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BOOTER DOCumentation

BOOTER is a watchdog type of program for use on a BBS or in host
mode of a comms program. It traps the timer interrupt and
tests for carrier on every timer tick (18.2 times a second). It
is implimented as a Terminate and Stay Resident (TSR) program.

BOOTER should be loaded before loading the BBS program. It
needs one command line parameter to install itself:


Where x is the comm port to monitor. Comm ports are numbered
from 1 thru 4 - COM1 is 1, COM2 is 2, COM3 is 3 and COM4 is 4.
This information is used to determine the port address to read
for checking Carrier Detect (CD). It is also used to drop
Request To Send (RTS) and Data Terminal Ready (DTR) just before
it does a warm boot. BOOTER does not make use of a FOSSIL.

Once BOOTER is loaded, you may load your BBS program without
turning BOOTER on. Your normal watchdog program will be in
effect. BOOTER is really intended for use when you shell to DOS
to run a program outside. Once in DOS, your batch file that
runs the outside program can activate BOOTER with a command line
parameter of ON (case insensitive).


will activate BOOTER on the comm port you specified when you
loaded it. Only one comm port can be monitored. BOOTER returns
an ERRORLEVEL of 1 if carrier detect is on (user on line). If
the sysop has gone outside locally and there is no carrier
detect, an ERRORLEVEL of 0 is returned. Thus your batch file
could look something like this:


As you probably noticed in the example above, you also need to
turn BOOTER back off (deactivate it). In the example above,
redirection to GATEWAY would only be done if there is a remote
user online.

BOOTER will NOT activate if there is no CD when it is told to
turn on. If it is activated and finds that there is no carrier,
it first drops RTS and DTR, turns off comm port interrupts, and
sends the command ATS0=0H0 to the modem and then does a
warm boot. This is intended to stop the modem from answering
the phone until the board comes back on line and initializes the
modem and to again tell the modem to hang up. This program was
written for a BBS that uses an Everex 2400B modem that has
difficulty dropping carrier and also wanted to answer the phone
during POST. While that AT command doesn't seem to work, it
also doesn't seem to hurt anything and is left in in case it
will work with other modems.

This program is donated to the Public Domain. It is a free
program but you assume ALL risks by using it. It has been
successfully tested on an AT clone.

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