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DRAGON WARZ! User Documentation

CopyRight 1991 by Bruce R. Ruona,
SoftSpot SoftWare Inc.
Bytes -r- Us BBS, FIDO 1:2280/1, 906-228-6517


Welcome to the world of DRAGON WARZ! Your objective in DRAGON WARZ!
is to gain strength and power by accumulating Cities, Cubits,
points, soldiers, fighting equipment, and doing your best to wipe out
your opponents. You attain this by building your Realm craftily,
forming the right alliances with other players, and attacking with
force and strategy. Your ultimate objective is to be the new "Space
Lord", and be entered into the "Space Lords Hall Of Fame" at the end
of the month. In addition to other human players, you have one other
big problem to worry about - The MALACHI Realm. The MALACHIs are
a computer-controlled Realm that will wreak havoc on your Realm,
stealing Cities, destroying Food Stores, and other dastardly deeds.
The MALACHIs can, of course, be defeated just like any other Realm
-- if you're man (or woman) enough to take them on! That's Dragon Warz!
in a nutshell.


The Game of DRAGON WARZ! is based loosely on a FANTASTIC game currently
played all over the US and Europe on the ATARI ST system calling itself
SPACE EMPIRE ELITE (SEE for short)...I can only hope that my adaption
of this game meets with as much favor as the original.

The original Space Realm was conceived and programmed by Jon
Radoff of Middle Earth BBS in the USA a few years ago. With Later
revisions by Jurgen Van Den Handel, Steve Reed and currently by Carlis
Darby, who amongst other things has been responsible for adding the
marvelous Inter-galatic features.


Dragon Warz! (hereafter referred to as DWARZ!) is a simple, yet
intricate game featuring strategy, tatics and a good bit of pure GUTS!
The actual "play" of the game is quite easy-everything follows a simple
pattern of menus that are for all intents and purposes are virtually
identical each turn. however, what you decide to do at each
menu can greatly affect your Realm, the Realms of
others, and other game options that you will be faced with. DRAGON WARZ!
is almost entirely pure strategy with deceptively simple options each turn.

Cities - There are three types of Cities: FOOD, COMMERCIAL, and INDUSTRIAL.
Food Cities are absolutely essential to the functioning of your
Realm - you have to feed your hungry population and your
fighting forces! COMMERCIAL Cities are your income-producers. without a
doubt you will generally have 3 or more times COMMERCIAL Cities than any
other type! if you don't, your Realm will collapse in
poverty. Industrial Cities, are used to produce goods such as
WARRIORS, DRAGONS, THIEFS, DEFENSE CASTLES and others. You will have the
option of setting your industrial production percentages at the beginning
of each day. All commodities produced are automatically added to what the
player has on hand at the beginning of each turn.

One Important fact you MUST keep in mind at all times if You wish to become
a successfull DWARZ Player...Cities Cost CUBITS to both purchase and
maintain each turn!...if you have too many of one type city such as
food, and not enough Commercial, the cost of maintaining your food
cities may be far to much to bear and result in a colapse of your
Realm!...Remember that all commodities are available individually
within the game.

WARRIORS - the "backbone" of your fighting equipment, WARRIORS are
essential to a successful Realm. Too many at once, however, and you
may not be able to feed or pay them all. Too few, and you'll be a
weak target for other players. (Used for Offense and Defense)

DRAGONS - dragons are useful when attacking other players. (offensive only)

DEFENSE CASTLES - Help protect you from enemy attacks. They're
relatively inexpensive, and you can't have too many. (Defensive Weapon

COMMANDERS- One Commander commands a squad of 50 warriors.
In order to use your warriors, you MUST have enough Commanders.

THIEFS - These are your "Agents of the Night" Which you use to perform
acts of Spying, backstabbing, and of course Theft! With the proper useage
of these you can wreck holy havoc on an opponents realm!
You can never have too many of these!! and you must have at LEAST 100
to perform any of the covert actions available later.

