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º DWARZ Routing Documentation Version 1.00 º
º SoftSpot SoftWare Inc. C. 1991 Bruce Ruona º
º AUGUST 13th, 1991 º

Effective with versions 1.00 and later, it is now possible to have both
DWARZ and DWARZNET automatically and internally route data files for one
node through a second intermediate node. This file explains and details
the necessary set-up if you wish to implement this feature. Thus Data
packets for one node may now be packed up under an archive and sent to
a different node then intended for, which presumably will then unpack
and repack transient data packets for the intended nodes or even route
them further yet!

EXAMPLE: You have the following two nodes in your REALMS.DAT file:
Bytes, (1:2280/1), Surf Board (1:2280/2). You Wish to send a RECON to
BOTH SurfBoard and BYTES,but have declared a routing for Surfboard which
will pack everything up for Bytes instead, thus instead of generating TWO
outgoing messages and individual DNET*.0 and DNET*.1 data files everything
that would otherwise have been packed in the DNET*.1 file, would now be
included in the DNET*.0 file and sent to BYTES first for forwarding from
there...Thus saving you a Phone call, and cutting down on your On-line
time to send the same amount of data by doing away with the handshaking
necessary to send TWO data files instead of one!

First, fire up your copy of QEDIT (You don't use that??? are you NUTS! its
the greatest text editor ever!!) and create a file called 'ROUTE.INF' in
your DWARZ home Directory where the DWARZ executables reside. If this file
is NOT found, all nodes will default to DIRECT sends.

Here is a sample routing file I MIGHT use here on Bytes:
; sample DWARZ Routing file for Bytes -r- Us, (1:2280/1)

ROUTE ALL VIA 7 Except 3625/454
ROUTE 3625/455 via 3625/454
DIRECT 128/74 128/75

Statements where the first NON SPACE character is a Semi-Colon are
simple remarks and are ignored.

Blank Likes are also ignored.

ROUTE ALL VIA [zone:][net/]Node [Except [zone:][net/][node]]
This is a GLOBAL routing statement that will Route ALL NODES via
the stated nodes with the exception of Any address given after the
EXCEPT Modifier. This SHOULD come before ANY other Routing statements,
otherwise, unexpected results could arise!!

ROUTE [zone:][net/]Node VIA [zone:][net/]Node
This is an Individual routing command that will route the first
address VIA the Second address given.

DIRECT [zone:][net/]Node [[zone:][net/]Node...]
This statement removes any ROUTING from the declared node lists,
and makes a DIRECT send message.

Note that in the above sample routing file, that you do NOT have to use
the complete ZONE:NET:NODE fido addressing standard, as both DWARZ/DWARZNET
will default to the Users ZONE and NET as entered in the configuration
program. Internally, all address will be expanded as necessary to the full
fido address including Zone. The default routing is considered a DIRECT
route unless affected by one or more of the above routing statements.

The results of this sample routing file are as to route ALL nodes via
1:2202/7 EXCEPT for 1:3625/454 which, since excluded from the GLOBAL routing
is considered a DIRECT connect. Additionally, 1:3625/455 would be changed
from being routed through 1:2202/7 and would be sent VIA 1:3625/455 by the
second routing statement. Finally, BOTH 1:128/74 & 1:128/75 would be changed
from VIA 1:2202/7 to a DIRECT send in the FINAL statement.


Please note that ALL Routing statements are limited to 255 character or
less!! Exceeding this will cause NASTY problems (most likely!!). Case is
ignored, you may use either lower or upper case at your own liking...

There is only VERY Limited built in Routing Error determination! Thus
You must be VERY carefull in designing your statements otherwise Loops
could occur that may drive the program right up the wall!! For example,
STAY AWAY from the following type of routing:
ROUTE ALL Via 1:2202/7
Route 1:2202/7 via 1:128/74
This would attempt to route all thorough 7, but then tries to route 7
through 128/74 which has been routed through 7, Thus creating a Loop!

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