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(C)opyright 1993, written by Shawn Reimerdes
FILE_ID.DIZ eXtractor for Prodoor
Anti-Christ Software Designs Inc.
$5 Shareware

³° Introduction °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°³

DIZ/2 is a command line utility for ProDoor sysops only. It scans an
uploaded archive for a file named "FILE_ID.DIZ" and if found, uses the text
to replace any description typed by the user and also adds: # of files,
oldest and newest file dates, uncompressed size. It also handles local
uploads and will post a file with a DIZ that was intended to be private as
a private file witha DIZ.
I recommend that you use the most current versions of your achiving
utilities. If you want an achive type added in the current support, leave
me a message and I'll add it for ya.
DIZ/2 will even add the DIZ when the user didn't enter it as one of the
uploads. That takes care of the utilties like ADDBIDIR, in other words it
processes bi-directional protocols perfectly.
DIZ/2 will remove BBSAds as well. Since its already looking to see if
a DIZ is there why not check for BBSAds as well? I highly suggest using
this feature, its surprisingly fast. If any of the ads you listed we're
found it runs pkzip to delete them.

þ Archivers
Supported: ZIP, ARJ, LZH, PAK.
Tested with: Pkzip v2.04x, Arj v2.x, Lharc v2.x, Pak v2.51.

³° Samples °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°³


| DIZ/2 v1.50 of 4.3.93 - ProDoor utility to
| extract FILE_ID.DIZ in ZIP/ARJ/LZH/PAK files,
| adds the # of files, newest/oldest file dates
| and the uncompressed size. Local Uploading.
| Removes unwanted BBSAds, archive comment
| generator. The fastest and most powerful
| processor out! Shareware by Shawn Reimerdes.
| Files: 10 New: 04.03.93 Old: 03.20.93 í DIZ
| Uncompressed Size: 34,820 bytes

caller log:

02-25-93 (23:15) (2) JOHN SMITH (16800E) (G) NEW YORK, NY
Connect type: CONNECT 16800/ARQ/HST/HST/V42BIS
Opened DOOR (PRODOOR) at 20:23
Directory Scan for (930221) ... (Ctrl-K) aborts
DIZ/2 v1.05 of 2.25.92 by Shawn Reimerdes
þ Processing file:
- Files: 7 New: 02.26.93 Old: 01.21.93
- FILE_ID.DIZ found.
û BBSAd: (CALL.ME) removed.
1 files, 1,437k bytes, 29.8 minutes, 1709.5 cps, 118
(U) FILENAME1.ZIP Completed using G T/E=0 CPS=1,707
Upload Time Credit: 10 minutes
Pascal Conference Joined.
Minutes Used: 38
02-25-93 (23:52) (2) JOHN SMITH Off Normally

exiting errorlevels:

29 = DIZ Found.
1 = Error.
0 = Sucessful, No DIZ found.

³° How to use properly °°°°°°°°°°³

Sample line from PROUT1.BAT:

diz-2 diz-2.cnf %2 %PCBDRIVE%%PCBDIR%\$door.nam %PCBNODE%
^ ^ ^
| | |
filename path/name $door.nam node#

Dos command line for LOCAL uploading. If file doesn't contain FILE_ID.DIZ,
then you will be asked to enter a description.
If DIZ/2 finds a 5th parameter it assumes a local upload:

diz-2 diz-2.cnf $door.nam 1 c:\pcb\gen\uplddir.
^ ^ ^ ^
| | | |
filename place holders directory to post file

Note: (Check batch files included with this package)

³° Archive Comment °°°°°°°°°°°°°°³

If you have a registered version of DIZ/2 you will be able to create a
file that will contain variables to be translated, so that you can use
it as the comment for your archived file.
Simply create a textfile (path/name in config) any variables from the
list below will be translated and a new textfile will be created with
values in place of the %'s. After the program is done you can execute
a program to add a the newly created comment into the archive.


%a - archive type
%d - system date
%n - newest filedate
%o - oldest filedate
%s - size of file
%t - system time
%v - DIZ/2 version
%# - number of files
%1 - filename
%2 - FILE_ID.DIZ description (if found)
%3 - node number


°±² Filename: %1 - %a
°±² Uploaded on %d at %t to A Clockwork Orange BBS
°±² Files: %# Newest: %n Oldest: %o Size: %s
°±² %2
°±² þ Via DIZ/2 %v

³° External Diz Plus °°°°°°°°°°°°³

If you want to change the look of the: | Files: New: Old: í DIZ
| Uncompressed Size: bytes

Make a file as defined in the config anyway you like and use the
macros listed below to fill in the correct information. If you do
use it you should turn off the standard two lines it normally adds.

%a - archive type
%u - uncompressed size
%i - if diz found "í DIZ"
%d - system date
%t - system time
%# - number of files
%n - newest file date
%o - oldest file date
%v - diz/2 version number
%3 - node number

%^ - beginning of line
%~ - end of line


%^³Files: %# Newest: %n Oldest: %o%i%~
%^³Uncompressed Size: %u Node %3%~

³° DIZ-2.CNF °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°³


Shawn Reimerdes

Line 1 - SysOp's Name. Used to append to descriptions you upload locally.
Line 2 - Registration #.
Line 3 - Temp Directory (no trailing backslash!). For better performance
I highly recommend use of a RAM drive.
Line 4 - add "Files: X Old: XX.XX.XX New: XX.XX.XX" line? (YES/NO)
Line 5 - add "Uncompressed Size: X bytes" line? (YES/NO)
Line 6 - PCBoard Logging Enabled? (YES/NO)
Line 7 - Path/Name of Log. The NODE# parameter will be added to the end
of the name, for example if you entered "CALLER" the file used
would be "CALLER1".
Line 8 - Delete BBSAds from achive?
Line 9 - Path/Name of BBSAds List that need removal.
The list should be a list of filenames. One filename per line.


DIZ-2 will check these filenames with the ZIP achive its checking
and if found will run PKZIP to delete them. Very Fast.

*Line 10 - Path/Name of archive comment to be translated. NONE=off. The newly
created file will be the same name but the extension will be the
current node #. (ex: DIZ2-COM.TXT => DIZ2-COM.1)
Line 11 - Path/Name of external diz plus. NONE=off

*=Registered feature

³° Author's Notes °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°³

I'll be releasing any new versions when time allows, if there are requests
those features will be added as soon as possible.

I'm now asking for a small registration fee of $5, with it you will be
able to use the advanced registered features.

If the there is an interest in this product please leave me mail on
The Tool Shop BBS or Byte Busters BBS. I'd enjoy hearing what you, the
SysOp, has to think.

Please support Byron Forbes in his new quest for revitalizing ProDoor BBS.
Call his board and register it today and dump that CDC!

Thanks for your support and pass the word on,
-- Shawn Reimerdes.

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