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DIZZY.DOC - Dizzy v1.00 documentation - 1/8/93


Dizzy is a FILE_ID.DIZ updater. It allows you to create a
"template" file that it will create a FILE_ID.DIZ file from. Dizzy
can optionally wordwrap the text and warn you if you are using too
many lines. The template file may contain several variables such as
@DATE@ and @TIME@, which Dizzy will replace with its respective
information. This allows you to timestamp FILE_ID.DIZ files for
packages that are updated frequently. There are several different
date formats and the date and time separator characters can be altered.
Dizzy can also optionally put the text inside one of 15 different box
styles. If you are not familiar with what a FILE_ID.DIZ file is, go
read the file FILE_ID.DOC

I use Dizzy to create my master files list. It will timestamp
the FILE_ID.DIZ in my files listing ZIP with the time and date that
the listing was created.


DIZZY TemplateFile [/options...]

If DIZZY is run with no parameters, it will show you several
screens of help.

Options may be entered in any order and in any combination.

Where: TemplateFile the name of the description file containing
any of the following variables:

@DATE@ The current system date. Default = MM/DD/YYYY
@DAY@ The number of the current day.
@DOW@ The name of the day of the week.
@MONTH@ The name of the current month.
@YEAR@ The current year.
@TIME@ The current system time.

Options summary:

/NODISPLAY Do not display the new FILE_ID.DIZ on the

/NOWARNING Do not display file length warning messages.

/WRAP Reform the output text into lines of 45

Date options summary:

/DF=Format Format is one of the following date formats:

MM/DD/YYYY (default)

/DSC=c Where c is the date separator character.
Default = /

/SHORTDAY Shorten the day-of-week's name to three

/SHORTMONTH Shorten the month's name to three characters.

Time options summary:

/TSC=c Where c is the time separator character.
Default = :

/12HOUR Use a 12 hour format versus a 24 hour one.
A suffix will be used to specify AM or PM.

/SECONDS Include seconds when showing time.

Box options summary:

/BOX=n Where n is a number from 0 to 15. It
defines the box style. The default is 0,
or no box. Using a box will automatically
turn on wordwrapping and add 2 lines to
the length of the output file.

³ 1 ³ º 2 º º 3 º ³ 4 ³ Û 5 Û

ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ ²²²²²²² ±±±±±±± °°°°°°° þÄÄÄÄÄþ
ÛÛ 6 ÛÛ ²² 7 ²² ±± 8 ±± °° 9 °° ³ 10 ³
ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ ²²²²²²² ±±±±±±± °°°°°°° þÄÄÄÄÄþ

þ þ þ þ * * * * ð ð ð ð ÜßßßßßÜ ²±²±²±²
þ 11 þ * 12 * ð 13 ð Û 14 Û ±²15 ²±
þ þ þ þ * * * * ð ð ð ð ßÜÜÜÜÜß ²±²±²±²


No warranties are expressed or implied concerning this program.
It is offered in an AS IS condition. The author and distributors of
this program are not liable for the direct or consequential loss or
damages that may have resulted from its use and/or misuse. By using
this program, you agree to these terms.

Dizzy is: Copyright 1993 Christopher E. Long, All Rights Reserved


You are encouraged to share this program with your friends and
associates. Shareware distributors may distribute this program provided
that they inform their customers that Dizzy is shareware and what
shareware means. Under no circumstances is Dizzy to be refered to as
"public domain" or "free". Christopher E. Long reserves the right to
deny any person or company the right to distribute Dizzy if he deems
that their distribution practices are not ASP acceptable.

This program is Shareware. Shareware means "try before you
buy" - it does not mean free. If you use this program, please pay a
one-time fee of $15 to support its future development. In return, I
will send you a disk with the latest version of Dizzy and several other
little utilities that I wrote - all in ZIP format. Also, feel free to
send me your comments and suggestions. You can call my BBS and register
by credit card. If you decide to register by mail, please use the
REGISTER.DIZ file. Thank you!

Mailing address: Christopher E. Long
632 Camelia Street
Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

Internet address: [email protected]

Compuserve address: 76500,2073

Phone (data): Visionary Endeavors BBS
1200 - 16,800 bps
US Robotics HST Dual Standard 16.8
8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity
FidoNet 1:112/10 file requests all hours
located in Atlantic Beach, Florida


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