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; Event Manager Version 1.03 (Shareware) (15 Event Limit)
; (C)opyright 1993 by Doug Laine of The Philly Exchange - (609) 927-5771
; Format description:
; As you can see, any line that begins with a ; will be ignored. This way
; you can put notes inside of this file to keep track of what your events
; will be doing.
; This first column is used to tell the system what days you want the event
; to run. The days are number from 0 - Sunday through 6 - Saturday. You
; must include the day number or the event will NOT occurr.
; The second column is used to point the the line number in the PCBOARD.DAT
; file that contains the Event Time. This way, if you have a different
; version of PCBoard than 14.5, you will be able to change the line number
; of the Event Time.
; The third column is what will be place in the Event Time line. This can
; be anything you want it to be, however, this should only be that time of
; the event and nothing else! Also, you must be sure to use the 24 hour
; format of time.
; The fourth and column is used to point to the event file that will
; overwrite the EVENT.SYS file. This file will contain your new event
; information. Basically it is juse another EVENT.SYS file, but will contain
; this events specific information. If you use the name NONE, EM will
; simply update the PCBOARD.DAT file and then internally run EM /NEXT.
; The fifth column is used to specify whether the event may be slidden
; if the user is online. This has only been tested with 14.5, so I can
; not promise it will work on earlier versions.
; The sixth (registered versions only) is used for Synchronous event
; managment. You must set this column to either 0 for no synchronous
; event managment is needed for this event, or 1 for synchronous control.
; If you set any of these to a 1 you must add additional information about
; the controls. These are explained furthur down in this file.
; The only other addtional information you should be aware of is the fact
; that the events must be placed in the file in accending order, as the
; system will not keep track of them. In other words, you must be sure
; to keep your events in the order that they will occurr for the day.
; PCBOARD.DAT data changes only events
0 , 35,C:\PCB\HELLO\DAY0,NONE,1,0 ; Welcome file for Sunday
1 , 35,C:\PCB\HELLO\DAY1,NONE,1,0 ; Welcome file for Monday
2 , 35,C:\PCB\HELLO\DAY2,NONE,1,0 ; Welcome file for Tuesday
3 , 35,C:\PCB\HELLO\DAY3,NONE,1,0 ; Welcome file for Wednesday
4 , 35,C:\PCB\HELLO\DAY4,NONE,1,0 ; Welcome file for Thursday
5 , 35,C:\PCB\HELLO\DAY5,NONE,1,0 ; Welcome file for Friday
6 , 35,C:\PCB\HELLO\DAY6,NONE,1,0 ; Welcome file for Saturday
; Normal events
0123456,112,00:10,EVENTS\USERBKUP ,0,1 ; Backup the users files.
0123456,112,00:20,EVENTS\PACKUSRS ,0,1 ; Purge deadbeats
0123456,112,00:30,EVENTS\MAKELST ,0,0 ; Makes our ALL files list.
6 ,112,01:00,EVENTS\PACKMSGS ,1,1 ; Pack Message bases @ 1am Saturdays
0123456,112,04:00,EVENTS\RIME ,0,1 ; This is my RIME event.
; Synced Event Extensions (Registered version only)
/CONTROL_FILE:F:\PCB\MAIN\CONTROL.EM ; Tells EM where the control file is.
/CONTROLLER ; Says this is the controlling node.
; Only ONE node may be the controller.
/NODE_COUNT:2 ; Tells EM how many nodes to wait for.
; This is only needed on the
; controlling node.
/TIMEOUT:15 ; Maximum wait time before failure

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Archive   : EM103.ZIP
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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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