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Note: to use this update you need a REGISTERED working
copy of 1.3 (or later). If you have an earlier version,
procure the upgrade files for 1.31 and install them BEFORE
trying to use this update. IT WILL NOT WORK on versions
earlier than 1.30! Don't try it! You'll be unhappy if
you do.

You don't need to use UPDATE.EXE if you have already
installed a 1.4 beta copy. Just copy the updated files
contained in the zip into their proper places. If a
file is not in the zip, you do not need it to update to
that beta from a 1.4 version that's already installed.

But you *can* use UPDATE.EXE if you want, it won't hurt.
Up to you. UPDATE.EXE will may not copy DUNZIP.DLL as
that file is a vestigial file only required for certain
alpha-testing systems. We provide it and SHRINK.EXE
for rare contingencies.

If you use UPDATE.EXE please MANUALLY confirm that all new
files have been copied to the home directory. You MUST
use these version of the zip/unzip DLLs or you will get
copy ALL the new files into the home directory where you've
installed your prior CMPQwk version.

See BETA.TXT for bug fixes.

Changes in L:

More keys mapped (see the updated help file
for complete list). Mostly in the numerical
keypad to keep OLX users happy. You can now
control darn near anything from the keypad if you

Fixed a stupid and nasty bug in the message header.

Changes in prior betas:

Improved memory management, lots of internal
changes that caused lots of problems. They seem
to be fixed now.

The file attachment logic is better, it now asks
you to make an attachment if it detects a file
it doesn't find an association for in WIN.INI.

Put back the old ZIP (it was removed for the
new packer). See BETA.TXT for further info.

Added new, faster PKZIP 2.x compatible packer/unpacker.

Changed the program so all of its files except
OPTION.DLL and CMPQWK.INI live in the CMPQwk
home directory.

Added "Z" key in Read window so OLX users can
"jump to reply/msg" like they love to do.

Added Wrap and Wrap & Quote to the right mouse button
menu. You can use this to clean up and clean up and
attribute mangled text.

You can now use a trailing space in quote characters by
using %s to represent the space. You can use real spaces
inside the text string if you want, but you must use %s
for trailing spaces.

For example:

AB >text of message - will work
AB > text of message - will require the %s

Added new Wrap and Wrap and quote functions to the edit
menu. You can use these to clean up badly-wrapped imported
text blocks. Highlight what you want to clean up and use
applicable keystrokes.

Added "Quick Search" on the Message menu. It's a very
fast method of searching the current conference and can
search through hundreds of messages in the blink of an

Added message forward feature. Press "F" in a Read window
or open the Message menu.

A new CMPSPELL.DLL is shipped with this version. It
greatly reduces the load time needed for the main
dictionary. Performance loading is as much as seven
times faster than before. The loading code has been
*thoroughly* optimized.

Double-clicking a word in the speller's suggestion list
is the same as clicking it once and then pressing "replace."

You can now manually-edit the user dictionary (Options menu,
edit private dictionary). If you edit it you must re-start
the program for added words to take effect. This may change
with future releases, however.

Try to keep the user dictionary smaller than 5,000 words
for maximum speed. It must be smaller than 15,000 words to
function at all. Add more words and you'll cause ugly
problems. If you don't see "import text" on the edit private
dictionary dialogue, your version can't do this.

You can now highlight text in a read window even if you have
color enabled: click once on it with the left mouse button and
it will instantly shift into "text" mode, allowing you to mark
and copy text as much as you'd like. When you go to the next
message, it'll be shown in color (the first time any Read window
is displayed, if you've enabled color in the Read window Options
dialogue, is color). You cannot shift a window back to color
without going to the next message and then backing up.

You can now highlight text in the Read window and after
doing so, if you press T the highlighted text will be
grabbed and put into your tagline file. You will be
given a chance after grabbing tagline-bound text to
edit it before it's added.

The Tagline Thief will also let you edit taglines
you capture with it before pressing OK. Click the mouse
in the edit text box that appears after you capture a
tagline and do what you'd like to the text string
before saving it.

The Paths dialogue now lets you specify *both* default
import and export directories for text file handling.
You can now easily organize large collections of text
files and when you select "import text" the default
directory shown in the file pick box will be the directory
you set it to in the configuration.

Many improvements were made in memory-handling and tracking
of what you do. A free system resource meter was put on
the About box (at our users' requests), and generally the
program was sped up overall.

Note that if you "back up" into a conference, your "last
read" pointers will be lost, because the program can
only track progression in one direction. Backing up using
the arrow key will "erase" the program's memory of which
messages you've read, and thus it won't skip them if you
go back to the beginning of that conference during your
negotiation of the packet's contents.

CMPQwk now ships with a file viewer that you can use as
a stand-alone application, CMPView. You can also tell
the program to use the viewer to view the ANSI screens
inside a QWK packets (and then copy text from them to the
clipboard or print them).

CMPQwk now understands when you reply to a message on RIME
and on the way in, mark your reply PRIVATE that it needs
to be routed. It will look for the postlink code on the
message to which you are replying and grab it for you,
then place the correct ->[number] on the first line of the

There is no support for other systems' routing methods at
this writing. That may or may not change.

See the README.TXT file for further information. Please
read the documentation before asking for help, the answer
you require is probably already there!

See the help file for the best ways to reach us. Look for
"Support Sources" in the index.

Derek Backus
Todd Henschell
CMPQwk Development Team

--------------end of 1.4L CHANGES.TXT-----------------

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Archive   : CUPD140L.ZIP
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