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DIZGEN v1.0 copyright 1993 by Micro System Solutions

DIZ file Generator v1.0

This program creates and maintains the FILE_ID.DIZ file for authors uploading
to bulletin boards. It allows a file of 10 lines of 45 characters each. It
formats the Program Name, version number and ASP affiliation into the first
line of the description. (We recommend that you do not modify this line as
it is used to provide the one-line description on the BBS)

The generator functions as a full-screen editor, allowing you to move about
freely making changes as needed. It provided word-wrap in position 45 of
each line and will provide audible signals when an error is encountered.

We ask that you register this program but no charge is attached to its use
by anyone. It may not be sold for profit nor included in any retail software
package without first contacting Micro System Solutions. It may be freely
given to anyone provided there is no charge for doing so. A non-restricted
license is hereby given to all software organizations wishing to freely
distribute this package to its members and others. This includes the ASP,
STAR, computer user-groups, etc.

Register with Micro System Solutions by


Micro System Solutions
5048 W. Maplewood Ave.
Littleton, CO 80123

or on Compuserve send CMail to Fred Hill, 76060,102

or on the support BBS, The Graphics Edge 1-303-795-9583, leave a message
to the Sysop

Please do NOT call to register, it'll just tie up the phone. It you have
a specific problem or custom need please feel free to call. Our support
number is 1-303-795-7653

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