MAGIC USERS - You also can not have enough of these!! not only do they
help in your attacks but also in the defense of your realm!...You can send
these along with attack forces or let them use their combined mystic abilites
to wreck (UN?)Holy Havoc on an opponent. (Used for Offense and Defense)

When you first enter the Game, You will be asked what alias you wish to
use. Please note that the game is limited to a total of 25 players, and
if the game is already full, you will be instructed to try again tomorrow!
If you don't use your player for a period of 10 days, the game will
automatically delete you to make room for others who wish to play!...
also as a new player, if you QUIT the game with 3 or more turns remaining,
your player will be Deleted to prevent using up a valuable player slot!

The Very first thing you'll see when entering the game is a screen similar
to the following which allows you to review both todays and yesterdays
news files of significant occurances, View player listings for Inter-Realm
data etc... (more on the Inter-Realm functions later!)
[A] TODAYS News in Brief
[B] YESTERDAYS News in Brief
[C] DISPLAY UPDATE Information
[D] VIEW Recon Data

One of the first things you will see upon entry to the game are a number of
messages either sent by other players or notification of occurrances since
you last played. You will be able to read these at the present time, but
you will not be able to respond.

INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION ALLOCATION: Now you get to set the percentage of
each item that is allocated to your total production of your Industrial
Cities. You will get the following menu:

Industrial Production Allocation
Warrior Cloning 0%
Dragon Production 0%
CASTLE Production 0%
THIEF's 50%
Change Allocation ? [Y/n]

Change Allocation--You will next be able to adjust the amount of each
item produced. choosing 50% for an item means that 50% of your
industrial cities are devoted solely to producing the desired item.
The more expensive an item is generally means that less of that item
will be produced per turn. You can allocate any percentage you want,
as long as the total allocation does not exceed 100%.

Next you will be presented with a status screen showing the current turn
industrial production as well as the amount of FOOD Grown each turn,
Commercial fees raised Via taxation of business, 'donations', and other
sources, your general taxes raised by taxing your population. The amount
of production (other then Industrial!) can be dramatically affected by
the PEACEFULLNESS (or lack thereof!) of your Realm each turn, so it is VITAL
to have a PEACEFULL realm each turn!!.

THE MAN! Current Empire Statistics
Remaining Turns: 5 Cubits: 86,572
Cities: 2 Population: 90
Warriors: 100 Magic Users: 0 (0 points)
Dragons: 0 Thieves: 0
Castles: 0 Commanders: 2

Commerce: 2 Industrial: 0 Food: 0

Forces are at 100% Effectiveness EMPIRE STATUS: PEACEFUL
Empire Food Reserves Are: 10,000 TONS

Press Any Key to Continue

Most of this screen is pretty self-explanatory, however a few things here
I haven't previously mentioned include:

ARMY EFFECTIVENESS: This is a rating of the general performance of your
armies, and is affected by a number of different factors including losses
in battles, lack of defensive forces, underpayment etc...

EMPIRE STATUS: This is a general rating of the contentment of your
population and ranges from PEACEFUL to CIVIL WAR the more discontent in your
empire, the lower your per turn production, the more you will have to pay
for your cities until under CIVIL WAR, revolutionaries may even capture a
number of your most valuable cities!

PROTECTION: New players are protected by law for 20 turns (4 days worth)
to allow them to build their empire. While under protection, you may not
attack, nor may you be attacked!

At the very bottom of the Status Screen is your first question.
This is the first in a series of questions you have to answer
regarding payment of funds and the purchase/allocation of food
supplies. The number in brackets at each prompt indicates the exact
required amount - pressing a bare will allocate this amount
for you.

In the first block of questions, you will have to pay your Armed
Forces, pay to raise your Military's effectiveness level (if you so
desire), pay off Insurgency levels higher than PEACEFUL, pay your
Crime Prevention Agencies, and pay to support your Cities (there is a
fee for EACH city you own).

Note that if you do not pay your Cities/Forces enough Cubits, you will
be given a message and an opportunity to reenter your amounts. Failure
to pay your forces will result in the loss of xx% of your forces. Fail-
ure to pay your Cities will result in a CIVIL WAR!


You will now enter the Food Common Market:

Welcome to the Food Common Market...
Current quantity available is 1730000.
Food is in LOW demand.
You currently have 32932 megatons of food.
Would you like to [b]uy, [s]ell, or [C]ontinue?

