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THE AGORA - 14.4 HST 813-884-9661 MIDNITE-0700 EST 2-15-1992

Area 1: WCat3+ Utils by Karl Schneider
ADD-DESC.ZIP 14K Puts WC3+ file descriptions into DESC.SDI in all .ZIP files.
ADZIP.ZIP 10K Add your own ad/comment to .ZIP or .ARJ uploads as uploaded.
ALLDOCS.ZIP 93K .ZIP of all .DOC files for all utilities in this area.
ALLSDI.ZIP 13K Add DESC.SDI to ALL or one WC3 file area records. 1/30/92 up
ALLUTILS.ZIP 777K ZIP of all my WC3 utils in File area #1. Updated nightly.
AUTODESC.ZIP 25K Auto-add descrips to uploads.Now supports ZIP,ARJ,LZH 2/9/92
BADLIST.ZIP 17K Stop DUPE uploads of same file w/diff. archive types!
BIGLIST.ZIP 12K WC3 files lister. Not real fast but NO LIMIT on # of files!
CATGIF.ZIP 12K Puts GIF WxHxC info into all WC database GIF files.
CHATON.ZIP 10K WCAT3.0+, reset all user records to 'chat available'. Fast.
CKDRIV.ZIP 7K Avoid BBS lockup due to missing floppy or open drive latch.
CRCFILES.ZIP 66K Calc file CRCs, virus check + test duplicate uploads, GIFs
DOORPAGE.ZIP 15K WC3,allow page via door/hook.12/25/91 update.Options, fast.
DOORSEC.ZIP 9K Allow only EXACT security level users into door or hook.
DOORTIME.ZIP 25K Restrict any door/hook to specified time period of day.
DOORUSE.ZIP 14K WC3, track DOOR usage from ACTIVITY.xx logs. FAST, easy.
DROP-MSG.ZIP 15K Automatic make USERx.BBS to users dropp'g carrier. 1-13-92
FILEPROB.ZIP 14K List WC files missing from proper areas & vice-versa. Handy!
FIXFILE.ZIP 12K Fix some WC3 File database problems (corrupted, etc.).
FIXOFLAG.ZIP 10K Sets WC3.x+ OFF-LINE flag for any Missing files!
FIXSIZE.ZIP 10K Corrects WC File database file SIZE of uploads after SCAN.
FREELOG.ZIP 23K Makes a log of all 'free' downloads. Very easy to use.
GIFCAT.ZIP 51K WC3/GIF utils! Auto-add GIF INTERNAL DESCRIP to WC uploads!
MEMODATE.ZIP 12K List users memo dates, passed & upcoming. Very handy.
OFFLINE.ZIP 17K Fast listing prog for your off-line files. Good bull, etc.
OUTFILE.ZIP 20K WC3 util.Send/view text file from DOOR or HOOK. 1/29/92 updt
PACKLOG.ZIP 13K Pack up WC3 activ. logs into unique name .ZIP archive.
PUTDESC.ZIP 14K Add description file to .ZIP,ARJ,LZH archives! 2-9-92 update
PUTON.ZIP 18K Turn 'Off-Line' flag for any WC database file on or off.
ROTATE.ZIP 12K Rotate different display files etc into Hello, Bullx, etc.
SETCONF.ZIP 14K Reset WC3 callers to selected CONF. New 12/26/91 ver.
SKIPSCAN.ZIP 12K Allow uploads to selected AREAS to Skip SCANFILE scanning.
TCATBAT.ZIP 1K Handy little batch to up/dn local WC3 mail w/o logging on!
TOPDOWN.ZIP 18K WC3,list top 'n' downloads last 'x' days. FAST, Configurable
UPDNWC30.ZIP 14K List all users up/dnload, + top 'n' users up/dnl. Fast.
USERINFO.ZIP 17K Great user list, finds dupe pw,fone,dob, much more. Exc. pgm
USERUPS.ZIP 25K Nice little door or hook to show online user all his uploads
WC30NODL.ZIP 12K Find files never or less than 'n' times downloaded.
WC30VIEW.ZIP 41K File [V]iewer. Does ZIP,ARJ,ARC,LZH files. Dv aware, easy.
WC3FDATE.ZIP 12K WC3, List files w/ any given YEAR WC date, & D/L info!
WC3FLIST.ZIP 19K Exc. files lister. FAST, configurable. See ALLFILES.LST/ZIP
WCHSLINK.ZIP 40K Set up BIdirectional transfers with HSLINK & WILDCAT 3.x+!
WCNODESC.ZIP 11K WCat3.0 util. Find files with no or < n chars in description
WCPUTGIF.ZIP 14K This program DELETED & REPLACED by GIFCAT. More Features!
XPIRDATE.ZIP 13K List 'expired' users, upcoming ones, etc. Handy.


WC3FLIST (c) 1991, Karl Schneider
Most of these programs are frequently updated! I try to keep the
latest versions of all these programs available at Mustangs HQ BBS,
but they are always available here.

If you find any of them useful, a nominal registration will
be _very much_ appreciated, as I've been out of work since August.

For those who have registered my utilities, I want to express my
sincere thanks!

Karl Schneider

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Archive   : AUTODESC.ZIP
Filename : WC3UTILS.LST

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: