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Dead paint program for making RIP graphic images. With save feature.

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DeadPaint v.2.0 - the newest version of
the RIP paint program. Now support
bezier curve, arcs, pies, mouse area,
bitmap, Windows ICO, custom patterns
and more. Also allows undo.
Only $20 registration fee

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Dead paint program for making RIP graphic images. With save feature.
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Contents of the DEAD.DOC file


Dead Paint v.2.0
Tool for making Remote Imaging Protocol Script


System requirement -

IBM PC/XT, AT and compatible
425K RAM minimum
400K free disk space
EGA with 256K VRAM (monitor not required, but is recommended)
Mircosoft compatible mouse.
Some form of disk cache


Disclaimer -

This product is provided AS IS. There's no guarentee of its
functions. The authors are not responsible for any damage or loss.

You are authorize to use the shareware version of DeadPaint for
30 years, after which you must register.

The registered version is identical to the shareware version. If
the shareware version doesn't run on your computer, so won't the
registered one.


What's new -

Undo - DeadPaint now can delete the last item drawn.

Mouse area - define a screen area that will send a stream of text
when clicked by the remote terminate.

Clipboard - You can copy a portion of the screen, and paste it to
another location later.

Bitmap file - Paste an existing bitmap file onto the screen and
save the clipboard. Support for Windows .ICO file.

Center line - a simple way to create 3D image, such as our opening

Custom fill pattern.

Custom line pattern.

Custom color palette.

A different text field - too many people complain about problem
with the text editing tool.


Instruction -

Simply copy all the file into one directory. It's recommanded that
all the .ICN to be kept in the same directory.

type DEAD.EXE to start the program. If there's less than 51200
byte disk space available, DeadPaint will ask if you wish to

Click the right button to toggle from draw-mode to command-mode
(menu and tool-bar).

When you exit, DeadPaint will report the amount of free memory.
It's basicly the amount available to DeadPaint for storing the
picture. Generally you should have atleast a hundred, taking the
clipboard into account.


Commands -


Save - save the current picture. DeadPaint automaticly optimizes
the output file

Clear - Clear the current picture

View - View current picture using different speed. 0 CPS for no

Clipboard - Display current content of clipboard

Exit - Terminate program

Line properties:

Color (1/16) - color of line, curve, bounder, and pixel

Line style (1/5) - pattern of line, curve, lineal bounder

Line thickness (1/2) - thickness of line, curve, and bounder

Custom line pattern - edit the user define line pattern (5th style)

Area properties:

Color (1/16) - color of filled area

Fill style (1/13) - pattern of filled area

Custom fill pattern - edit the user define fill pattern (13th style)

Text properties:

Color (1/16) - color of text

Font (1/5) - style of text

Size (1/10) - size of text

Direction (1/2) - direction in which text is display

Justification (1/3) - Positioning of text within text field


Swap mouse button - change switch the two mouse button

Screen grid - bunch of lines onscreen

Show mouse area - normally invisible, enable this to be able to see
where you place the mouse areas

Show copied area - normally invisible, this allows you to see where
you capture the bitmap

Draw commands:

Line - draw a line (easy enough)

Curve - draw a bezier curve

Circle - draw a circle

Ellipse - draw an ellipse

Circular arc - draw part of a circle

Oval arc - draw part of an ellipse

Fill circle - draw a whole pie

Fill ellipse - draw a whole oval pie

Circular pie slice - draw part of a pie

Oval pie slice - draw part of a oval pie

Rectangle - draw a rectangle

Bar - draw a solid rectangle

Polygon - draw polygon will variable number of sides

Fill polygon - draw a polygon, fill the enclosed area

Continous line - draw multiple lines one after another

Center line - draw multiple lines all starting from the same point

Floodfill - fill the area surrounded by the current draw color

Pixel - plot a dot

Text - place a text field for text input

Mouse area - define a portion of the screen, send a stream of
text when click by remote terminal.

Copy area - copy a portion of the screen to the clipboard

screen >> clipboard

Paste clipboard - copy clipboard back to the screen.

screen << clipboard

Paste file* - load a bitmap file into clipboard, and onto the

screen << clipboard << filename.icn

If filename has the extension .ICO, DeadPaint automaticlly
load the Windows .ICO file, convert it to .ICN with the aspect
ratio adjusted for EGA resolution.

ie: C:\WIN\123.ICO -> C:\WIN\123.ICN

Paste file and mask* - screen spirite. Place a bitmap onto screen
without disrupting the back ground. Sort of like a floating icons.

First the mask of the picture (filename with .MSK ext) will be
ANDed onto the screen, then the picture itself will be XORed onto
the screen.

screen << filename.msk << filename.icn

If mask does not exist or the file sizes doesn't match, DeadPaint
will automaticlly create one, discarding any black spot.

Save clipboard@ - save clipboard to file

clipboard >> filename.icn

Viewport size - resize graphic window.

Palette - create custom color by mixing two

WHITE + RED = Pink

Undo - delete the item on the top of the list. The process can
take a while, depend on the complexity of picture.

* the bitmap file(s) must be present in the remote terminal
@ also write to remote terminal

Dead View v.2.0
Tool for viewing Remote Imaging Protocol Script



Filename can be wildcard. Press ESC to exit. Press Del to delete
the current picture.

Message from founders:

DeadPaint is brought to you from the Message Warehouz BBS in San
Francisco California. DeadPaint is currently in its infant stage.
You can see that options are limited, and that's because we can
only work so fast. Upgrades are being currently worked on and will
be available when finished.

A registered version of DeadPaint is available at $20.00 + $3 s/h
The registered version will be able to load a existing .RIP file
back into Deadpaint to be edited.

Fill out the registration form and send to:

PO Box 2341
Daly City, CA 94017

For more information, call:

The Message Warehouz BBS Sysop: Barry Fong aka: Stoned
300-14.4k Baud 24hrs Cosys: Danny Leong aka: DeadQuail

(415)587-4544 (author)
Running SLBBS

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