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Since Galactic Warzone is the frist door program ever to use DDTERM,
I have decided to include this document to explain a little about how GW
and DDTerm interact together.


1) A 30-record "cache" of sector-displays is kept on the users side
so GW can recall sector data. The cache is designed to keep the
most frequently used records available. IT is automatically
updated on demand.

2) All menus for GW are kept on the users side for quick display.
Menus are automatically checked by GW/DDTerm to insure the user
always has an up to date copy.

3) The news file is buffered through DDTerm. The first time it is
displayed, DDTerm will download/display the news. After that,
DDTerm will simply use the remote display feature to display the
news files lightning fast.

4) Various packets are kept on the user's side containing misc
GW information for quick display. (i.e. the [I]nfo command,
damage control, starbase listing, etc). This information will
be transferred only once (unless it requires updating) and then
will be displayed instantaniously.

5) GW will transmit color information to DDTerm via 3-byte color
seqeunces rather than the conventional ascii. (The ascii
format would send something similar to "[31m". DDTerm
sends something similar to CHR(1)+'F'+CHAR(color_num)). This saves
2-6 bytes over the ASCII format, therefore increasing speed
dramatically for color-intensive stuff.

6) Using DDTerm's pop-up window capabilities, GW will send pop-up
windows to the user to indicate various message. (Currently,
these include "Standby... Calculating tax" and "Standby...
generating rankings")

7) GW will send a time update to DDTerm every now and then so that the
user may have a precise display of exactly how much time he
has left (both minutes and seconds) FILES
DDTerm maintains a set of data files for GW under the filenames of
"", (xxx being a decimal number). These data files hold the packet
information so they only need to be transmitted once. A listing of what data
the files will contain is provided below:

DDTerm File links used by galactic warzone

### Name
--- -----------------------------------------
1 GW Main Menu
2 Damage control part 1
3 Ship info part 1
4 Ship info part 2
5 fighter program
6 mine force-detonate
7 mine program
8 sanctuary message
11 Planet report
12 planet stun/cloak help
13 planet program
14 player rank (header)
15 team rank (header)
16 starbase list (header)
17 planet list (header)
18 team planet list (header)
19 outpost list
20 \
. \ Log file
. /
29 /
30 \
. \ Complete port report
. /
80 /
81 universe specs
82 preferences
83 computer menu
84 team menu
85 Amazing devices I inventory/prices
86 Amazing devices II inventory/prices
87 Amazing Devices todays special
88 scanner pack menu
89 lottery odds
90 number guess game
91 alpha centauri menu
92 vault help
93 vault prices
94 interstel help
95 fed protected sectors
96 stock info
97 starbase listing
98 starbase cloak/stun xfer
99 starbase help
100 transport price setting
101 bar help
102 spy team
103 spy
104 list spy information
105 Interstel-sell
106 missions
107 record macro part 1
108 record macro part 2
109 damage control part 2
110 \
. \ Sector cache (30 files containing most frequently
. / used sector displays)
139 /

Pop Up Messages
1 "Standby, GW is calculating player rankings"
2 "Standby, GW is calculating team rankings"
3 "Standby, GW is calculating your taxes"

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Archive   : DDTERM22.ZIP
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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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