? ³

ExZTest v2.22 August 10, 1991 Maintenance release

o Pre-testing of uploads through the ZDCSTEST.CHK file was
not being recognized correctly. Fixed.

o More reports of auxiliary text files not displaying after
tests are completed. Yet another attempt to assure they
get handled correctly. Fixed (again).

o If a ZIP file was corrupted it was possible for ExZTest to
to actually read garbage into memory yielding
unpredictable results. Considerable additional checking
has been added toward this problem which also will make
damaged ZIP file disposition much faster, since the
determination is now performed internally.

o When dealing with partial duplications which would pass
the auto-percentage specifications, ExZTest would fail to
add explanation explaining this under some circumstances.
Disposition would be correct and the duplicates would show
but no other mention of duplication would be displayed.

o Due to differences between self-extracting and standard
ZIP files, a fair amount of code would have been required
to assure correct display of the contents. In order to
keep program size (and memory requirements) down this
feature has been removed. ExZTest will still test
self-extracting files correctly but will no longer attempt
to display their content. Since most systems know
discourage the posting of self-extracting files with only
a few exceptions, I felt this would not be a great loss.

ExZTest v2.21 August 2, 1991 Maintenance release

o Small fixes of ZDCS related duplicate handling. When
selecting the AUTO option for partial duplicates, it was
possible for ExZTest to not recognize some of the
duplicate names, and as a result, pass the file even
though it did not meat the minimum novelty criteria.

o An odd one which you would not see when running live with
the BBS.. It was possible for the program to actually
drop to a DOS shell and stop at the DOS prompt if no file
name was specified. Since the BBS always specifies the
target file name, this was not possible to find when
running live. Fixed.

o While making changes I put back the PCB non-stop scroll
option. This will be disabled by default normally and of
course if PCB color codes are turned off. In order to
activate this option you must add "/NS" to the ExZTest
command line. NOTE that I do NOT recommend the use of
this option since PCBoard already times out on the more
prompt, should the caller be in the auto-logoff process.

ExZTest v2.2 July 29,1991 Maintenance release (sigh)

Been a tough month and I had a feeling this would happen
with the number of new features/additions this program has
seen since the last released version. More corrections in
this version - hopefully the last for a stretch.. (ducking)

o It was possible for the code to rewrite the ZDCS interface
file without the required cr/lf sequences under a
combination of circumstances. Although this appeared to
be related to word-wrap it really wasn't. Fixed.

o If "EXZTEST REGISTER" was typed on the command line (beta
test versions of the program must be registered) it would
shell to DOS and stop since registration has been removed.

o Enhanced checking for supporting text files. It was
possible to "misplace" and ignore them. Fixed.

ExZSetup v2.1.2 July 29,1991 Maintenance release

o Corrected a small input inconsistency which existed only
when a new configuration file was created. Indications of
this problem had to do with the ability to toggle
duplicate checker program selection. Likely one would
have thought they missed a key on this one. Fixed.

ExZTest v2.1 July 28,1991 Maintenance release

o Corrected premature deletion of the ZDCS interface file;

o Added code to ensure the ZDCS interface file is deleted
when the program loads. This file is not normally left on
the disk, except when the /KE switch is used;

o Removed some redundant code - nothing major here;

o Added additional DOS erorlevels on exit. The error levels
are now set as follows:

0 = Normal exit, no errors.
1 = Target file or configuration not found.
2 = Target file failed tests.
3 = Target file is a .GIF - no processing took place.
4 = Target file is unknown - no processing took place.

For information and samples of usage of errorlevel 3 (GIF
file testing) see ZDCS docummentation.

o Added code to indicate duplicates found in a ZIP within a
ZIP file. This was not previously shown in the PCBPASS or

o Modified display to indicate if paths are contained in a
ZIP file. If this is found, the file name will be shown with
a leading "..\" to indicate this. Note that a file
containing directory information will ALWAYS FAIL
ExZTest!! Although we easily establish the use of
subdirectories within a ZIP, I personally do not beleive
they should be distributed on BBSs due to likely problems
they can and do cause with users! ExZTest will not delete
these files, however, it will force them into the Sysop's
private upload directory (on PCBoard systems). This way,
if the Sysop elects to do so, he/she can examine the files
and post them for downloading later.

o Added 2 additional lines to the EXZTEXT prompts file to
accomodate the above new feature. If you have not made
any changes to your EXZTEXT file, simply delete it and
have ExZSetup recreate it for you via the F2 (edit)
option. If you have made changes, MAKE SURE you edit the
file manually and add lines 21 and 22!!! If you fail to
do this, ExZTest will function as intended but the callers
will NOT be told why the file has been held back!!

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