The Common Market works very simply: you can buy or sell food, or
just bypass it if you desire. Note, however, that the Food Market
comes JUST BEFORE you have to feed your military and your population.
MAKE SURE you either have enough food on hand, or that you purchase
enough to feed everyone. Prices in the Common Market will fluctuate
with supply and demand, and at times food may even run out entirely.
In that case, you will have to rely on your own food stores to feed
your Realm.

After you have paid for everything and Fed everyone, you will then
be given the opportunity to purchase a number of different commodities.

# Commodity Price You Have Maximum Purchase
{0} DONE!
{1} WARRIOR 958 100 63
{2} DRAGONS 1,404 0 43
{3} CASTLES 1,829 0 33
{4} COMMANDERS 11,283 2 5
{5} CITYS 19,260 2 3
{6} THIEVES 8,460 0 7
{7} MAGIC USERS 5,945 0 10
You Have 61,140 Cubits, and 4 Turns left

Buy [0..9] or [S] to SELL items at 1/2 price...

This is entirely self-explanatory and very simple to use. Note that
the column on the far right indicates how many of each item you
may purchase, the middle column is the number of that item you already own,
and the left column is the cost of each. Make your selections and spend
your Cubits Wisely!! Prices WILL go up/down in accordance with the size of
your Realm. What you purchase, when, and in what amounts, will greatly
determine the fate of your Realm and how well you perform in battle.

A word about Purchasing Cities: There are 5,000 Cities available for
purchase at the beginning of the game. A small amount of new Cities are
generated daily, however shortly after the game begins, it is likely that
all the cities will be bought up, and it is at this point that your only
option may be to find someone to attack and steal Cities from
(successful attacks yield Cities).


You will not be given the attack menu until your Realm has exceeded
200 Cities or your protection has expired. Until then your Realm
is not considered developed enough for combat.

After you have purchased all your desired commodities, you will be given
an opportunity to engage in BATTLE with other local players, if you answer
YES to this question, you will have an opportunity to engage in local
covert activities such as spying, etc.


In the Registered version of DWARZ!, you will be given an opportunity at the
end of each turn to perform a number of different operations against other
BBS's that are playing in your game!

Do you wish to perform any Inter-Realm type Attacks? [y/N] YES

Send RECON Scouts
Select Target Realm
Individual Attack
FORM a Battle Group
JOIN a Battle Group
Send Message

You of course, may not perform any of these operations until your city count
reaches at least 200 cities, in addition, failure to pay your forces, or an
extremely low force effectiveness will further prevent you from entering this

A) Send Reconnaissance Scout.
You can send a RECON to either spy on an entire BBS or a particular
player. Just sending a RECON group to spy on an entire BBS (to
see "who's who" in a Galaxy), costs NOTHING and always works.
If you send a RECON group to spy on a particular player in
a Galaxy, the results are a normal SPY covert operation. The
chances of getting caught are the same as with normal Covert Ops.
Also, spying on a certain player will cost...100,000 Cubits!

B) Select Target Realm.
This operation simply allows you to declare a TARGET for your operations
for the current turn. You may change at any time by reselecting this

C) Individual attack.
This operation will allow you to attack another BBS, or a single player
alone and without assistance from other players.

D) Form A Battle Group.
This operation will allow you to form an 'Attack Group' against either
'ALL' or an individual player on another BBS. You will also be given
an option of how many days before the actual battle group departs for the
target. If the group successfully defeats their opponent, they will grab
10% of the victims cities and return with them!

When you join, or form a Battle Group, you will have a certain percentage
of the party and will loose or gain according to your share!

E) Join a Battle Group.
This will allow you to add forces to existing Battle groups thus
increasing your share of the party. NOTE: You do not have to pay
or feed forces while in outgoing Groups!

F) SEND Thieves.
selecting this function will allow you to send 10% of your agents on
covert operations to another Realm. Note that you must send a minimum of
10 thieves on each mission, so you must have AT LEAST 100 agents before
you can perform any of these functions. Each mission will cost a number
of cubits, and you can only perform 10 covert operations per day.

