Dec 252017
Quickbbs version 2.75 Gamma release.
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Quickbbs version 2.75 Gamma release.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ALIASCFG.DOC 191 149 deflated
ALIASCFG.EXE 3456 2367 deflated
ALIASFIX.DOC 1231 653 deflated
ALIASFIX.EXE 2480 1752 deflated
GAMMA1.DOC 18075 6494 deflated
MMQBBS.HLP 3366 1063 deflated
QNODE.DOC 736 420 deflated
QNODE.EXE 16960 10081 deflated
QUICKBBS.EXE 288768 121997 deflated

Download File EXE275G1.ZIP Here

Contents of the ALIASCFG.DOC file

Just a quick and dirty to let you edit the alias capabiltiies of your
message boards until QCONFIG 2.75 is ready. Run it from your QuickBBS
directory, it should be pretty self explanatory.

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