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August 1991 DWARZ Parameters Documentation

This document describes the available parameters implemented in the DWARZ
and DWARZNET program. These are described in order of the ACTUAL PARAMETER
to pass the program, Which Program the Parameter may be used in (Eiter
DWARZ or DWARZNET, or BOTH) and finally any programmers comments.

These are used by simply appending the wanted parameters to the end of
the line calling the DWARZ or DWARZNET program as follows:

DWARZ [parameter 1] [parameter2] [parameter 3] etc...

NOTE: these may be permently saved in the INSTALL.EXE program F10 OPTION
such that they do not need to be entered on the command line every time,
however any Command line parameters passed will Over-Ride the Dwarz.Opt
file created by the F10 option in Install.

--------- ---------- -----------------------

NOLHA BOTH Normally, Both DWARZ and DWARZNET will attempt
use Lharc V2.xx and only if not found in the
users path, then to use Lharc V1.xx, However
if running under DesqView 2.25+, Using version
2.xx may require additional memory, thus by
using this parameter, you may be able to run
both programs in SLIGHTLY smaller windows.
If not running under DV, then you will not need
to worry about this option.

NOSTATUS DWARZ Turns STATUS LINE off, may be necessary on
some CGA Systems to speed up screen displays.

NOHOTKEYS DWARZ Turns OFF Sysop Hot Key trapping of F10,ALT-H
and ALT-C.

LOCAL DWARZ Allows door to be run from DOS Command line,
with user name as defined in configuration
(IE, ONLY the main sysop should use this!)
This will create the necessary DORINFO1.DEF &
EXITINFO.BBS Files in the DWARZ directory.

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Archive   : DWARZ105.ZIP

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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