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³ ³
³ P R E P A R E F O R C A L L B A C K ! ³
³ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ³
³ The System will now hang up and call you right back. Please ³
³ DO NOT hang up! Let the system disconnect. You will be called ³
³ back at the number shown below in a few seconds. When you get ³
³ a ring detect on your comm program type the command string your ³
³ modem requires to answer the phone. The system will not hangup ³
³ until you press a key to release the pause prompt. This gives ³
³ you have about 3 minutes to look up the correct command string ³
³ for your modem. Once again, if your modem is a Hayes Compatible ³
³ chances are that string is ATA. If you cannot find information ³
³ for your modem, give this string a try and it may work fine. ³
³ ³
³ Press any key to continue with disconnect and callback. ³
³ ³