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Apex v4.0 Message Processor
(c)1993 Imperative Software, by Brandon Staggs

Note to users of any pervious version of Apex: ERASE THE OLD ONE. This is
NOTHING like it was before. There are new variables and stuff. There is also
a configuration file Apex requires. etc etc... Even though you've used Apex,
you still need to read the DOCs...

APEX IS FREEWARE. You are granted unlimited usage rights. As long as you do
not alter any files in the archive, and do not REMOVE any files from the
archive, you may distribute them as you want. See APEX.DOC for further

Here is the archive invoice. If any of these files are not in your APEX40
archive, notify your SysOp. If any of these files are missing, you are NOT
authorized to distribute Apex v4.0.


Thanks for using Apex.