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What's new in CHAT! V3.10, Written & Compiled by C.Buijs

- Rewrote (again) some screen-routines, 35% speed-increase!
- When CHAT! would go back to your BBS, and you didn't created the FINISH!
ASC/ANS screens, the hard-coded messages would appear WITHOUT a clearscreen.
This is fixed.
- Alls ANS/ASC screen can be stopped with 'S'.
- ALT-E build in, it calls an extern utility CHAT!EDT.EXE which i'm creating
at the moment, it will be availble only for registered users.
- At some times (after arrow-keys or an ALT key) the cursor would jump to
the beginning of the line your typeing on, this is fixed.
- Included a tsr-utility which shows the date, time, username, location
and reason for chat of the last user.
- Fixed bug with the /T, /D and /I macro, they weren't updated correctly.
- Added some log-entrys, more information in the logfile is now availble.
- Changed log-style to Frontdoor log-style.
- Log-File is now definable with LOGFILE keyword in CHAT!.CTL.
- Capture-File is now definable with CAPTURE keyword in CHAT!.CTL, this
is an addition to the already existing keyword CAPTURE, you can give
(optionaly) a filename after the keyword.
- When control-chars were used in the yellprompt, the yellprompt wasn't
erased correctly, it now does.
- Updated CHAT!CFG so that the capture and logfile are definable, updated
the view-settings-screen also.
- Fixed bug with 'default' settings in CHAT!CFG, when a toggle is choosen
it will now show the default value (the last value it had).
- When there was asked for input, and you wanted to delete the current
value/text of the input, CHAT!CFG didn't saw that the input was cleared,
it now does.
- Changed ALT-K, now a popup-screen is drawed with all keys, works both
in split and fullscreen mode.
- Added ALT-I for user-information, popups the info-screen you also see
when a user is yelling...
- Fixed an bug, when you were using RA-Parameters on the full-screen-message
editor definition in RACONFIG, CHAT! wouldn't accept it, it now does.
- Changed delay for non-registered version from 10 to 5.
- Fixed color-change bug while typing in full/splitscreen.
- Added some new text-variables, ^KG for day of the week in full form,
^KR for the current baud-rate and ^KS for the day of the week in
abbreviated form.
- Added two more text-file variables, ^KL for paging start-time (HH:MM), and
^KP for paging end-time (HH:MM).
- In CHAT!CFG you couldn't enter any of the ^F and ^K chars, this is
- When you now press ALT-K (For sysop-keys), the function-keys are also
- Minimized some overhead when loading/unpacking CHAT!.EXE and CHAT!CFG.EXE
- Cosmetic-bug (also in 3.00), CHAT!CFG wrote the CHAT!.CTL telling on the
first line that the CHAT!.CTL file is a CHAT! V2.50 comptible file, now
it tells that it is a V3.10 version.
- Fixed yellprompt wrapping, no wrapping to the next line(s) anymore, at
the end of the line, the line will be cleared, and yelling will restart
from the beginning of the line.
- When a song ends, and the yell-time is not exceeded yet, CHAT! would play
the song again, this is not changed, only another song will be played when
a song is finished, also randomly.
- Added some multitasking awareness.
- The color of the status-bar/Split-Screen-bars are now definable in CHAT!.CTL
with the BAR , statement, CHAT!CFG has been updated
and included in this beta-package.
- PAGESTAT.RA is read correct now, didn't work in 3.00 anymore, you can now
change the chat-defaults with ALT-O in RA.
- Version before 3.10 couldnt have an pageing-ending-time that was smaller
then the paging-starting-time (overnight times, starting-time before 00:00
and ending-time after 00:00 is now possible).
- Added dutch-documentation (CHAT!NL.DOC), translated from the English doc
by Bart Burkels (Thanks!).

And lots more...

Chris Buijs

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Archive   : CHAT!310.ZIP
Filename : WHATSNEW.310

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: