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note: Two versions are provided for MS-DOS. If you don't have a
386, use ATPLITE.EXE instead (you could rename it to ATP.EXE
if you wish).

1) put the binary ATP.EXE anywhere in your path (use ATPLITE.EXE
if you don't have a 386 class machine).

2) make sure ANSI.SYS is installed, add this line to your


3) set the environment variable ATP to point to where you want
your ATP base directory (add this to your autoexec.bat).
For example:

set ATP=c:\foobar\qwks

note that you will have to reboot for the changes in steps (2)
and (3) to take effect.

4) put the configuration file `atprc' in your ATP directory.

5) put the taglines file "taglines.atp" in your ATP directory.

6) review the atprc file, and be sure to edit the following entries
in your atprc :

a) user = Your Name

b) editor = your_editor

c) mail = \your\mail\path\for\new\QWK\packets

d) reply = \your\reply\path\for\outgoing\rep\packets

7) enter `atp' at the prompt to start atp.

8) at ATP's prompt enter `load bbsname.qwk' to view your first packet.

9) type `help' for help, `q' for quit.

10) read the docs!

11) read the docs!!


ATP.EXE was compiled using DJ GCC 2.4.1 (djgpp 110) under MS-DOS 5.0
and linked with the Salz/Tumlee editline library. The GO32.EXE 32bit
extender was prepended to make the executable. If you want a smaller
executable and you have DJ GCC then you may want to recompile and
prepend STUB.EXE to make the executable. This will reduce the size of
the binary by about 40K but GO32.EXE must be present elsewhere on your
drive. If you know how to use DJ GCC then you understand what I'm

Note that ATPLITE.EXE, the Turbo C/C++ version of ATP, is almost
identical to the DJ GCC version except that certain size limits are some-
what less. ATPLITE is intended for non-386 class machines. It is "limited"
to 4000 conferences and 65000 byte messages.

There are two makefiles provided for DOS users: makefile.djd for use
with D.J.Delorie's GCc, and 'makefile.tcc' for use with Borland's
Turbo C/C++. Both have been tested with Borland's MAKE utility. If
you use another MAKE utilitiy then you might have to edit them slightly.
To build ATP under DJGCC it is assumed that you have installed DJGCC
according to its docs. Note: only run MAKE from the main source
directory. A separate makefile is invoked from the main makefile
for the editine subdirectory.

For DJGCC here is the command line to start the build:

make -fmakefile.djd

For TCC here is the command line to start the build:

make -fmakefile.tcc


Comments and bug reports welcome.


Thomas McWilliams (KI4N)
P.O. Box 7545
Arlington, VA 22207

email: Internet: [email protected]
Fido : netmail to 1:109/615

I can also be found in the RIME, FIDO, and SmartNet Unix and Offline
conferences, and I usually monitor comp.os.linux.* .
You may also leave me a message at Enlightened BBS (703) 370-9528 or
Brodmann's Place BBS (301) 843-5732.

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