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E X T R A N v 2.0
by Mike Fratus 1993

EXTRAN is a program to let Sysops add new protocols to BBS programs
that do not directly allow them, such as Quickbbs v2.76.

What is needed:
(or a simular DOOR redirection program, like Gateway,
although I have not used EXTRAN with Gateway.)
3. enough ram left after shelling for EXTRAN, DOORWAY, and the protocol.
I suggest about xK minimum.
4. WATCHPUP.COM or simular CD-watching program
5. DIRS.BBS, a list of the directories that contain FILES.BBS
6. FILES.BBS, a list of the files in each directory listed in DIRS.BBS
7. DSZ.EXE, HYPERP.EXE, any other protocol is supported!

How it works:
EXTRAN takes the user input and makes TRANSFER.BAT, a batch file
calling the protocol with the filenames selected. Sample files look like this:

TRANSFER.BAT (for ZMODEM receive files from caller)
watchpup on
DSZ port 2 sz
watchpup off

TRANSFER.BAT (for HYPERP receive files from caller)
watchpup on
hyperp port:2 display:off logfile:hyperlog send
watchpup off

How to install:
Place EXTRAN in the BBS directory, and make a menu entry calling
a batch file that says:

rem now return to the BBS

The FUTURE is here!

Version 2.0 uses a file, EXTRAN.CNF, to assign names, password, protocols, etc.

sample EXTRAN.CNF file, using DSZ Zmodem and HyperProtocol...
(ignore the line after the ; as that is just used to comment this file. DO NOT
include them in your configuration file!)

pass ;system password
watchpup on ;carrier watch on command
watchpup off ;carrier watch off command
dirs.bbs ;Your DIRS.BBS filename
files.bbs ;Your FILES.Bbs filename
transfer.bat ;Your batch file name
HyperProtocol ;Protocol #1 name, as you want it displayed
hyperp port:1 display:off Logfile:hyperlog receive ;prot#1 recv command
hyperp port:1 display:off logfile:hyperlog send ;prot#1 send command
DSZ (ZModem) ;prot#2 name
dsz port 1 zr ;prot#2 receive
DSZ port 1 sz ;prot#2 send command
zzzzZZZZZ! ;fillers (may be not needed!)
zzzzZZZZZ! ; only the first 12 lines are read.....

Any protocol can be supported if it can be run without intervention.

sample DIRS.BBS file:


sample FILES.BBS file:

ADDTEXT.ZIP Add up columns of numbers in text file (like a list!)
BLOOPERS.TXT Student's Bloopers in reports - funny!

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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