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The following are sample News Releases, Public Service
Announcements and a News Conference Statement.

For the record, the BBS, all events and persons are
fictitious. However, the address and phone number is mine.

2501 Phoenix
Fort Smith, AR 72901
501 XXX XXXX (data)
501 646 9332 (voice)

For Immediate Release


Aphelion Computer Bulletin Board System has now
connected with the Internet. The Internet is a worldwide
network connecting Universities, Research Centers, Government
and Business with electronic mail, news, public message
bases, and computer programs.

This is the first time the Internet has been publicly
available in the Fort Smith area. System Operator of
Aphelion BBS, Robert Parson, says "The heart of computing is
being able to share information. Now users in Fort Smith can
easily share information with the world and gather
information from sources they couldn't reach before."

Aphelion BBS will provide a free Electronic Mailbox to
anyone wishing to receive private messages. A rate of $6.00
an hour will be charged for all other Internet resources.

Computer users can dial Aphelion BBS at 501 XXX XXXX
with their modem at speeds up to 14,400.

For more information call Robert Parson at 501 646 9332



The Internet news release is a simple product
announcement. It says the Internet is available, explains
why this is news (first time publicly available) and also
explains how to access the BBS. It also provides a "warm


body" with a quote, and how to contact the "warm body."

This is also an example of a "hard news" type of news
release. It states the facts with few embellishments. The
next news release is a bit more complicated since it starts
with a softer lead, or beginning. It has a "feature" feel to

2501 Phoenix
Fort Smith, AR 72901
501 XXX XXXX (data)
501 646 9332 (voice)

For Immediate Release


Navigation of large computer networks is much like
navigating the ocean. It takes time, practice and
instruction. The Internet is, if not the largest, one the
largest computer oceans.

Aphelion Computer Bulletin Board System is sponsoring a
seminar designed to help computer users learn to navigate
through the Internet. "This seminar will focus on Electronic
mail addressing and file transfers," according to System
Operator Robert Parson. More seminars dealing with other
aspects of the Internet are planned.

The Seminar will be held Saturday, October 9 at 1:00p.m.
at the Fort Smith Public Library. The cost of the seminar is
$5.00, which will pay for materials used by participants.

Aphelion BBS recently made the Internet available to
computer users with modems. E-Mail boxes are provided at no
cost. Other Internet services are available for a $6.00 an
hour charge. Modems can connect to Aphelion BBS at speeds up
to 14,400.

For more information about the Seminar or Aphelion BBS,
call Robert Parson at 501 646 9332 (voice).




The seminar news release is quite similar to the new
product announcement in that it says what the seminar is
about, where it will be held and why it is being held. The
charge for the seminar was included since it was necessary,
but it was buried deep in the news release.

If you'll notice, both of these news releases have a
contact name and number. This is critically important on any
news release. If a media outlet can't find someone to talk
to about a story, it will usually end up in the trash.

The following news release is a local angle to a national


2501 Phoenix
Fort Smith, AR 72901
501 XXX XXXX (data)
501 646 9332 (voice)

For Immediate Release

"Kiddie Porn" warning blasted

The Justice Department recently warned parents to
examine their children's electronic mail for possible signs
of contact by child molesters.

The System Operator of a Fort Smith Computer Bulletin
Board says BBSs are being unfairly singled out as a source of
this illegal activity. Robert Parson of Aphelion BBS says
"The Justice Department has bruised the entire BBS community
because of a few cases."

Parson adds that as far as he knows, there has been no
activity involving child pornography or other illegal
activities in the Fort Smith area. "All the Bulletin Boards
that are in operation in Fort Smith are on the up and up. I
invite anyone to call any of them and look for themselves."

Aphelion BBS can be reached at 501 XXX XXXX by any
computer user with a modem at speeds up to 14,400.

For more information Robert Parson can be reached voice
at 501 646 9332.




This is based on an actual news story from September
1993. The Justice Department did issue a warning to parents
advising them to check thier children's electronic mail.

This news release accomplishes several things. It
blunts the impact of the Justice Department warning, Robert
Parson is seen as an expert in the field, and the invitation
to call ANY BBS could expand the user base of the BBS
community (although Aphelion BBS will likely be the first one
called). You could also include a list of BBS names and
numbers with this News Release.

The "-30-" at the end of each of these stories indicates
that, yes, the story has come to an end. If there were two
pages, the first page would have a notation at the bottom of

Let's try something fairly simple: a Public Service


Who: Greater Fort Smith System Operators' Association
What: Seminar
When: Saturday, October 9, 1:00pm
Where: Fort Smith Public Library
Topic: How to use a Computer Bulletin Board System
There is no cost for this seminar. For more information
contact Myron Aberchrombie at XXX XXX XXXX.


First of all, I want to know just who these guys think
they are having a FREE seminar when I'm having my FEE-BASED
seminar! At the same place even! What gall.

Anyway, that's just one form a PSA can take. One of the
nice things about that format is it can fit on a postcard,
which has a lower postage rate. But some people prefer to
write them similar to a news story.

Now for something quite a bit more complicated. The
following is a statement for a News Conference.



2501 Phoenix
Fort Smith, AR 72901
501 XXX XXXX (data)
501 646 9332 (voice)

For Release 10-9-93

Statement by Aphelion BBS System Operator, Robert Parson

I am very distressed that the Justice Department raided
and shut down Aphelion BBS yesterday as a threat to National

I have allowed the People's Front for the Liberation of
Refrigerator Magnets to have a forum without fear of
recrimination. But as the raid proved, I was apparently

Yes, the PFLRM is working toward separation from the
Nation of Cellophane Tape. The People's Front, though,
should have the opportunity to have its opinions and views
out in the open as any political party does.

As the System Operator, I have always encouraged freedom
of speech, no matter what form that speech takes. There have
been times in which some users have left messages I felt were
not just politically incorrect but downright vile. However,
that is what the First Amendment protects.

I am looking forward to the coming days in court and
firmly believe that we will find that the Constitution and
the Bill of Rights do have a place in modern society.

I will answer any questions you might have.



Obviously, the Justice Department wouldn't raid a BBS
over something like this. But just the same, this is an
example of Crisis Management. It is a firm statement made at
a News Conference, and an invitation that representatives of
the BBS are open to meet with members of the media.


Should you be raided, you normally won't have a News
Conference. The judge would probably place you under a "gag"
order, which prohibits you from talking publicly about the
case, or you would be advised by your attorney not to say

Let's just hope you never get raided.

I would like to know what Public Relations efforts you
are conducting. Send copies of your News Releases, brochures
and fliers, newspaper clippings, even audio casettes of radio
newscasts and vhs copies of tv news stories to:

Robert Parson
2501 Phoenix
Fort Smith, AR 72901

These will be part of a continuing research project I am
conducting. If you would also like personalized analysis of
materials you have sent, please see the file PR-RATES.TXT.


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