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Edit, Print and Mail this form with your check or money order made out to:
Brad Kaplan þ 20 Stuart Place þ Trumbull, Conn. 06611

[ ] LEVEL 1 - $5 [ ] LEVEL 2 - $10
Download SERIAL.KEY from support Download SERIAL.KEY from support
BBS (StarFleet HQ, 203-377-7278) BBS or have it uploaded to yours.
plus technical support as needed. Next two major upgrades free,
technical support as needed.

The following information must be filled out accurately as you will receive
notification of your registration via having this form mailed back to you
as verification of your registration.

Your Real Name: ______________________________________________________________

Home Address: ________________________________________________________________

City: ______________________________________ State: ________ Zip: ____________

The following information must be EXACTLY the same as the information
generated in the DORINFO1.DEF file -- CheapTalk will not operate as registered
if they are not exactly the same (case does not matter).

BBS Name: ____________________________________________________________________

SysOp Name: __________________________________________________________________

BBS Phone: (_________) _______________________________________________________

If you are registering at LEVEL 1 or at LEVEL 2 and wish to download your .KEY,
type in the account name and password you would like to use on Starfleet HQ
(203) 377-7278 to access your .KEY. If you are registering at LEVEL 2, please
enter the account name and number we may use to upload to your system (we will
call the system listed above).

Call Your BBS (LEVEL 2 Only): Yes / No

Account Name: ________________________________________________________________

Account Password: ____________________________________________________________

Above is my application for registration of CheapTalk 1.0r. I have enclosed a
check or money order for $5 / $10 for LEVEL 1 / LEVEL 2 registration. I
understand that distributing my serial key and/or my registration number to
any other system with proper written consent of the author will nullify any
agreement thus far and I will be obligated to remove a registered version of
CheapTalk from my system without any refund of registration fees.

_________________________________________________________ ____/____/____
Signed Date


[ ] We are sorry, but your application has been denied. Enclosed you will
find your check/money order. Call Starfleet HQ for more information.

[ ] Congratulations! You are now a registered user of CheapTalk at [ ] Level
1 / [ ] Level 2. You may [ ] call Starfleet HQ using the above account

with the download password ________________________ or [ ] 2 you already
have/will receive your serial .KEY uploaded to the above system.