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September 2nd,1991 DRAGON WARZ Update version 1.01BETA
Well folks here it is, the first Post-Release BETA version ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Some MAJOR feats of re-coding have been accomplished here...
INSTALL.EXE is a 100% Rewrite from scratch ๐Ÿ˜Ž
REALMS.EXE with a few new features and improvements.

# Now features TOTALLY automated installation!
if the program does not find an existing CONFIG.KEY, it will now
attempt to find your mailer set up files via a SET environment
variable and will read the appropriate file to obtain as much of
the information as possible (some editing may still be necessary!)

for DB this will look at the SET DB= environment variable and will
read the DBRIDGE.PRM file.

For FD this will look at the SET FD= environement variable and will
read EITHER FD.SYS or SETUP.FD depending on which version you are

for BINKLEY this will look at the SET BT or SET BINKLEY environment
variable and read your BINKLEY.CFG file.

for those people not running one of the 'standard' three mailers,
you'll just have to enter your data manually...If you'd like to have
support of this feature added for your mailer, contact me and we'll
see what we can do for you..

# IMPROVED input/editing of data.

# Pressing F10 will bring up a NEW sub menu selection, GENERAL OPTIONS,
where you'll be able to set certain options such as those frequently
used on the command line. These will be saved in a file called
'DWARZ.OPT' {NOTE: The ability of other programs (DWARZ/DWARZNET/ETC)
to read and act on this file has NOT yet been implemented!}

# ALSO under the F10 Sub-Menu is a Selection to allow newly registered
sites to confirm registration information accuracy.

# DIRECTORY Maintaince. INSTALL now makes a seperate set of directories
under the name 'LEAGUEnn' for each REALMnn.DAT files it finds {this is
in preparation for working on the LEAGUE implementation features}
of course, It also makes the currently required Data Directories.

# Try this out in a Different directory then your normal directory...
Let me know of the problems you encounter...

# Added 1/3 second delay during Directory creation/checking, Found that
DOS may not like having MKDIR/FINDFIRST called extremely fast,
this MAY cure problems certain users have with install locking up
during this stage...

# I've added a feature which should prove VERY usefull, and of which I
am IMMENSELY PROUD of...View Text File for viewing entry app's while
entering/changing realms...

I don't want to say to much about this now, but check it out, I think
you'll be TOTALLY impressed...I know I am GRIN...

# Now checks for existance of any FILE ATTACH messages when sending
realms data to all nodes to prevent Multiple file attach messages to
the same file. Messages will not be generated if an UNSENT file attach
message to the compressed realms file is found for each node in the
realm file.

# The KillSent bit is now set on outgoing file attach messages for

# Some minor rewording of the actual file attach message.

# FIXED Problem with deleting outgoing parties under a destroyed
bridge! {had an extra ';' in there that really threw the loop
out the door YIPES!}

# To make life a little more interesting...I've added a NEW TERRORISM
function, ASSASSINATE THIEVES...decent cost, and fairly high success
percentage ๐Ÿ˜Ž

September 5th,1991 DRAGON WARZ Update version 1.02BETA

REALMS.EXE {it just keeps getting better every day!}
# IMPROVED text window performance, now you have the ability to switch
between Text window and an Entry editing/add window by pressing F1.

# no longer is the text window overwritten by the smaller message
area located near the buttom of the screen.

# Memory used in viewing a text file is now properly reclaimed when
window is closed...seems I forgot to release the heap after closing
the window, so after viewing a few files, you quickly ran out of
available memory 8-(

# ADDED printer status check prior to listing realms to printer,
no more 10-15 minute waits if you don't have a printer connected
and on-line and you happen to press the wrong key ๐Ÿ˜Ž

# IMPROVED date checking. now aborts with appropriate log entries if
system date is LESS THEN last maintenance date.

DUP.DAT [Duplicate Data Detection]
It was recently pointed out to me that it was possible to PURPOSELY
delete dup data and therefore reprocess incoming data a number of times,
for instance, if I get a data package back that contains a number of
captured cities, I could delete dup.dat, backup the data packet, and
then reprocess it as often as I wanted!

this has been prevented in the current version, however this did require
a MAJOR change in dup.dat handling procedures!!

first, SYSTEM.DAT now contains a CRC of DUP.DAT, and programs will now
abort if dup.dat is not found or CRC does not match!

unfortunately, checking the CRC of a 262,400 byte file might be kinda slow,
in fact even on a 25MHZ 386, the CRC checking took 10.2 seconds, on a
10MHZ Turbo XT, this was, shall we say just slightly longer, (actually,
it was just under 60 seconds 8-( )...I KNEW I would hear some complaints
on this (GRIN) so I have also changed significantly the underlying
structures of DUP.DAT to result in a MUCH smaller data file.

The previous data structure contained room for the last 256 CRC's of
data packets received from each node, plus a small amount of other
overhead, the current data structures consist of an INDEXED file of
ALL CRC's received from each node (the actual index is maintained within
DUP.DAT itself).

This means that when a game is first intialized, the dup.dat file is
approx 1K in size and grows by 13 bytes for each incoming datapackage,
thus you will be able to maintain approx 18,600 incoming attacks and
still have a smaller dat file.

Thus, during the actual execution of the DWARZ.EXE program, the user
will eventually face a possible LARGE delay while the CRC of dup.dat
is validated, therefore, during DWARZ.EXE ONLY, the validation/computation
of DUP.DAT is NOT performed (it isn't affected by dwarz anyways so its
not necessary)


I've also managed to free up about 16K of memory from the Stack here, by
moving some of the global variables which are used only during the
initialization phases to the Heap...what this means as far as performance,
I don't know, all I know for sure is that I now have room for 16K more
variables on the global stack GRIN...

you may also notice some significant improvements in speed, I've also
cleaned up the player/system update procedures so that they are only
called at critical points in the program..these routines are responsible
for maintaining the data CRC's, so let me know IMMEDIATELY if you note
any problems in that area (keep your 'NOCRC.FLG' handy GRIN)

# FIXED the bloody 103 error at 0000:0095. Seems I forgot to include a
single line of code while counting the TOTAL number of players in all
realms, CLOSE (FILE). This was causing a 'file not open' error while
writing to the screen much later in the program (exactly where, depends
on what your config.sys looks like GRIN)

# FIXED attempts to send auto-recons, check bridges, traveler, etc when
a node is NOT playing in an INTER-BBS game.
September 22nd,1991 DRAGON WARZ Update version 1.03BETA
# FIXED user Time-out and Time-Remaining non-aborts. (simple fix here,
all that was necessary was removing the 'EXIT' I had left in there....)
now times out after 4 minutes, and properly monitors User time

# DWARZ/DWARZNET now will read and act on the DWARZ.OPT file created
in the INSTALL program. Command line parameters should no longer
be necessary, but if used will over-ride the OPT file.

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