Category : BBS Programs+Doors
Archive   : CDCOM.ZIP
Filename : SAMPLE.BAT

Output of file : SAMPLE.BAT contained in archive : CDCOM.ZIP

echo off
rem this is a sample batch file for running cdcom with your bbs
rem edit it for your system (drives/paths/etc)
ctty con
cd \cdcom
cdcom c:\wildcat\callinfo.bbs
set dszlog=
rem 5 = denied access to cdrom or security not in cdcom.sec
if errorlevel 5 goto deniedaccess
rem 4 = time expired in door
if errorlevel 4 goto timexpired
rem 3 = dropped carrier in door
if errorlevel 3 goto droppedcarrier
rem 2 = auto-logoff after download
if errorlevel 2 goto autologoff
rem 1 = program error
if errorlevel 1 goto error
goto end

echo Program Error Occured
goto end

echo User Auto-Logged Off
goto end

echo User Dropped Carrier
goto end

echo Users Time Expired in Door
goto end

echo User Denied Access to Door
goto end