Selecting this function will allow you to use the MAGIC POINTS your
Magic-Users have accumulated in arcane attacks against your favorite
targets. Magic Spells do not cost any cubits to cast.

H) SEND a Message.
This function will allow you to send messages to either a single player,
or the entire BBS in another Realm, each message is limited to 10 lines
or less. This costs you a small amount of Cubits.


Selecting to Send Thiefs to another Realm will bring up a sub-menu of
covert operations as follows:
Current OP's target: SURF BOARD BBS
THIEF Function: Cost
Sabotage COMMON food Market 1,250,000 Cubits
Destroy Food Supplies in Realm Varies
Demoralize Troops Varies
Aid Insurgencies Varies
Assinate Generals Varies
Steal From Realm Treasury Varies
You have 3,823 Cubits, & 2 Thiefs

A) Sabotage common Food market.
Selecting this function will tell your thiefs to attempt to blow up or
otherwise destroy the common market food supplies in another Realm,
depending on how successful you are, you will destroy anywheres from 0
to 100% of the available supplies.

B) Destroy Food Supplies in realm.
this is identical to (A) above, but simply attempts to blow up the food
supplies in an INDIVIDUAL players empire.

C) Demoralize Troops.
This function will send wine, loose women, and disease to troops of an
enemies realm, thereby lowering their force effectiveness by a certain

D) Aid Insurgents.
This function will send covert aid to an opponents population in an effort
to lower their empire peacefullness status. (similar to the Iran-Contra
fiasco GRIN)

E) Assinate Generals.
This function does just what it says, your agents will attempt to
infiltrate your opponents military HQ and kill off a number of their
vital generals.

F) Steal from Treasury.
This function will tell your agents to attempt to steal from an opponents
treasury. If they are successfull, you will receive the proceeds of this
ill-gotten gain!!...Depending on how successful they were, you will steal
anywheres from 0 to 100% of the opponents Cubits.

Current OP's target: SURF BOARD BBS
Magical Spell: Desc: Magic Points
WEATHER Elemental Decreases overall food production 150
FAMINE Elemental Causes Population to Starve 75
POISION Cloud Kills some population 50
SLEEP Lowers Troop Effectiveness 25
defensive spells:
<1.> Magical Shields Protects against four Magic attacks 50
You have 0 Mages, & 0 Magic Points

This is were you'll put all those cubits you've spent on training and
supplying your magic users to devestating useage! Results of your attempts
to cast a spell are based on the difficulty of the spell, the possible
damage done by the spell, and chance herself. However, magic works in
strange and mysterious ways not fully understood even by the most practiced
of mages, so even a though a spell is not effective a certain amount of the
energy expanded in casting the spell may randomly roam the enemies realm
and cause massive destruction if the amount of free energy reaches a certain

This the most costly (in terms of Magic Points) can cause devastating and
long lasting results to another BBS ability to produce food. This Spell
will send a great weather elemental to another Realm causing poor crop
growing conditions and thus a large decrease in the amount of food grown
each day for the common market. This spell if successfull, will last for
approximately 3 or 4 days.

This spell is similar to the WEATHER ELEMENTAL spell, except that it
only affects a SINGLE Player.

This spell causes a cloud of poision gas to cover an opponents realm,
and thus to brutally kill hundreds of an opponents populace.

This spell causes an opponents warriors, dragons, watchman in castles,
and even commanders to become very lethargic and will result in a large
decrease in their effectiveness.

This spell creates a magical 'dome' over your empire which may interfere
with incoming magical attacks. however the larger your empire the less
effective this becomes.


# Even though you may have used up all your turns for the day, you
can still log in DRAGON WARZ! to check for messages and send messages.
You will also be able to view your Status Screen, and perform any inter-BBS
operations you may yet be able to afford.

# When you're under New Realm protection, buy up all the Cities you
can, and concentrate on COMMERCIAL Cities for the cash you'll need. When
you get down to the last few turns under protection, back off on
Cities purchasing and start building up your military.

# You may only FORM ONE Battle group per day, and may also only send ONE
individual attack per day, likewise, You are limited to TEN Covert
operations per day!

# These instructions are only current up to and including version .45á


Press any key to continue

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