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As a KaplanSoft support site, you have the ability to collect $1.00 on each
product registered from your BBS, also as a support site, you will receive
a free registered version of each available and future product from

To qualify to become an official KaplanSoft support site, you must meet the
following requirements and agree to the following policies.

(1) You MUST be a registered user of a KaplanSoft product that totalled
$5 or more in registration fees. If not, a donation of $10 will
replace this pre-requisite.

(2) Your board MUST be running with at least one node at high speed (either
HST, v.32(bis) or DS), must be operational 24 hours a day (except for
netmail and other BBS-related events) and must be available to the
public (i.e. ordinary SysOps who don't meet your 'requirements'
must still be able to access the support site.

(3) You agree to create and maintain an account for BRAD KAPLAN with your
choice of password. This account will be used once a week to upload
various updates and/or answer any mail.

(4) You agree to create and maintain a guest account called KAPLAN SOFT with
a password of GUEST that will allow a user not of your board to call in
and access the support center. The account should have a unique access
level that should be set to 1,440 minutes per day and be exempt from
any file transfer ratios. If your system checks phone numbers and
birthdates, set all of the numbers to 7's.

(5) You agree to run the support site AS PROVIDED (i.e. .MNU files and
assorted installation instructions). Any modifications you wish to make
to the support center must be cleared through the BRAD KAPLAN account
beforehand and any changes are subject to being used by any other and
all support centers at the request of such account.

(6) You understand that you are NOT to take orders for KaplanSoft products.
Orders will go directly to me and will be processed, where you will
receive your commission on a monthly basis.

(7) You understand that this agreement may be terminated by either party
for any reason, including the breech of aforementioned terms, not
necessarily to be explained, and requires the removal of all support
site documents and formally non-registered programs and the termination
of the aforementioned accounts.

I have read and hereby agree to the above agreement.

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Mail To: Brad Kaplan þ 20 Stuart Place þ Trumbull, Conn. 06611