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³ Qmail DeLuxeý Invoice ³

Name: _______________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________

City: _______________________________________________________

State: _______________________________ Zip Code: ____________

Country: _______________________________

Telephone: _______________________________

[ ] I wish to purchase a copy of Qmail DeLuxeý and I am
enclosing my check or money order for $25.00 (only
$20.00 until October 31st, 1990!)

[ ] I already own a registered copy of EZ-Reader (tm),
MegaMail (tm), Session Manager (tm) or Opus Xpress (tm)
and wish to "trade up" to Qmail DeLuxeý. I am enclosing
the ORIGINAL diskette that contained my registered system
along with $10.00.

This diskette will be returned to you with the current
release of Qmail DeLuxeý.

[ ] I run a PCBoard system and would like to purchase a
copy of your Qmail Door system for $50.00. I understand
that I receive a copy of Qmail DeLuxeý and QmDWC free
with my order.

Name of BBS: _______________________________________

BBS Telephone: _____________________________________

[ ] I would like to purchase a copy of Sparkware's QmDWC
archiving system for use with Qmail DeLuxeý for

[ ] I would like to purchase a subscription to the CALLER'S
DIGEST electronic magazine for $70.00 - $10.00 off the
normal subscription price!!!

Total amount enclosed: $______________________________
(US Funds)

Please send this invoice with check or money order to:

P.O. Box 605
Cordova, Tennessee 38018